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    A dilemma of the 'speaker' kind.

    Well, I've done the unthinkable (or maybe the thinkable), and bought some Z-5500's for the very reasonable price of 348 as opposed to the 550 you'd pay in most shops. First impressions are: WOW!!!!. I'm still trying to iron out a few things becuase i have very little experience with speakers, but i'm confident that things will work out in the end. I'll keep everyone posted when i get GTA4. WOOOT
  2. wit0005

    A dilemma of the 'speaker' kind.

    Well, my room is rectangular in shape and my computer is backed up against the centre of one of the long walls. In a game like GTA 4, which supports 5.1, do you think there would be much difference compared to a good 2.1 setup?
  3. wit0005

    Need help with 2.1 speaker's

    Hey man, I'm about to buy myself some 2.1 speakers today. I've decided on the logitech Z-2300's as these have scored pretty damn good in the online ratings and only cost around 170. If you can wait a bit i will buy the speakers and give you my own verdict on them.
  4. wit0005

    A dilemma of the 'speaker' kind.

    Based on everyones advice, i can only conclude that a 2.1 system is better- which is strange given that GTA4 supports 5.1 i think. Was there a reason everyone chose to mention a 2.1 setup as opposed to a 5.1?
  5. wit0005

    A dilemma of the 'speaker' kind.

    Not so much a putoff- I think white can look quite classy. I'm kinda just going off the reviews i've read on the web. The Z-2300 averages about a 9/10 while the G-51's get about an 8/10. Decisions decisions
  6. Hey all, Its about time i invest in some new speakers in preparation for GTA 4. I have a MAXIMUM budget of $200 and i have narrowed it down to 2 logitech models. Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Logitech G-51 5.1 NOW, my problem is that while my room is big enough to suit a 5.1 system, i have heard that the G-51 isnt as good as the Z-2300 in terms of overall clarity- so should i sacrifice quality and go for the surround sound experience or vice versa? any advice would be splendid. IF YOU CAN RECOMMEND A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MODEL TO THOSE THAT I HAVE SELECTED THEN DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP!!!! Thanks, Wit0005
  7. wit0005

    PS3 from china playable in Australia

    Thanks for the quick reply dude. I'm not sure of the exact price, but the 80gig model is going for around 300 AUD.
  8. Hey guys/girls. My brother is over in China right now and he said that PS3 prices are considerably cheaper than here in Melbourne. Would a Chinese PS3 work in Australia given that i think we are using different zones, or should i just play it safe and buy one in Oz? Cheers