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  1. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Sorry Jerusalem... But it's all good news for AMD AMD is coming for Intel's lunch.
  2. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Ryzen 3000 seems like just the challenge for you mate.
  3. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Any benchmarking data dasa?
  4. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    That's a bit of a bother. i bet nVidia already has it.
  5. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    It's a beast!
  6. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Well I think they'd have a fix for it if they knew. Same with Intel. These vulnerabilities genuinely come out of the blue for these companies which is why they try and stall while they come up with patches and hardware revisions. Yikes... Intel funding the AMD vulnerability research
  7. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    8 years of AMD processors discovered to have side channel attacks Not as serious as meltdown and zombieload apparently, but still concerning. AMD hasn't said anything about it yet.
  8. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Or if you like technology
  9. Yeah well.. anyone with a chip older than 5 years old is likely a candidate for replacement anyway. Though not necessarily. I wouldn't be surprised if chips older than that are also affected.
  10. Another huge security vulnerability Affects all Intel CPUs before 10th gen.
  11. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Exciting news hey Jerusalem?
  12. Big changes at Intel A really interesting read at changing how things are done at Intel
  13. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Well these Vega parts are even smaller than previous gen and much small than Intel's.. so i'd say the CPU doesn't have much to do with it.
  14. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    AMD Ryzen 7 4700U scores leak on 3DMark: 15W Renoir with Vega 7 iGPU wrecks 25W Nvidia Geforce MX250 AMD has done a proper good job on these and they'll be banging chips when they're released.
  15. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    I think so. Windows wouldn't know if it were Arthur or Martha