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    Very low power draw netbooks?

    update: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_VAIO_P_series 20w power plug with single core atoms with HT from 1.33ghz to 2.13ghz with webcam, gps, 3g, 2gb ram (4gb max) and hdd/ssd ranging from 60 to 250 gb. Updated batteries up to 5000mah in newest models. xp/vista/7 drivers. high res for such a small screen, and the new models have a switch to turn it down to 1280xsomething i believe for easier readability of text. expensive but seems pretty perfect. Would 8gb SSD and 1gb rather than a 2gb dimm save power? I saw something similar by a company a few years ago with a dual core athlon 64. It's got the little clitoris mouse thingy like oldschool laptops :P i think i'd plugin a mouse.
  2. mortagen

    Very low power draw netbooks?

    It'd be nice if i could find one in the range of 15-25w max power draw (like charging and running superpi/whatever). 10w is probably unrealistic.
  3. mortagen

    Very low power draw netbooks?

    So i can stay online when the power goes off for ages when disaster strikes =P It was horrible when Yasi struck earlier this year. I'd like to be able to use it when i go camping etc too without having to rely on power packs/generators/the car. And it's green :) I did think of the underclocking idea :) If i can on whichever netbook i decide, i will. Chipset is a big power factor too though. And idk much about these netbooks to be honest. The smartphone thing is a good idea, but there's some light windows specific software i need to be able to run. Otherwise my iphone is suitable for the majority of things :) I don't have one of those power measuring thingies, it's just a sticker on the bottom of my netbook :)
  4. Hi, I'm looking at buying a new netbook, specifically one i can solar power. My current one i'm typing from is a samsung nc210 10.1 inch dual core atom. Power specs are 19v/2.1a (40w). I'd prefer something that uses half the power of this, or even a quarter if possible. This runs windows 7, i'd prefer XP personally. I bought this netbook at the time because the dual core ht atom appealed to me, but i wasn't being as energy conscious then. I don't mind if i have to run an 8gb ssd with a 600mhz atom and 256mb ram or something to attain 10w for example. That'll run xp and a light browser well enough for me. I've done a fair bit of googling but the results seem to be from the early atoms which had high power draw chipsets. I've also read that SSDs can use more power than HDDs at higher capacities, but storage isn't really a goal here. Smaller ssd = less power. What are the current state of affairs with the lowest power consumption netbooks? which atom should i look at? chipset? does a single 1gb dimm use more power than a single 512mb dimm? Some decent battery capacity would be nice also, but power draw is the main point for me here. All i'd really do on it is gmail, forums, irc, msn, mp3s and maybe standard definition video/low def youtube if it could handle it. I don't want to something with a discrete gpu just for video acceleration. I figure i'll have to get flashblock for when browsing websites also. I can't imagine a screen resolution below my current 1024x600 being very comfortable either. Thanks for your time :)
  5. mortagen

    Pentium 4 or Dual Pentium 3?

    It's only very basic 3D rendering using some old versions of the software I've got licenses for. Not interested in spending any money on a flash new computer as my current 800mhz P3 is fine - I'm just trying to figure out which free upgrade will suit me best. The P4 has AGP8 and SATA1. The P3 only has AGP4 and IDE133. Neither of these factors really matter with my old IDE hard drives and radeon 9800 pro.
  6. Hello, Work is dumping their old systems again.. which means i get to upgrade from my old Pentium 3 800MHz :D I have the option of either a Pentium 4 2.6GHz with 512Kb L2 cache and a 400mhz FSB or Dual Pentium 3 1.4GHz each with 512Kb cache and a 133fsb shared between them. Both systems have 4GB of ram, though the P3s are running PC133 instead of DDR. I sometimes take my work home with me.. so I'm running Maya and 3ds Max from time to time. They can make use of the second CPU. I figure 2 x 1.4GHZ = 2.8 (and the P3 had better performance per clock than the Pentium 4) - But i also play some computer games when I'm not rendering 3D... and games that run on this era of hardware aren't optimized to take advantage of dual core/dual cpu. I'm not sure which system i should pick. At first my rationale was i should pick the P4 for better gaming performance, i can always wait a little longer for a render (it'll be faster than my P3 800 anyway!) - But i also do a lot of multitasking which makes the Dual P3 awfully tempting. What should i choose? What would you choose in my situation? Thanks for your input.
  7. mortagen

    Dual Opteron or Dual Xeon?

    It's a question on the behalf of my friend without internet/forum account. He's curious because he thinks the athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz use to compete with pentium 4 3ghz+ but i think those pentiums had more cache... and the xeons also have more cache than opteron (intel always does). Yeah i understand it's better to just go and build a desktop gaming machine, i guess this is a hypothetical question. So Xeon wins the vote so far =) i guess i should have made this a vote lol.
  8. Hi everyone, Question... 2 x 2ghz Opteron (1mb cache each = 2mb total) vs 2 x 3ghz Xeon (2mb cache each = 4mb total) Which would be the better performing setup regarding games? I'm talking about the old 940/604 single core chips. Thanks. =)
  9. Thanks for the response slick, that cleared things up for me a little. So you would go for the lower fsb variant if you wanted to OC :) I guess the 2.2 @ 400 would be better for gaming due to faster bus? depending on the game and how cpu limited it is i guess. Um yeah i was asking the following: Athlon XP "Barton" 2900+ 2000 MHz 512 KiB 400 MT/s 10.0x vs Athlon MP "Barton" 2600+ 2000 MHz 512 KiB 266 MT/s 15.0x How would the MP compare in terms of performance if it's using that slower bus? I was thinking of building a dual Athlon but the dual socket a boards are limited to 266fsb chips... I'm just wondering how the performance would compare regarding the slower bus. Thanks =)
  10. So the lower FSB doesn't matter...? =S How would a 2ghz Athlon MP server chip go against it's XP desktop counterpart... 266 vs 400 @ the same clock?
  11. Hi, Ok so the best Athlon XPs that were released was the 3200+ chips. But there are two variations of the chip... 2200mhz CLOCK / 400mhz FSB 2333mhz CLOCK / 333mhz FSB Which of those two is the better performer? Does one overclock better than the other? Thanks.
  12. This could be done right... Mount this to your roof: 38.5db gain wireless booster Plug it into a machine running backtrack 3... crack any wireless network within X Kilometers of you and just route the internet you're stealing to the rest of the computers around your house... free internet... Is this possible because it sure seems like it... why aren't people doing this? or are they and i'm just unaware? Just curious... =P
  13. Hi guys, I was looking through some audio accessories on an online store today and i found this: http://www.usbcables.com.cn/Upload/product...62123242354.jpg Using this could you plug two audio systems into the one sound card? Like i know you would need three if you were to plug in two surround systems because they have the 3 analog cables... but is this possible? and if it is... could you put these splitter cables into eachother to run like 4 sound systems through the one output? is there a disadvantage to doing this or anything? Thanks! :)
  14. mortagen

    Are you using the Lo-Fi Version of Atomic?

    I meant being to access our profiles, PMs, search options and all of that without all the fancyness of hi-fi with the graphics and ads and such =)
  15. mortagen

    Are you using the Lo-Fi Version of Atomic?

    Can we please have the option to post and have full (the same as hi-fi) usability in lo-fi mode?