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  1. SceptreCore

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    Idiots will scramble to buy these. Who has the money to afford one? Do people just have everything financed?
  2. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    You also have to take into account the architecture differences they've chosen. Micro arch's are a collection of tradeoffs. A sacrifice here for a plus there.
  3. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Zen 2 is going to have a drastic change in the memory department.
  4. Intel's 9th-gen CPUs outperform AMD's Ryzen 2 in leaked benchmarks The top-of-the-line Core i9-9900K, an eight-core, 16-thread CPU with a top clock speed of 5Ghz, hit a single-core score of 6,248 and raked in a healthy 33,037 in the multi-core test. These figures appear to trounce those any stock Ryzen 2 chip can achieve out of the box. The Core i7-9700K, an eight-core CPU with the same number of threads, also puts in an excellent showing, hitting 6,297 in the single-core test and 30,152 for the multi-core score. The last chip in the leaked benchmarks is the Core i5-9600K, a six-core chip clocked at 4.6GHz. It manages to get 6,027 points in the single-core test and collect 23,472 points in the multi-core test. These are all pretty decent scores that indicated a decent hike in performance over the eight-gen chips, arguably more than we'd been expecting. The Core i9-9900K looks to be the most impressive chip as it has a nippy boosted clockspeed and repeatedly offers some 4.7GHz across all cores from a thermal design power of 95W. Such benchmarks are all very well and good but real-world performance is where it's at. Helpfully for us, though not Intel, performance of the Core i7-9700K in review tests seems to have been published early by Elchapuzasinformatico, hat tip to WCCFtech. The processor was found to outclass rival and last gen Intel chips in games like Battlefield 1 and Doom. Some might argue that these aren't the most demanding games around, but they can tax a processor and show any flaws it might have in putting performance into effect. Only in tests that favour multi-core tests, such as the Cinebench R15 benchmark do rival CPUs like AMD's Radeon 7 2700X pull ahead, but that CPU is a part with more threads and is very capable at rendering tasks.
  5. But they save a heck of a lot of PCB space
  6. Just watch the first bit about the i7 9700k
  7. Core i7-9700K leak shows it hitting 5.5GHz on all eight cores using water cooling Highly anticipated: While most people are waiting impatiently for the arrival of Intel’s 9thgeneration Coffee Lake-S Refresh processors—rumored to launch in October—some users have already got their hands on engineering samples and are showing what the chips are capable of. Back in July, we saw Core i9-9900K benchmarks that put the CPU ahead of the Ryzen 7 2700X and i7-8700K. Now, an i7-9700K purportedly overclocked to a massive 5.5GHz across all eight of its cores has been spotted. The i7-9700K is said to feature 8 cores and 8 threads—hyperthreading will be an exclusivefeature for the top-end Core i9 series. Built on the 14nm++ process, it has a clock speed of 3.6GHz and can boost to 4.6GHz on all cores, or 4.9GHz using a single core. It also boasts 12MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 95W. Chinese-language site ZOL has posted screenshots of the chip being used. It shows the i7-9700K running on an ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming mobo with 16GB of G.Skill DDR4-2133 RAM. Another image shows the CPU’s Cinebench R15 benchmarks. The i7-9700K has been overclocked to 5.5537GHz across all eight cores, and that’s apparently using water cooling rather than liquid nitrogen. It attained a single-core score of 250 and a multi-core result of 1,827, though the overclock had the voltage set at 1.536V, which is high. The scores put it above the Core i7-8700K (stock), which managed 193 and 1408. It’s also slightly better the Ryzen 2700X—AMD’s chip attained scores of 250 and 1827, though that was also at stock speeds. As with all leaks of this kind, it’s best taken with a pinch of salt, particularly as the date in the BIOS image is months out from the one in the Windows taskbar. Expect to discover the 9000-series' exact performance capabilities when the chips are released in a few weeks' time. That is insanity! Intel's 14nm process is really on point. AMD has no chance of competing until Zen2 7nm
  8. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    AMD hands TSMC its entire 7nm portfolio: Vega 20, Zen 2 and Navi right around the corner Why it matters: This is the last piece of the puzzle in AMD's long journey to put its manufacturing strategy in order. Unfortunately this meant dropping Globalfoundries, and taking on TSMC as the go-to partner for its current portfolio. TSMC's manufacturing lead over Intel is substantial and AMD aims to capitalize on that. Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD, has announced that the company has finally leveled out its GPU and CPU development and unified everything under a single manufacturing node, at 7nm, handing TSMC the keys to the kingdom. In a blog post, the exec explains how the company's long term vision has finally paid off and AMD is now in a position to put its competition between a rock and a hard place with advanced 7nm designs in both GPU and CPU segments, thanks exclusively to the help of TSMC. This announcement sets the stage for the departure of GlobalFoundries, AMD's other, oldest, foundry partner. The announcement had already been hinted at during several corporate communications, events and calls, however, it is the first time AMD comes forward and effectively drives this narrative. Papermaster said "Our work with TSMC on their 7nm node has gone very well and we have seen excellent results from early silicon." Papermaster goes on to report that multiple 7nm products have taped out at TSMC. This includes the workstation-class GPU, Vega 20, and the next generation CPU architecture, Zen 2, all manufactured by TSMC. Going forward, AMD will focus its entire product portfolio on TSMC's 7nm process, and that includes this year's Vega 20, followed by an early 2019 launch of the Zen 2-based server CPU, Epyc, and later that year, the Navi GPU architecture, the long-awaited 7nm follow-up to Polaris which AMD is now beginning to talk up. For more time than most AMD fans would care to remember, the company had relied on GlobalFoundries to cater to its semiconductor manufacturing needs. The results, however, have been a mixed bag. GlobalFoundries has tripped itself up more than once while playing catch-up with Intel, having twice nixxed its developing processes. It trashed its 14nm development in favor of licensing it off Samsung, and now it has announced it has ended its 7nm node. In the meantime, TSMC, the backup fab for AMD, not only delivered where GlobalFoundries failed, but managed to overtake Intel in manufacturing technology, and this has paid off. While recognizing GlobalFoundries' role in producing 14nm and 12nm GPUs and CPUs, in particular for Zen and Zen+, which proved great successes in restoring AMD's reputation, it seems that the relationship between AMD and its oldest foundry partner will not go beyondthose nodes. With TSMC, AMD now has the weapons to fend off its biggest competitor, Intel. Good news for AMD and consumers
  9. SceptreCore

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    At just $700 US. /shake my head
  10. SceptreCore

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    Probably their own Steve's two cents
  11. SceptreCore

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    These new cards are going to be super expensive
  12. Intel discloses three more chip flaws
  13. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    AMD are trying. They do have some product wins. Intel seems to be losing focus on OEM sales though in favour of emerging markets I think. Well... that or they are being unusually benevolent.
  14. SceptreCore

    Dear Tech Support

    Dear Desperate We also find sometimes after husband 1.0 has been upgraded to, the user switches from Command Prompt to Prompt Command. This can stress the software and system resources and can possibly stop all operations. We recommend using a suggestive programming language to make Husband 1.0 think it's its own operation Tech Support.