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    Yahoo have hijacked my homepage

    Downloaded Yahoo messenger being careful not to download or agree to anything else. Yahoo has now hijacked my ability to change my homepage in "Internet options" in the control panel. I have gone in and changed the homepage link to google but everytime I start a new Firefox page up comes Yahoo. Any suggestions on how to get rid of yahoo? Thanks
  2. Charger770

    Contacts wont link with new message

    I just transferred Outlook 2007 to another machine. I backed up the pst file and restored it to its new location. I now find that when I want to send a new email it is not linked to the contacts listing. To send an email I now have to go into contacts, note the email address and type it into the "To" field. What have I done wrong?? Any help would be appreciated
  3. Charger770

    Identify Hard drives?

    Disk Management doesnt give the manufacturer/make of disk
  4. I am running Win7. How do i identify (make and size) the hard drives (4 of em) on my system short of opening up the case and looking at each one? Thanks
  5. Charger770

    Office 2007 wont stop installing

    I have win7 and using Office 2007. Office was working nicely until I tried to Install MSProject 2002. MSProject got so far into the install but finally it told me it wouldnt install, obviously Win7 had a problem with it. After that no matter what I loaded in Office (word, excel, outlook) a window came up telling me "Please wait while windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" and eventually it would load the application and I could use it. In outlook even after loading the application this happened everytime I wanted to send or receive an email. I put up with this for a couple of weeks but it didnt go away, so, I uninstalled Office then reinstalled it and the situation is no better , infact its worse, it takes longer to "configure" Office but the application does eventually load and I can use it. This is driving me mad Any ideas on how I can get rid of this pain in the arse.? Thanks
  6. Charger770


    Thanks for the input guys.
  7. Charger770


    I have a small business and want to avoid paying the phone company more than I have to. We have 3 telephone lines coming into the office. Line 1 - ADSL+2 - This gives me a voice phone and a Broadband Internet - we are on Optus fusion plan - so all outgoing calls within Australia are part of the all up fixed cost. Line 2 - Is used for incoming calls Line 3 - Is used for Fax machine. I understand that VOIP reception has improved enormously over the last 5 years and I am considering replacing line 2 and line 3 in the short term. I cant see me replacing line 1 at this stage as it carries the internet. If replaced I would just use it for Internet and change the current plan with optus to a cheaper plan. I see my first step as purchasing a Linksys Voip Phone adapter http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT Will any Voip Adapter do the job.? They do seem to have different features and I wonder what features I need. Then I need to set up a "Voip Provider" (any suggestions?....calls are mainly local and interstate) The Voip line would be installed directly into out PBX system and I would convert the Fax only at this stage to avoid any interuption to incoming calls I am unsure how a phone number is allocated to the VIOP line/s - All our stationery is printed with our current phone numbers. Can we keep the same phone numbers? (I would think not, but I dont know) I have been doing a little research and have acquires some knowledge of how it all works but would appreciate some advise/Input from from the experts at Atomic. Thanks in advance
  8. Charger770

    Win 7 - doing the same 8 updates every time

    Thanks Quark I will give it a try. Thanks Quark I will give it a try.
  9. I have win7 on my machine and it occasionally downloads updates and those updates are done when I turn my machine off. The last 10 days I have had 8 updates every day and i suspect that they are the same updates that aren't in fact updating or there is a setting in the system that tells it that it hasn't updated. I hope this makes sense. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  10. Charger770

    Nero 6 doesnt work on Win7

    Thanks for all the input guys. I have also downloaded Shampoo. I have backed up several DVD,s sucessfully I note that Nero is picked up by DVDshrink and does the job in one process. Can it be configured to incorporate other burning software as at the moment its a 2 process operation. Thanks
  11. Charger770

    Nero 6 doesnt work on Win7

    Thanks for the suggestions guys I have downloaded imgburn. When I say that Nero 6 doesnt work I should really give you the full story. I installed Nero 6 sometime ago with WIN7 and it worked fine with DVD Shrink however if I just wanted to burn a CD/DVD it didnt work. I have been doing DVD Video "backups" via DVD Shink and it had worked perfectly for the last 4 month however now when I do backups it gives me an error "SCSI Command Aborted" Why? I dont know. I then tried to "backup" on my old XP machine and got the same error. (never had it before!) I have googled the problem and fixes seem a little vague and inconclusive but they were very old. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
  12. Charger770

    Nero 6 doesnt work on Win7

    I just installed WIN7 and find that my Nero 6 doesnt work. I cant afford the latest version of Nero. Is there any freeware out there that would do the same job.? Thanks
  13. Charger770

    Recall an email?

    Bugger!! thanks for help anyway guys.
  14. Charger770

    Recall an email?

    I sent an email (via Outllook 2007) to Perth this morning (2 hours behind me) and I want to recall it. I have gone into outlook and recalled the email in "other actions" which tells me that it is attempting to recall the email. Will it actually recall the email?? and how will I know that it has? ....is there another foolproof way to recall the email? What do you experts think.
  15. Charger770

    Wireless Printer wont stay connected

    Yes I can and I will try it, Thanks for the suggestion The reason I went with WPA2 is cuz it supposed to be more secure.