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  1. And about the 7970 being noisy when oc'd is there quieter one I could use?

    It will only be noisy when under load, at idle is will be near silent.

    It will only be under load when you are playing a game.


    Noisy is relative.


    I would be willing to spend $40-$50 on a cooler above and beyond the price of a generic card, if the cooler is a good one.

    For me a good one is one that is very quiet all the time. Even at load, whilst overclocked.

  2. using ocz 128g synapse which is a 60g cache and uses dataplex software which gives you no choice it just runs at full write speed's then has recovery features if things go wrong

    i simply found it to be a bit quicker after disabling the software defraging the hdd as it was in a bad way before re enabling the cache

    i have also seen benchmarks with people running multiple hdd in raid0 with a cache drive and the performance does improve a fair bit


    but then write speeds dont bother me so much mostly just read speed for loading games and windows itself cares more about seek times than read\write speeds it seems

    Have you seen any reviews comparing dataplex to SRT?


    I'm sceptical anyone would be able to notice much difference outside of benchmarks. If in use, the difference is 3-5 seconds of load time for the first run, I'm not sure it's worth the hassle for most people to manage it manually.


    I'm running an old 60G G.Skill Falcon, and I've been tempted to replace it with a new gen SSD. But I've held off, because I'm sure I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.


    If I was putting a computer together now, I think I would go for a 120GB drive, partition 20-30gb off as a cache for the spindle drives, and leave the remainder as my C:, but then I don't install a lot of games or programs, and have been perfectly happy with my 60G

  3. from my experience with running a cache id say hdd speed still makes a fair difference to game load times but then i swap between a dozen games many ~15-20g each fairly frequently and windows itself will be taking a fair chunk of that cache but despite that the cache is still worth it vs spending a few k on 1tb of ssd

    What size SSD were you using as a cache?

    Were you running in write-back mode?

  4. which is only 60gb not big enough for much by itself and if its to be used as a cache would be best used with a drive like this

    ST2000DM001 7200rpm 2x1tb platters providing up to ~180m read speeds

    Those were the drives I recommended in the first place :P


    But, if he is running his SRT cache in 'maximized' write-back mode, then the HDDs he has a pretty much immaterial. Either SRT works or it doesn't.

    Granted, the first run will be a little slower, but after that it will just be SSD speed.

    And with a 60GB SSD, not a lot of things are going to get kicked out of cache, unless he loads ten different games in a row.

  5. RAM: G.Skill DDR3-2133 8GB Dual Channel [RipjawsX] F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM - $87

    PSU: Corsair 850W AX-850 ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS Gold Certified, 100% Modular Cabling - $245.00

    You could probably save a few dollars here.

    As far as I'm aware, ram speeds of over 1600mhz really don't do much for a sandybridge system. Its really only a matter of +/- $30, so not a big deal. But you could put that money into a better cooler.


    Same thing with the PSU. I'm really not a expert on them, but I think you can get a high quality 850W supply for less than $200.


    SSD:Intel SSDSC2CW120A3K5 SSD 120GB 520 Series, 2.5" SATA III 6Gb/s, 25nm, MLC, read/write speed 550/500MB/s 80K IOPS - $194.88

    HDD: Hitachi 3TB Deskstar 7K3000 7200rpm HDD 3.5" SATA III 6Gb/s, 32MB Cache - $260.59

    More room for some cost saving here. But it depends how you want to go about it.

    The motherboard you have choses supports Intel's SRT which means you can assign your SSD as a cache, and it will transparently chose which files need to be on the SSD without you having to micromanage your installs.

    This means you can get the $105 60G Intel 520

    For benchmarking, not using SRT will be faster. In actual use, you will never notice. Except in one or two edge cases that depend on your usage style.


    Also, the sweet spot for $ per GB is 2TB drives, which is why I put two of them in. 4TB of storage for the same price as 3TB.

    With the added bonus of you not losing every bit of data when your drive inevitably fails.


    Cooling: CoolerMaster RR-212E-20PK-R1 Hyper 212 EVO Universal CPU Cooler 12/1 - $39.00 <--- is it worth going water or is this enough?

    As mentioned above, an extra $20 will go quite a long way here. Noise is usually my focus,followed by temps.

