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  1. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    7nm+ is supposed to bring another 10% So 4.4 turbo on a 4600 wouldn't be unimaginable.
  2. SceptreCore

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    AMD's not about to say that their product is crap
  3. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Those graphs up there are a great example of how misleading graphs can be. When it's all said and done, PBO, 3200mhz ram, tight timings if you care, and bump up the fabric clock
  4. SceptreCore

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Don't be bashful.. send us some pics. What TIM did you use?
  5. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Zen 2 introduces new overclocking extremes
  6. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    my brother is going to upgrade to a 3600. He currently has a 3000 kit, so I think I'll just do what Steve did and save him some cash. As to PCIe 4.0 support... well... you can bet there'd be class action by some who wouldn't understand why some can and some can't if it can't be technically guaranteed. Also... AMD want to sell x570 chipsets. So I don't blame them taking this action. It's not like people have to replace their board if they want the new chip... but if they want that upgrade. I get it... nothing's free.
  7. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    So... Just overclock the fabric, and tighten the timings and you're good to go.
  8. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

  9. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    I wonder what the best way to go is.
  10. SceptreCore

    Intel Ice and Comet Lake (10nm)

    This could have gone in the other thread... but nevermind. Comet lake is going to be 14nm+++ or Coffee Lake Reheated Twice.
  11. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    You're doing some excellent work there Gamble.
  12. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    It will be interesting to see if the Ryzen 5 3500 will be coming to the consumer market.
  13. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Gonna stick with the 6700?
  14. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen