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  1. I dont usually post anything here but lately the quality of fresh food has gone downhill. If anyone knows the process in which fresh food leaves the producer and ends up in the supermarket that would be a start. Also I hear they pick the fruit way to early and store it somewhere to lower the temprature and gas it what ever that means. If this is all going on Im not surprised vegetables and fruit taste awfull. If anyone has anymore information on this topic I would love to hear it.
  2. Spydog

    What's on your mind?

    Just thought I'd say hello. Have not been on this forum for a while. Interesting to read some of the threads that are being posted.
  3. Spydog

    house hunting question

    This is a bargain and a opportunity to save money. See if you can scrap a few more thousand off. As for a moral or ethical decision, I can look past it. It wasn't a cold bloodied murder scene. It's unfortunate to that person who must of had difficulties, but think of the financial troubles your getting that persons relies,spouse or friends out of. You will make that house into your own home is what I'm trying to say.
  4. Spydog

    how crap is this government ?

    Like all governments that get into power they have to try and clean the mess that was last in power. This means changes that no one likes and usually results in more taxes. To make matters worse the country has quickly populated. More people to look after results in needing more money to build infrastructure and services. But this government has not increased its infrastructure or services it's either put the brakes on or cancelled it all together. I can ramble on forever on this topic with big corporate companies and politics mixing together but who cares.
  5. Spydog

    What's on your mind?

    When did this forum turn to The Cake Room. Have I not been around for a while or maybe it's memory loss. I'm sure this used to be called The Green Room. I'm losing it. LOL :-) Also sleep deprived.
  6. Spydog

    Roll Call!

    Wow have not logged on in ages. Always having a look around at people's comments and getting a laugh. But rarely log on. :-)
  7. Spydog

    Global Warming

    Come on people it's obvious we still coming out of the end of a ice age. The polar caps are not meant to be that big or even there at all. Just a drunk opinion and ill probably regret this post tomorrow. But even sober I have thought is this the norm or is earth meant to be warmer with crazy random weather.
  8. Spydog

    Merry Christmas Turing Family

    Far out absolutely smashed on a random single malt scotch whiskey And have no idea who we are talking about or what crime he had done. Need to stop going on atomic after a few drinks and at least read the posts to understand what's going on. Grrrrrrrrr Major hangover tomorrow
  9. Spydog

    Ants! Argh!

    I've had plenty of problems with ants. Have spent years trying to get rid of the tricky little buggers. Especially in kitchen area and where the odd crumb of food or something sugary like a empty can coke was laying about. Luckily my neighbour got me into Amdro Amdro is hell expensive, but if your serious about getting rid of ants this stuff works. Ants run to this stuff like icing sugar and drag it back to there nest. Makes other ant bait powders look like water. I think for 450 grams of Amdro ant bait killer is $180.00 So yeah a little pricy but good stuff.
  10. Spydog

    Headphone Upgrade - Need Help

    I hate misleading people and being wrong Cheers Cyb3rGlitch..
  11. Spydog

    Headphone Upgrade - Need Help

    This is not really helping you out with the price range or mic but AKG are Australian made and are good quality. I have the model. AKG 271 mk2. There a nice fit and have excellent clarity for the tiniest of sounds. I think these headphones where more for DJs in radio stations ect, but fantastic for gaming. http://www.headphone.com/headphones/akg-k-271-mk-ii.php I think if you search hard you can get them less than $200. I bought mine for $169.99. No mic though but very comfy.
  12. Spydog

    new comp build

    Overkill???? What are you on about. 1000 W minimum these days. Most people run dual cards and can't help tinkering there GPU to see what FPS they can get. Plus for the future GPU and gaming rigs you will need more and more power. Everything else makes sense but why go low W in the PSU? The only thing I can think is for cost effectiveness. A good quality high W PSU will last a couple if not 3 gaming rigs and there is savings in the long term.
  13. Yeah this sounds like me. I do a lot of lurking, looking at the posts but never really signing in. Been a member for years maybe I need to start voicing my opinion and stir a few people up lol :-)
  14. Spydog

    What's on your mind?

    Hope you guys have pet insurance. Vets are hell experience. Good to see you look after your animals.
  15. Spydog

    Every Internet argument ever.

    Funny as...