    Which is why I went with a Scythe Mugen back when I built last, have been very happy with it

    Dasa mentioned the Thermalright HR-02 Macho $59. I would say it's worth the extra $$




    Very jealous over here, will be a great system.



    Personally I would buy one of those "catleap" 27" LCD's on ebay, they have the same panel as Apple uses (made by LG) at a fraction of the price.

    Holy shit! How long have those things been around?

    Have you seen any reviews for them?


    DO WANT.

  6. wow! That Samsung 27" monitor is friggin' expensive!

    I paid $279 for my AOC 27" with 2ms response.......they make most of the panels for the rest of the manufacturers.....

    It is a PLS monitor (Samsung's souped up version of IPS)

    And it has a resolution of 2560 x 1440.


    So there is some reason for it being that price.


    AOC ... they make most of the panels for the rest of the manufacturers ...

    That statement is so broad as to not mean anything.

    As far as I am aware there is three or four major players in the LCD panel space. Samsung/Sony, Sharp, LG come to mind.

    I'm pretty sure AOC doesn't specialise in high quality panels, and you get what you pay for.

    Regardless, AOC is definitely not making the panel in that Samsung 27"

  7. If I was to spend 3G on a brand new computer, which I probably wouldn't. I think this is what it would look like

    Posted Image


    Which leaves another $250 in the budget for peripherals, KB+Mouse, gamepad and speakers that sort of thing.


    No crossfire in there as yet. But further down the track you could add a second 7970

    (I suspect they will drop in price quite quickly in the next month, as the number of GTX680 available goes up)


    I went with a single 27" 2560x1440 Monitor. You could just as easily go with 3x24" 1080p for not much more money, but then you will really want that second GPU sooner rather than later.


    Single small SSD for using as a cache. 2x2TB seagate drives for mass storage.


    Food for thought anyway. Good luck.

    • My primary use will be gaming, Any other uses are just general things like word and what not,
    • my budget of $3000.00
    • Games i play would be BF3, MW3, GTA IV, Skyrim, Crysis and Various MMOrpgs.
    • i havn't added cooling
    • or HDD's into the build
    • Oh and i do want to do Crossfire
    Just laying that out there, so we all know what we are talking about.


    Now, and this may be a bit outlandish, but hang in here with me. If you are set on speeding 3 big ones on this rig, my advice is spend at least a grand on a monitor, or some amount of monitors. Get a 30" or 2x27" or whatever, some combination of monitors. Something IPS or 120hz for the 3d.



    And I say this because.

    Mobo: Asus RAMPAGE IV EXTREME/BF3 X79 8x DDR3 GLAN RAID USB3 SATA3 4-way SLI/CrossFireX E-ATX - $515.00

    CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K LGA2011 3.2GHz 12MB cache 6 Cores - $635.00

    GPU: 2x Sapphire ATI HD7970 3GB GDDR5 2MDP/HDMI - $1250 ($625 EA)

    ^---These things here are way over powered in combination with

    Monitor: Asus VS248H 24" 2ms wide LED w/DSUB DVI-D HDMI - $195.00



    Just have a look through the reviews here and here.

    At 1080p just a single hd7970 is more than enough, let alone a two of them, or a GTX680 (or two of those)


    PSU: Corsair AX-1200 1200W ATX 80+ Gold 100% Modular Cabling - $357.00

    I know the trend in power supplies is 1kw+, but they really are overkill. A nice platinum 850W would be sufficient.



    ...wow its late.

  8. how much do blank blu-rays cost these days?

    I've never even seen a blank BD in real life. I can't think of any reason I'd want to spend eternity burning 50GB to an expensive single-use disk when I could just throw it on a hard drive in a fraction of the time.


    See, that was my thinking originally (personally I don't even have an optical drive in my desktop)

    I think we'll stick with the combo drive.


    If you care about having USB3 ports I would opt up for the Extreme4. In hindsight, I would have, because my case has USB3 ports on the front, but my extreme3 board doesn't. If I find I have serious need for USB3 ports though I'll just get an internal card (which I assume exists).

    looks good but here is a few things to consider


    asrock gen4 $169 has front panel usb3 which may or may not be worth the extra to him

    Very good points there lads, the bitfenix has front usb3 ports, so Extreme4 it is.




    Is 120 GB enough for the SSD? An option is to just get a 60 GB SSD and use it as a cache; that way he doesn't have to arrange stuff over two drives.

