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  1. PUBG is annoying the hell out of me! Have managed to get the 3rd place playing solo. I refuse to give up but as soon as I win just one round, I will not be playing it again.
  2. Kept an eye out for a card going cheap and finally picked one up on Thursday. Asus 1070 Strix 8GB for $300. 12 months old so still has 2 years worth of warranty. Now to give this thing a whirl and see how it goes of PUBG. Next item on the list is a SSD. Thanks to everyone for their support so far.
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. Will give it a go. I'm a big fan of Gumtree and have been looking at a couple of parts today. Picking a 16GB (2x 8GB) Kit of HyperX 1600MHz DDR3 for $70 this afternoon, think that is a pretty good deal. Not sure if I should add this to the current 8GB to make it 24 GB or am I better off selling the current 2 x 4GB as 24GB is overkill? Can pick up a GTX1070 for around $500. Do you think that is good value? Really beginning to think of waiting for the Vega 56 to be released. Can't justify spending the money to pick one up new but should put downward pressure on the used GTX1070 market.
  4. So... Finally got SLI working. First I upgraded to Windows 10 but than ran into an issue that the CPU wasn't supported and finally worked out I had to tweak a setting in the BIOS for it to recognise the CPU. Then updated all the drivers to only find SLI was still not working - different windows area this time. After a bit of research, a BIOS reset solved the problem and SLI was back in action. With a lot of excitement, I cranked up Battlegrounds to only find everything very lagging on pretty much the lowest settings *sigh* Now I am left with no other option but to upgrade. Think I will just go for the GTX 1060 due to the price point. I am also considering going with the upgrade to a SSD. What is the process of installing Window on the SSD? Is there a new way to transfer the operating system over easily or is a fresh install the only option? Reason I ask is I no longer have my Windows 7 install disc and don't fancy lashing out another $100+ on an operating system. Thanks
  5. Ok, so it just goes to show how long it has been since I actually looked closely at my computer... I actually have 2 x GTX560 Ti running in SLI and 8GB of HyperX 1600 RAM. According to the battlegrounds website, I should be able to run the game on high - ultra settings at 1900 x 1080 resolution... I just had never bought the game or Battlefield as I didn't think I had a chance of running it. While I will definitely get the SSD, I'm going to see how the two old cards hold up. I'll let you know how I go.
  6. Thanks Master_Scythe & Dasa for your prompt responses. When I get home tonight I will double check all of my specs and work out exactly which parts I'm looking to get an will post back up on here for final review. Cheers fellas!
  7. Hi, It has been 3 years since I last updated my PC and about 6 years since the original build and between now and then I have stopped following all the latest PC components and now feel a little out of my depth jumping back on looking to buy parts. The old rig consists of: PSU: Corsair 750W RAM: 4 GB 1333 MHZ DDR3 MOB: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 GPU: ATI 5870 HDD: 2TB WD 7200RPM CPU: i5-2500K Water Cooled I want to be able to play BF1, Battlegrounds and other similar FPS games. I currently run at 1900 x 1080 and don't have a 4K monitor but would be something I will consider in the future... What I was hoping to do was to upgrade a couple of parts to get things up-to-speed for the least amount of $$$ - mortgage and house renovations take precedents. My thought process is... GPU: 1060 (6GB) - should provide sufficient future proofing ($470) note: would it be better just going for the 3GB and save $100? CPU: OC the current i5-2500K to 3.7 to 4.0 GHz ($0) RAM: add 4GB ($100) HDD: Would like to upgrade to SSD however don't believe my Mobo is compatible... ($150) MOB: No change PSU: No change All up the upgrade would cost: $720 max assuming going with the 6GB version of the 1060 and being able to use a SSD. If I was to go with the 3GB version and no SSD I would be looking to spending only ~$450. Do you think this is the best use of the money? I'm just conscious that if I upgrade the motherboard, I need new DDR4 RAM plus a new CPU so am looking at another $500. I would certainly look to upgrade these components but would be later down the track. Please bear in mind, I don't intend on upgrading my monitor at the moment (will upgrade in the future) so am only running a 1900 x 1080 resolution. Thanks in advance!
  8. First up, I hope I have picked the right section of the forum to post this question. My sister is heading off to Uni this coming year and would like to buy a laptop for her as a graduation+christmas+birthday present. It has been ages since I have built a rig and even longer since I have looked at laptops. So I turn to the reliable collective knowledge of those here on this forum. So essentially looking for the best bang for buck laptop. Looking for nothing over $1000; $600-$750 ideal. A 15" screen is a prerequisite, however I can assure you my sister will be doing very little gaming. Decent storage space, DVD drive, and i5 - i7 processor would be ideal. Apart from the JB Hi-Fi's, Harvey Normans etc, is there any really good go-to places for well priced laptops? Thanks in advance. - Jason
  9. Ok so now i have decided on the motherboard the next thing I have to work out is do I grab a $70 second hand 4870 allowing me to crossfire with the one i already have or hand over the $200 for a 6870? Once again finding it hard to justify the extra $130 or will there be a much larger performance increase with the 6870 over two 4870's? EDIT: Also just read the 5870's is a brilliant card on par with the 6870. Doesn't make sense but is this true?
  10. ASRock Z68 Extreme3 ASUS P8Z68-V B3 Finding it hard to justify the $50 difference. All I want is crossfire support and the ability to OC decently... Opinions?
  11. Yeah it was. The 4870's in crossfire performed worse than the 3870X2 and the single 4870 performed better than the 3870X2 ie 4870 crossfire -> 3870X2 -> 4870 single it has to be the board because the latest drivers were downloaded and used and crossfire was working in CCC.
  12. @ Jeruselem: I am using the latest drivers from ATI/AMD website. I removed the second card as suggested and YES i do get much better performance than them in crossfire and compared to the old 3870X2. It participially does well with AA on where as the old 3870X2 wouldn't even consider turning it on. So as nesquick said performance with crossfire on a P35 motherboard is rubbish due to the fact that both channels are throttled back to 4x and is not the latest PCI-E 2.0 From this would it be safe to say that it is the motherboard letting this system down? My next dilemma is finding a crossfire 775 motherboard with 2 16x slots. The remaining few on the market just don't have all the features Im chasing.... GRRR!
  13. So this is my situation in a nutshell... I upgraded from a single 3870X2 to 2 4870's in crossfire. I have bumped up my CPU oc from 288*9 to 294*9 on my E6600, installed the cards with the latest drivers from the ATI/AMD website, used the CCC app to remove the drivers, CCC says my cards are in crossfire. BUT... when i play MW2 (pretty much the game i play 80% of the time) i have LOWER frame rate than what i did with the 3870X2, I use to be able to have the settings: No AA, No soft smoke edges, And the other settings: High, Extra, Extra. Now i have them set with the two 4870's on Medium, High, High and am still getting lag with filtering still off. What could possibly be the problem? I read the 4870 on its only is equal or slightly better than the 3870x2 so surely two of them will show some noticeable difference... System specs in sig...
  14. Smokie

    Need to Upgrade

    I was thinking of crossfirring a new GPU with the existing 3870X2 if possible.