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  1. pinecoffin

    [PER] LazLAN

  2. pinecoffin

    [PER] LazLAN

    Yes. No. Net. Sucks. Balls. Interestingly enough, with no net, we've gotten Spydogs table tennis table out, that he conveniently left there, and have been bashing a small plastic ball around. You could almost call it exercise! O.0 They said the net should be connected tomorrow, so I'll be taking the rest of the month off to catch up on my BFBC2 fix. Prob a bit of MW2 as well. It will probably be shaped by Friday me thinks ;) There will be a bit of Company of Heroes going on too. A couple of my mates will be coming along and are looking for a bit of 3v3 or 4v4 action on this. Great LANage game! Also, if we don't have the numbers for MW2, we might get the original MW cranking. I think everyone has a copy of this, in one form or another. Also, as there are is no dedicated server for BFBC2 'yet' I don't think this will work to well... :'( :'( :'(
  3. Regarding this post: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=27426 I think you've missed the point of the OP completely which is made even more clear by the moderators comments.
  4. pinecoffin

    *sniff sniff* LAN soup!

    Yeah, it's actually working like it should be working on the net. It's going to be bad going back on to the netage.
  5. pinecoffin

    *sniff sniff* LAN soup!

    Aye, me and miko have L4D 2.
  6. pinecoffin

    *sniff sniff* LAN soup!

    Yeah, harden up princesses!
  7. pinecoffin

    *sniff sniff* LAN soup!

    You can borrows my other desktop if you like. Is a 3.0 Ghz CPU with a 256MB Nvidia geforce FX card. Does ok. Offers there if any easier mate. :) Its cool mate - the LAPBREAKER runs two 9400's in SLi, current o/c to about 3.2-3.3Ghz, but it depends on how cool it is in the area. *SNAP!*
  8. pinecoffin

    *sniff sniff* LAN soup!

    Yeah, i have a xbox controller thingy, has all the buttons and joysticks and stuff. have street fighter iv on the pc too. we should have a versus over the interwebs sometime dude!
  9. pinecoffin

    *sniff sniff* LAN soup!

    Sounds like it's going to be a LAN of many groups playing many different games. I think we should be going for games that we can all be in on at once yeah? BF2 would work. I think this will work with a cracked version. Borderlands = boredomlands imo, is only 4 player anyway and is lamo when you're all diff levels. Will definitely be up for the new CoD, even though connecting is fucked, the game play is solid. This is limited to 18 peeps though. The old CoD is still good, I think most peeps have this. I think that BF2 could be a winner. Just my opinion though. Feel free to shoot me down. :P Anyone got a none censored cracked copy of L4D 2??
  10. pinecoffin

    [PAC] Random Mongoilan Dinner

    Hey that'll be cool - havent seen you for ages! Want me to pick jou up after work? Im picking pinecoffin up on the way through too - plan is pick him up around 5:15, have a beer at the leedy then wander down to the mongol. Yay beer. Awesomeness.
  11. one star for you, iphone freak!

  12. pinecoffin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    And if you're a gamer the performance benefits between onboard and a card are instantly noticeable for high end games...
  13. pinecoffin

    {PAC} EOI LAN mega weekend

    Most, bug, most :) Yeah, he gave the gee gee a good work out money. I had to go to automatic weapons there for a bit. :P Pfft - you rage quitted most rounds the other night, what with all your Aww I dont like hardcore, aww your hacking aww I suck. Did you find your phone? Yep, feel the rage. The plus for hardcore: No map, no cross hairs = more skill. The negs for hardcore: low health = noobs running around getting lots of kills thinking that there is some sort of skill in spray and pray. I get a buzz from the hunt but when you die so easily it takes all the joy out of it for me. Now playing hardcore with the health set to normal and friendly fire on, that would be sweet. I wouldn't do so good either as I completely rely on the map. It would give you a chance to get some kills Lazz. Well maybe. Nope, no phone.
  14. pinecoffin

    {PAC} EOI LAN mega weekend

    Yeah, he gave the gee gee a good work out money. I had to go to automatic weapons there for a bit. :P