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  1. Well i'm not dead set, i'd just like to have that option so when i have the money i can get a second card.
  2. Oh well the spec i'm reading now says it's SLi =S. Might be a typo of some sort maybe. And i wasn't sure if i wanted the 5750 since XFire boards are much more expensive =/.
  3. Sorry i've been busy recently so not been able to come on till now. Urm from what i could tell, apart from the cache size, and clock speed (which can be easily fixed), they are the same.....or is that the wrong assumtion? Because the Athlon II are much much cheap and seem very similar.
  4. Right, i have no idea what the difference between the two is but price! Someone please explain to me. Athlon X2 vs. Phenom X2 Athlon X3 vs. Phenom X3 Athlon X4 vs. Phenom X4 What a way to confuse people like me lol. *EDIT* Oh and the bloody Phenom and Phenom II! God this is stupid.
  5. I've searched the internet high and low for an AM3 motherboard that would support crossfire in x8/x8 mode but couldn't find any! I found SLi x8/x8 for £77 but nothing of the sort when it comes to Crossfire. What gives? And would this be bottlenecked by any chance? AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.80GHz overclocked to 3.00GHz (hope to upgrade to X4 later when i'm not buying the girlfriend stuff lol) Palit GTS 250 1GB MSI NF750-G55 nForce 750a
  6. Hmmm fair enough. The ATI 5xxx series out here and it's just too expensive at the moment but, hopefully, when the GT3xx series is out, the price should fall, right?
  7. Well i've been looking at the Asus M3N72-T Deluxe and that supports 3 way SLi so could i use 2 slots for SLi-ing two GTS250's and one for a 9600GT for a PhysX processor?
  8. absarc

    Building Water Cooling System Help

    Ah right, well i have like 4 fans in my case and yeh, it's louder than my hover ¬_¬ lol. Well at the moment i've only got a 7600GT but hopefully it'll be a GTS250 then a second soon after in a M3N-72 and SLI them (on Asus M3N72-T Deluxe mobo).
  9. Ah cool. I think, depending what mobo i get, i'll either get a GTS250 or something similar from the Nvidia range or a 4850 or again something simial from ATI. And hopefully in the near future upgrade to SLi or Crossfire.
  10. absarc

    Building Water Cooling System Help

    Well i'm looking for something to keep my pc cool for the time being and slowing replace the CPU block and things later. I mean my PC is too noisy at the moment and i'm getting tired of it which is why. Should i stick with 1/2" or go for the 1/4"?
  11. Hey, i'm current trying to build up a list of parts i need to build a water cooling system and i'm having trouble. I've found parts which are all either barb 1/4" or, the CPU block which i'm looking at (OCZ HydroFlow HF-MK1), which is 1/2" or 3/8". Is there anyway to change the barbs on them to the same size or will it just work fine as it is? Like different pipe diameters and stuff? OCZ HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU Waterblock http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....amp;subcat=1034 XSPC 200 Bay Reservoir & Pump http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....amp;subcat=1042 XSPC RS120 120mm Radiator http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....amp;subcat=1041 Ignoring tubing matters, would this lot work together? I mean i'd add in a VGA block later when i get a better graphics card but yeh, would this work if i also add that at a later date? Many thanks!
  12. Hmmm well i just got it working for a bit and it was installing drivers and everything then i left it on to go to sleep then woke up and the screen wouldn't turn on again. Rebooted and same probably all over again :@.
  13. Yup tried 1 stick of ram in all the slots yet no bio screen. Cleared the CMOS a few times and nothing. No overclocking done since i'ce barely hard it 6 hours. Oh sorry, it's a new board. Didn't mean that it was an old one. I know my components work fine since they are all from my old PC. The ram works fine since i tried it on my old motherboard so i'm stuck for ideas.
  14. Right well i have the Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard and i just got new ram to go with it. That being the OCZ Gold Series PC2 6400 (PN: OCZ2G8004GK). The problem i have is that when i try to boot, the screen doesn't come up, all the fans power up and that's that. Nothing. I know everything works since i tried the ram on an older motherboard which would be the Asus M2N-E SLI. The odd thing is that not even the BIOS splash screen comes up, the monitor just acts like the PC hasn't even been turned on. So what do i do? Sorry, just realised i posted this in the wrong section and can't move it now.
  15. absarc

    Which card to choose?

    Ah i5 isn't out here yet but website are preparing for them and the motherboards so yeh. Well i've decided to put off the GPU for now and shall wait for the new series to come out and see what happens. Ah i thought the 9600GT was ok since it's the same core clock speed, memory and stuff but anyway lol. I will probably end up pruchasing a 5 series one anyway, it just gives me time to save up, and hopefully get a better one. Thanks guys!