    Ha! was just discussing this with him. He likes the sound of that idea. Less micromanaging of storage space is a good thing

    Have changed it too a 60gb Intel 520.



    looks good but here is a few things to consider


    450w model of that psu would be fine but the 550w leaves some room for a ~300w gpu if the 7870 gets upgraded at some point

    Parts are so ridiculously efficient these days. Makes my i7 920 and HD4890 look stoneage in comparison.

    And being able to get a Platinum level PSU for that price is awesome. I think it will have more than enough headroom for him. In case he adds a second 7870 later on, or, a couple of years from now, a new higher tier GPU


    22nm ivy and z77 mb looks like being out to replace sandy (2500k) next month but its compatible with that z68 mb

    I made him wait for the GTX680 release to see what it would do to prices.

    He doesn't want to wait anymore :)


    New List:

    Posted Image

  9. I'd spend the extra ~$20 on an optical that could burn BDs, not just read them, but other than that it looks good.

    Not a bad idea.

    Not sure he would ever actually use that feature, but for $20 it's hard to argue with.

    how much do blank blu-rays cost these days?


    i think the best investment i made on my rig (other then the awesome case!) was the corsair h100, if you cant fit that in the case go for the h80 instead, think there around the $150ish mark


    theres a whole thread here if you wanna read up


    Interesting. Although, as I said, not sure if he will be doing any overclocking at all. He can get into that world all by himself.

    This is his first big gaming rig, I don't think I should swamp him with those sorts of options.

    A 3rd party hs/f combo like the CM Hyper 212 is one thing, but a $150 water cooling setup is a little hardcore.



    Thanks guys, keep it coming :)

  10. Have been out of the PC game for a while (I'm still kicking a i7920 + HD4890)


    Recently a buddy asked me to put together a computer for him.

    This is what I came up with:

    Posted Image


    I haven't put a heat sink and fan on there. Not totally sure he will be doing much in the way of overclocking yet.

    Am I right in thinking you can get up around 3.8-4ghz pretty comfortably on stock HS/F?


    Any other obvious mistakes I've made?


    Thanks in advanced everyone.

  11. As I understand it, in the original treatment for the film the Wachowski's had it so the humans were not batteries but CPUs.


    That is, the Matrix ran on the brains like a giant super computer. This also explained why some humans could change the Matrix.


    Sadly they decided that this explanation would go over the head of the general public.


    [citation needed]

  12. A few of those are bands that got started last decade.

    Congratulations Special K, you failed to read the fine print.


    No I read it. Quite a few of those bands are from 91-98

    Like these:


    Black Eyed Peas


    Dandy Warhols, The

    Fatboy Slim


    Groove Armada

    Gwen Stefanie

    Hilltop Hoods



    Jurassic 5

    Linkin Park

    Machine Gun Fellatio

    Macy Gray

    Modest Mouse



    Paul Mac

    Queens of the Stone Age

    Sigur Ros


    Something for Kate

    System of a Down

    Ugly Duckling

    Vines, The

    White Stripes, The

  13. Kids these days...

    The kids today thing is so last millennia.


    The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.--Socrates.

    As to your point. You are suffering a severe case of selection bias. Who remembers the shit music from decades ago? No one, that's who. And in a few decades time who will remember the shit music of today?


    My advice. Stop listing to the radio or watching video hits.


    Thus far, and this is a biased Australian perspective, I imagine some of the memorable artists of this decade will include


    big list...


    To name a few.


    Some go between 99 to 00, but there you go.



    Edit: Cunt spell.


    A few of those are bands that got started last decade.

  14. Can you summarise that? I appreciate your attempts to facilitate my procrastination, but I don't think I can justify reading all that.


    Also, we call them toilets in this country unless they actually have a bath in them (or shower, I guess).


    Wall of text funnies in image form

    It's less than 2000 words. Man up.

  15. Got a few bits and bobs from Amazon -- Metropole, 2666, some Franz Kafka and Albert Camus, the awesome new Wizard of Oz Blu ray box set (which now seems to be gone from Amazon's stocks), Oryx and Crake, and Year of the Flood. A few more I'd like to get, but those will have to wait now.

    If this was Reddit you would be getting my upvote for Kafka and Camus. But it isn't, so you're not.