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    Don't you just hate that?

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    I'm an alt.
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    How original...

    Taking a look at page ten again - and comapring 1600 C8 with 1333 C7, there is a significant trend for an extra maybe 5% ish in minimum frame rates. What that suggests to me is that on occasion, there can be a bottleneck in system memory, and that faster memory can alleviate this. It's a small performance difference, but then again, it is a small price difference too. You will very rarely see a drop in performance, though the odd app is very latency sensitive and at the same time indifferent to MHz. Are we looking at the same thing? HAWX is the only case where 1600@CL8 is more than a single frame faster 1333@C7. And there is two instances of 1333@C6 being a frame faster than 1600@CL8. Also later, in the conclusion: Make of that what you will.
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    How original...

    Will have a look at those asus boards. My reading of that article, which I had read before. Was that for the most part latency was more important. Looking through those graphs it seems to me that frame rate takes a hit at 1600 C8 compared to 1200 C5. I would like to see some more points of data on that line, but my guess is that running 1333@C6 will be faster than 1600@C8 and that 1333@C7 will be damn close. Regardless, the real would difference was often less than 5% over the entire speed range. ie. not really worth getting worried about. I was just being lazy and not wanting to read any reviews. :) Just wanted someone to tell me which PSU is quietest/best in the 500-600W region. Bah, more reading for me :) Thanks for the help dude. Oh and before anyone mentions it, yes i've seen all the price drops coming for SSDs, which is both awesome and annoying.
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    How original...

    Okay. I've updated the OP with various changes. Antech 300 is now a CM 690 TrUE is now a Scythe Mugen 2 Gigabyte HD4890 is now a Sapphire Vapour-X Samsung HDD is now a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P is now a DFI LanParty DK X58-T3EH6 Now I know that last change may raise some eyebrows around these parts. But i've read that the UDP4 can only control the CPU fan via the BIOS. Is there any truth to this. The DFI on the other hand has manual control all six of its fan headers, I think. This is kinda a deal breaker for me. Any one else want to chime in on motherboard choice? I want control over fans, and the ability to get to 3.6Ghz - 3.8Ghz. After that I'm not too concerned. Don't want to spend much more than that, but I'm open to all suggestions. Other than that I think I'm just about done. Should be ordering on Monday. I stuck with the OCZ 1333 CL7 RAM. I can't see the benefit of spending the extra for 1600 CL8. The RAM I picked is rated to do 1333 CL7 at 1.6v. It should have a bit of overclocking head room in it shouldn't it? One last thing I haven't finalised is the PSU. Keeping in mind I'm concerned with noise levels. Are there any other good options at the 500-600W level? Once again, thanks for all the advice fellas. Oh, and computer stores. All these prices are from PCCaseGear. Any other places worth checking out? If anyone wants to take the time to work out the cheapest way to order all this stuff, 'twould be much appreciated :P I is a lazy boy.
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    The SSD Watch thread

    Yes. Intel designed and manufactured their own. Strictly, not a huge amount. The Intels win at random writes (which is hugely important). And as far as it goes, the Intels are the best of the best. But for me, not worth the premium.If money was no object I would get the Intels. As it is, The OCZ Agility or vertex, or the G.Skill Falcon provide 90% of the performance for half the cost.
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    How original...

    Whilst a mATX is certainly tempting in some ways. I want the ability to put a full ATX mobo in there.
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    How original...

    My google-fu must be rusty. I can't find a review that does a thorough look at acoustics. Who knows how long it will take to filter through to australia though. And even after price drops they will be more expensive than the Falcon. My plan at the moment is to upgread the SSD when the new 32nm ones come out and the price goes down. And put the Falcon into my laptop. Mmm, I did have a look at that. Looks nice. But I don't think I need the space that a full tower provides. So i'm not sure if the extra $150 it costs over the Threehundred represents value for me... But then again, it would make for a quieter PC. So many decisions. Is it better than a TRUE? I've not looked into what's involved with OCing i7's as yet. Does the extra RAM head room make much of a difference. I seem to recall reading that it was more important to get low latency sticks.
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    How original...

    Mmm the Toxic looks pretty good. And is only a $40 premium over the card I had selected. As to needing a faster secondary HDD. I'm more concerned with noise at this point. And I think the Samsung are about as good as it gets when it comes to acoustics in a 7200RPM drive (i'm happy to be educated on this point if things have changed in the last few months). I doubt i'll be putting anything other than media files on the samsung anyway. I currently have a 50-60G primary partition with Win7 on it. It has at least 20G free. I don't tend to load up on apps and games at any one time.
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    How original...

    Cheers for the heads up fellas. Any other thoughts on the build?
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    Google Chrome OS

    This is how it starts people, any day now, Google will take project SkyNet out of beta. TL;DR Google is building an OS aimed at netbooks. They are still building Android, this is something different. The future is in the cloud.
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    Heading north, Far North

    I'm going to Cairns tomorrow, for... <.< >.> ...various reasons. Will be there till thursday next week, mostly have my calendar filled up, but I might have some free time. Any Atomican tips on what\where\who to do?
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    My woman was stolen by a meringue chef

    Heheheheeheheheheheheehhehehehehheheheheheheheheeh Have to say thanks Robzy...the ridiculous, is perfect tonight :D Greasemonkey Thanks Misterk, but I knew already 'bout GM. :) Cool cool, wasn't sure. Damn non-nuance transmitting medium. Why isn't the internet realer than the real world yet? This is supposed to be the future.
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    Dear Robert Pattinson

    His name is Robert Paulson...
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    My woman was stolen by a meringue chef

    Heheheheeheheheheheheehhehehehehheheheheheheheheeh Have to say thanks Robzy...the ridiculous, is perfect tonight :D Greasemonkey
  16. I caught this on ABC the other day. Was quite good
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    The Unofficial Atomic Location Map

    Perhaps we could get this a sticky for a while?
  18. You know the rules buddy. As do I. You made a full commitment. I wouldn't expect this from any other guy. I Hate you, also the game.
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    I fucking LOVE comparative religion!
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    Where did you grow up?

    I spent the weekend in St Helens (visiting friends) almost to the date a year ago... the water there is SO clear and beautiful! gorgeous place to grow up, I was rather inspired by Bicheno as well. I took Elephant Pass on my way back south to Hobart - fabulous scenery. Shhhh, don't tell anyone :P Yeah, its a pretty spectacular part of the world. Absolutely loved it as a small child. Was happy to leave though.
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    Where did you grow up?

    Born and raised on the east coast of Tasmania, little place near St. Helens. Spent a few years living in Beaconsfield, Tasmania Then Launceston, Tasmania. I lived in Prague for a year, from 19 to 20. Then Hobart for a couple years. Currently back in Beaconsfield, living with my father due to various family issues.
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    Morgan 'Aero', LOL

    I fucking want one of these so bad. 'tis my aspirational car. I actually want an AeroMax. But its very fucking unlikely that I would ever be able to get one of those,very rare.
  23. It seems to be killing fat people so... I'm kinda on the flu's side now
  24. These baptist churches know how to throw a rave.