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  1. satyricon1

    The garbage that makes it into the news these days.

    lol no worse than Tiger Woods all over my tv because he ran into a fire hydrant because his wife was trying to flog him for cheating.
  2. satyricon1

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Them Crooked Vultures-Gunman
  3. satyricon1

    Where is the safest place to get shot?

    come on dude, you can do it! You'll be fine!!! Don't listen to these people who say that it will hurt you. (BAHAHAHAHAHAA).
  4. satyricon1


    I must be confused about what you are saying, what I am trying to say is that no matter whether satan means an adversary to god or humans, he/it is a adversary to god or to god's creation, therefore making him imperfect to enter heaven.
  5. satyricon1


    still, an adversary to god. how could they be allowed in the most perfect place ever when it is an adversary to the supreme creator?
  6. satyricon1

    The Saga Continues

    Get over this hoe, post that shit on facebook and embarrass her, smash a couple of chicks. AND STAY OUT OF RELATIONSHIPS. I got the shitty end of the fuck stick last year from some ugly hoe. Dude, just mess around with all of them, don't committ to one chick, they will take your balls and shove them up your arse. plus, you aint gonna get any in a relationship.
  7. satyricon1


    Here is a question I've wondered for a while: In the bible it says that all people had to be perfect to get into heaven before Jesus died right? Well after jesus died people were forgiven for their sins so they could get into heaven as long as they asked god for forgiveness and let christ into their hearts and became saved. Okay, that's fine, but what about the people who sinned before Jesus died on the cross? Did they all go to hell? Oh, and it also says that heaven is a perfect place too. But it also says that Satan walks to and fro from hell and earth and heaven AND TALKS TO GOD. How can the most evil thing that ever walked the earth get into heaven and talk to the supreme creator whenever he feels like it if heaven is perfect, without falt or evil?
  8. satyricon1

    Where is the safest place to get shot?

    What if you use a .22 bullet, spread your sack out and shoot yourself in the ballsack but make sure it misses your testicles and just goes through the meat? Or you could take 2 or 3 oxycotton and shoot yourself in the ass cheeks with a low capacity round. btw: please record yourself when you do this so I can see you scream like hell. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
  9. satyricon1


    When you die, nothing happens.
  10. satyricon1

    Removing Viruses -.-

    I would download CCleaner as stated above, get rid of AVG and get superantispyware and Avira.
  11. satyricon1

    yellow dog linux

    I don't have a ps3. not too much into gaming stuff. And yes. I am getting a usb drive for the netbook.
  12. satyricon1

    Copying and Converting FLV Files

    I actually have the same problem. I downloaded Final Fantasy advent children from keepvid.com and it downloads in a FLV format. I want to put it on my mp3 player is WMV format. I can't find any software that will convert it.
  13. satyricon1

    yellow dog linux

    I just want to try every type of linux flavor I can. I've alreadt tried ubuntu, redhat and debian.
  14. satyricon1

    yellow dog linux

    what would I need to do to be able to install it?
  15. I am getting this netbook for christmas and I want to know if I can install yellow dog linux on it. When I researched the OS it said that yellow dog was for power architecture computers. Would this be a problem?