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  1. Hi Atomic, I built this computer not too long ago (March 2016) and recently I've been having issues with stability. I'm constantly crashing within a few minutes of loading into Windows 10, I get blue screens with a ":(" and a few error messages. These errors are mostly "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED" or "KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR". I can't seem to pinpoint when it happens, I could be playing games, watching videos, or just browsing reddit, and the computer would stop responding. I can move my mouse for a bit but nothing will click. Then eventually I get the errors above. But before today, I could use the computer for a decent amount of time before errors started to happen. Today, they've occurred pretty much as soon as I load into windows. Specifications are CPU: Intel Core i5-6600k (not overclocked) CPU Cooler: Cryorig A80 AIO 280mm cooler Motherboard: Asus z170-AR Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2A2133C13 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Graphics Card: EVGA GTX970 ACX2.0 PSU: Corsair HX1000 SSD: 2x Patriot Blazer 60GB in RAID 0 (OS Drive) HDD 1: Western Digital Green 1TB Drive WD10EADS-00L5B1 HDD 2: Seagate 1TB Drive ST31000524AS ODD: LG GH22NS50 DVD Drive When the computer restarts after crashing, I load into BIOS and I notice that one of my SSDs are not detected. If thats the case, I power down and turn off power supply at the wall. 99% of the time, when I turn it back on and load back into the BIOS, both SSDs are detected, as is the Seagate Drive, the WD drive however isn't. Both the WD and Seagate drives are recycled from older builds, whereas the Patriot drive are new for this build. I can usually load into windows fine after this, but I know a crash is always imminent. Something I have noticed is that when in safe mode I won't crash, making me think its something software related. Any help/ideas would be much appreciated!
  2. Touch wood, but the past couple of days have been stable. Thanks everyone for your help so far!
  3. Memtest yes, I ran that when I first built it to make sure it was ok, just in case I had to return it. I dont know how to change the page file so I am going to say I haven't touched it. I will do a check disk when I next restart as well as a BIOS update, lifes been getting in the way a bit will do the Patriot stuff now. EDIT: it came up with No supported drives found. Done and done Nothing Symantec on my PC The only thing I can think after installing windows is installing drivers, then a few games (dota and fallout 4, the division) chrome, vlc. Then just office 2016.
  4. Well... to detract from the progress I thought we'd made, I had just the one monitor plugged in and I just froze. Was just browsing facebook when chrome stopped responding with the prompt "waiting for cache" in the bottom left corner. BSOD with Critical process died. No minidump, and just the same three events in event viewer...
  5. So far so good, haven't had a crash since. Fingers crossed that it was uninstalling ultramon that did it
  6. Well, 5 hours in and I've got my first crash. Still nothing substantial in eventviewer nor a minidump. Now I don't get a blue screen, just a freeze. I guess that's progress.
  7. Reporting back. The 'test' (if you can really call it that) with the one monitor went well Uninstalled ultramon Plugged second monitor back in, froze before I could even log in. Restarted and all seems well for about the past hour or so
  8. Hopefully its that simple Could be so I'm going to uninstall it to see how I go Steps to be taken Try using just the HDMI monitor, if that is fine Try both monitors with ultramon uninstalled.
  9. Okay, I tried a few times just then. When using two monitors, one with HDMI to DVI, the other DVI to DVI. The system crashed twice. Once within an hour or so of starting, the next being pretty much as soon as I logged into windows. I unplugged the HDMI cable from my graphics card, and its been about half an hour with no crashes. Might leave it running for a bit.
  10. I'll have a fiddle around tomorrow and get back to you
  11. The bottom two seem to be related to powering down/crashing. I cant seem to figure out the other three. One thing I have noticed is that I unplugged one of my monitors which was connected via HDMI, as opposed to the one still plugged in via DVI and I have no issues with crashing so far. Could that be a problem? I do have ultramon installed.
  12. Thanks for your help Rybags! I have my settings to make "small memory dump (256 KB), but I haven't been able to get one to be made, so the computer will crash but I will get no minidump. I get Critical Process Died more than anything.
  13. Adicolour

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    My bad, i forgot to mention i live in Sydney.
  14. Adicolour

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Quick question. While I was away for uni in Adelaide, someone came to my house and installed what I assume is the PCD (I got home today and saw it on the side of the house). Was that person meant to install the NTD( which is what I'm meant to connect to my router I assume?), or do I call my telco?
  15. You and me both. My computer hasn't booted in over a year. I want to fix it but might build myself a new system instead.
  16. Adicolour

    First World Problem, laptop size

    Hi all, I'm interested in buying a MacBook Pro, with the Retina display. but am having trouble choosing between a 13" and a 15" I am a uni student, but I tend to do a little bit of graphic design, photography and a few other things here and there. So i guess if I want portability I should get a 13" but if i want the power, I should get a 15". Cost isn't too much of an issue as I have saved up for this for a while.
  17. Adicolour

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    A one way ticket to Adelaide for my studies
  18. window - 6 books - 12 bed - 5 cleaner - 2 phone - 2 rubber ball i guess with my left over credits Exercise via calisthenics, ie pushups, squats, sit ups, burpees etc set myself a 52 week challenge book wise. tossed up between a cat or the window and ball. thought a window would help with my circadian rhythm
  19. Adicolour

    Roll Call!

    Wow... Time really flies 2008 join date
  20. Adicolour

    When does the customer stop being right?

    I remember the first retail shift i worked. My line manager told us in the orientation, "the customer is never right, we just want them to believe that". Essentially from a business perspective its quite true, all they want is profits, and when they're a large store like that, they don't need to worry about repeat customers.
  21. Adicolour

    Sochi Winter olympics

    Pierre Boda is actually a highschool mate of mine, we were close from year 7 - 10 until he moved from syd to melb to continue his training. keen to watch him
  22. Adicolour

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Where did you get them, and how much did they cost? I've been looking for a decently priced way to get the bigger blacker box + the expansions. FleaBay seems way to expensive
  23. Adicolour

    Recirculate or ventilate?

    I thought of a different car topic when reading the thread title... forced induction people should know what i am talking about. Anyways, I'm with Foods on the autoswitching thing for my rex, for my daily (i30cw) usually is set to recirc,
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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Hmm... I like the wide six spoke design, but not too keen on the colour... Maybe a few shades darker for me. But hey, you cant really beat free! brand, sizing, offset?
  25. Adicolour

    Peg leg Puss

    Well behaved pets are the best kind of pets to work with at my clinic. we normally just gas them down a little if they seem to be too edgy