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  1. Herpes

    Atomic Opposites.

    Guys. This is getting a bit silly.
  2. Herpes

    Couch Games

    Holy shit fuck I wasted months of my life on Unirally. ' Good. Do it again.
  3. Herpes

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    I've been spending some time on other forums, mostly those MMA-related, and I'll tell you one thing: the traffic here is just right. If you want to see a fast moving forum, shoot over to Sherdog sometime, by the time you're done reading one single thread (it's a rare thread that doesn't go to ten pages), it's on the fourth page and you've got a LOT of catching up to do. It's bananas. Contrast this with most other MMA forums which have threads finished for a week or more still on the first page, and you start to realise just how comfortable the pace is here, or at least in the Green Room. That's not to say that things couldn't be a bit livelier, but when compared to most other places, we're within a hair or two of spot on.
  4. Herpes

    What's wrong with Steam this time?

    Yep, got declined trying to buy Episodes From Liberty city this arvo.
  5. Herpes

    Couch Games

    Don't even think about grabbing yourself a SNES emulator. Those things are contrary to the very notion of fun and are possibly even illegal. I would never use and recommend SNES9X, nor would I stress that one should not be put off by the 9X bit, and tell you that it's actually modern and full featured. And I absolutely would not suggest you then go and find some ROM's to play on it, or offer to point you in the right direction via PM. That would be highly inappropriate. Lastly, I feel it would be in poor taste to suggest you track down Batman Returns, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Earthworm Jim, Unirally, Super Punch Out, The Chaos Engine, Donkey Kong Country, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and so on. They will not under any circumstances provide you with weeks of solid entertainment. You thieving fuck.
  6. Herpes

    Show us your New Tech

    Super Street Fighter II arrived a few weeks ago, rounding out the SNES SF series (excepting of course the SNES port of Alpha II, which didn't really happen and of which we do not speak). Got Super Mario Bros 2 on the way, expecting that sometime next week. Revolution X is there as a placeholder for Yoshi's Island, which I'll organise when I find a reasonable CIB. Am still unsure whether I'm going to add Double Dragon 1 and 3, given that I never played them much and am really only fanatical about 2.
  7. Herpes

    Radio Paradise-How I love thee

    So I jumped in and opened the Winamp stream, and was immediately assaulted by Peter Gabriel right in the face. Sweet Jesus, they're playing an ambient version of Peter Gabriel's Steam. Jesus.
  8. Herpes

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    To that, I'd add that I wonder what's more important around here - one-upping fellow forumites, or participating in the discussion at hand? There's a very vocal minority who take the former very, very seriously, but I reckon most people are still focusing on the latter.
  9. Herpes

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    I'd rather no posts than shit posts. The only person I wanted to see back from the amnesty was R/R, who's moved well and truly on. All we ended up getting back with it were big-noters and threadshitters who serve no purpose but to demonstrate why forums have a ban function to start with. (With all apologies to anyone who's come back with quality and escaped my attention :p)
  10. Herpes

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    That's why I play a lot of Honda. What?
  11. Herpes

    Happy Birthday Caelum!

    Oh indeed.
  12. Herpes

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    A lack of good threads can be remedied by posting some good threads. That's your job, it's not up to David and J-Rob. Atomic Feedback goes in circles. Every few months there'll be a spate of mod bashing and 'Atomic ain't what it used to be' threads, and then it quiets down for another few months and everyone gets on with posting. It goes up and down and up and down, and that's how it's been for years. You haven't noticed this?
  13. Herpes

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Quoting for taking out of context later! lulz