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    [Melb] Respawn LAN v17

    Hey guys, Respawn LAN 17 is on the weekend of July 3-4th. Featuring a player count of 400, and preciesly 500k units of awesome and for the first time, prepay facilities. Registrations open (again) tonight (Friday) at 9PM. The website is down at the time of posting thanks to some load issues early this evening, but it'll be up by the morning on a new host, so come 9PM tonight, the registration rush wont kill it. Again! \o/ All of your favourite competitions are back - CSS, CoD4, TF2, Starcraft, Armagetron, Flatout2, GRID, and a prize pool of few thousand dollars of cash and goods. Funcomps, AFK comps, baconated pancakes and the harddrive throwing competiton will all make appearances. Entry is $35, and includes the midnight and 10AM BBQs. Hope to see you at the event! -SirSquidness
  2. sirsquidness

    [MELB] mid year drinkarama! :D

    Colour me interested. Check back closer to release date for final decision.
  3. sirsquidness

    Shattered Horizon

    I'm up for a game some time \o/ I got it, haven't played much of it - about time I got my money's worth ^_^
  4. sirsquidness

    Gaming Server?

    Contrary to what most people have said, Windows is more desirable for game servers. These notions that nix is hugely more stable than Windows is laughable in this context - your game server will be crashing a lot more than your OS will, and it very much depends on which specific game server you're talking about as to whether it crashes more on one or the other. For the most part, Windows is preferable in this case. Linux is still perfectly acceptable for games which have a linux port of their server. Most of your other questions are very dependant on which game servers you wish to run. CoD2 will use significantly less bandwidth than TF2, and the variations within are huge depending on how many player slots you run. CSS, for instance, rarely uses >150MB of RAM and will run happily on two or three game servers per core, depending on player count etc. TF2 uses a bit more and is advisable to have it's own core, especially for a 32 player server. Since everything you need to test is free (Virtualisation, dedicated servers are free, etc), set up a test bench, then advertise a game night on here and we'll help you test the load on the server. Make sure to watch out for things like server FPS drops, huge IO lag during map change, excessive swapping, etc.
  5. sirsquidness

    Atomic SC2B Players

    The problem isn't so much that you need to be online, it's that all games run through the Battle.Net servers - they are your host. Not someone on the LAN. So if there's only a small internet connection, or disruptions to your internet service (eg, you're on a bad TPG exchagne and you get mega lag at various times throughout the day) you can't play. Having played quite a few times over the past month, it's unplayable on my optus 3G connection. Even if I'm just playing a custom match against the AI, the server is still the Battle.Net servers. (thankfully I have real internet most of the time) Play your favourite FPS on a US servers. The lag sucks, right? Yeah, that's how it is. Current rumour is we'll be put in with the Asians, so the server should be closer at release time (Singapore, maybe?). Would still love to play against my friends in the US I've been playing with, though. squid.awesome is me.
  6. sirsquidness

    Golly Gosh me this person is a tool

    Juding by their profile picture ( see non-broken link, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743264506 ), they look pretty cool ;P
  7. sirsquidness

    Left 4 Dead 2 "The Passing" trailer

    WTB: released already. Looking forward to the mutations. I hope they include an option to enable mutations manually.
  8. sirsquidness

    Can't get L4D to work! =(

    Corrupt media! Take it in to your place of purchase and get the media swapped over.
  9. sirsquidness

    EOI Atomic 10Y.O. b'day lan..

    Melbourne > *
  10. sirsquidness

    BioWare countdown timer from hell!

    Please assume the party escort submission position. You don't want to be late to your party, do you? There will be cake.
  11. sirsquidness

    My EGP game: Ten Seconds Of Awesome!

    I think... a better way to do the intro to this game would be to just have the game open at the level. Or maybe with a single line of unhelpful text, such as "Get a high score". Present the colour brick, nothing else (no text, just the image) and throw them in to the level. Make the score count obvious. Leave the instructions as an exercise to the player. Quick. Concise. Fun. As has been said, the text intro needs to go.
  12. sirsquidness

    Remote customer support

    http://www.teamviewer.com/licensing/index.aspx is ace. I haven't used any other of the options you list (except the LogMeIn remote access stuff, but not the sepcific rescue one), but Team Viewer I used the other day is most fantastic and incredibly easy. From the client end, they put a URL in the bar, the "open/save" box will come up, they click open. Wait for it to download and they get given a number and a password to quote - you put that in your box, and bam, you have their screen. No administrative rights are needed. Uninstallation is deleting the program. It appears cheaper than the other ones you've looked at too.
  13. sirsquidness

    LAN People

    I'm no where near close to any of those =( I FEEL .... UNIQUE!
  14. sirsquidness

    Freeman's Mind

    Wha.. whe... uh... WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER?! I feel unloved =(
  15. sirsquidness

    R.U.S.E. Public Beta

    This is an Ubisoft game. Is it going to ahve that absolutely horrible "Must be online even for single player games and you'll be kicked out of your game if your connection drops" DRM? (I hope not - my 3G connection has dropped at at least 40 times today, no exaggeration there) I'd also love to play an RTS game like they play it in the trailer on here