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  1. SceptreCore

    Israel did it.

    I'll take your word for it mate. Without any point of reference or reading material to investigate.. i'll trust your take on it. You're Jewish yeah? And yeah.. hypocritical christians... I'm one myself and try my best not to be
  2. SceptreCore

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    AMD CTO Promises Full 7nm Radeon Lineup Refresh In 2019 AMD CTO Mark Papermaster told The Street that more 7nm GPUs are headed to the consumer market, including less expensive ones. "What we do over the course of the year is what we do every year. We'll round out the whole roadmap," Papermaster said in regards to AMD's 2019 GPU lineup. "We're really excited to start on the high-end....you'll see the announcements over the course of the year as we round out our Radeon roadmap." We haven't had a chance to properly benchmark the Radeon VII, so the only figures we have to go on are AMD's own numbers. According to AMD, the Radeon VII performs equally as well as NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080 in rasterized games, and is even faster in some instances, particularly Vulkan-based workloads. That doesn't take into account real-time ray tracing performance over DLSS, both of which are advantages the GeForce RTX 2080 has over the Radeon VII (as NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is quick to point out). As such, AMD may have a tough time selling the Radeon VII at its proposed $699 price point. It's too early to tell. Either way, cheaper 7nm GPUs are coming as AMD fleshes out its product stack. What Papermaster didn't clarify, though, is whether those upcoming GPU products will be more 7nm Vega parts, or if the company's Navi architecture will round things out.
  3. SceptreCore

    Israel did it.

    Do you mean Secular Jews?
  4. SceptreCore

    Did something just happen?

    "Sceptre... This is IT!! A subscriber! Send the newsletter man... send the newsletter!!"
  5. SceptreCore

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - My thoughts

    aaaaaand that's the news everyone. Have a great day.
  6. SceptreCore

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    RGT on YouTube... who I do not credit with much, has "reported" that this card will only have 64 ROP's instead of the 128 it was thought to have had. They also say that AMD will lose money on every unit sold. AMD is just using this as a placeholder to keep them in the conversation until they can produce something worthy. Reviewers will keep this in their benchmarking lists... so AMD will appear to be relevant. Not a bad marketing strategy. Navi can't come soon enough though, even if it isn't a high-end card, if it can deliver awesome mid-range performance at a good price, then it will be a winner.
  7. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    He's a bit over the top eh?
  8. SceptreCore

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    AMD Radeon VII: less than 5000 available, no custom cards Read more: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/64501/amd-radeon-vii-less-5000-available-custom-cards/index.html
  9. SceptreCore

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    Buildzoid explains why HBM2 was necessary GDDR6 was not an option
  10. SceptreCore

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    It's because GCN has had its day. It's old tech now and keeping it competitive ramps up the power usage. If they had gone with standard GDDR memory... then it would have been too power hungry to bother with. I'm still not sure if this Radeon 7 is a low binned part from their Instinct range or it was a stand alone product always meant for production.
  11. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    Like a stack of HBM?
  12. SceptreCore

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    It's just something they're putting out to stay relevant in the graphics conversation until they can get something actually new out. Calm down the AMD hate mate.. they're doing their best
  13. SceptreCore

    Israel did it.

    Flamin' Jews... first Hollywood.. and now this!? What's next? Take our doughnuts and replace them with bagels? No... no... not the BAGELS!!!
  14. SceptreCore

    AMD Zen

    AMD: “No Chiplet APU Variant on Matisse, CPU TDP Range same as Ryzen-2000” One of the big questions coming out of AMD’s CES announcements was if its new CPU design, codenamed Matisse and which enables two chiplets and an IO die on a single package, would support one of those chiplets being graphics based in order to make an APU. In our discussions with AMD, we received confirmation that this will not be the case. The new Matisse design is the platform for AMD’s next generation of desktop processors. The layout shown at CES this year represented the design as having a single IO die, about 122.6 mm2 and built on GlobalFoundries 14nm, paired with a chiplet die, about 80.8 mm2, containing eight cores and built on TSMC’s 7nm. There is obviously space on that package for another CPU chiplet, and there has always been questions if the chiplet design is amenable to using a graphics chiplet instead. AMD stated that, at this time, there will be no version of the current Matisse chiplet layout where one of those chiplets will be graphics. We were told that there will be Zen 2 processors with integrated graphics, presumably coming out much later after the desktop processors, but built in a different design. Ultimately APUs are both mobile first as well as lower cost parts (usually), so different design decisions will have to be made in order to support that market. This doesn't rule out a future processor using chiplet graphics, this is just for Matisse. Our contacts at AMD also discussed the TDP range of the upcoming range of Matisse processors. Given AMD’s definition of TDP, relating to the cooling performance required of the CPU cooler, the range of TDPs for Matisse will be the same as current Ryzen 2000-series processors. This means we could see ‘E’ variants as low as 35W TDP, all the way up to the top ‘X’ processors at 105W, similar to the current Ryzen 7 2700X. We were told that the company expects the processors will fit within that range. This should be expected on some level, given the backwards compatibility with current AM4 motherboards on the market with a BIOS update.
  15. Yeah it talks about "PC" but laptops are also technically PC's... but they won't go beyond the low to mid range of performing laptops. The article talks about laptops the snapdragon's quick charge capabilities, yada yada