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  1. colganaitor

    Roll Call!

    Hah! Just on 10 years. Facebook really ruined forums for me too unfortunately :(
  2. colganaitor

    Plain packaging for Cigarettes comes closer

    I for one don't mind the new packs: kind of appeals to the recent trend of gore films :P
  3. colganaitor

    What sign are you?

    Haha, if only there was a MacGyver, but I'll just have to do with Spy.
  4. Haha, that's actually the reason I clicked this thread. I adore Pulp Fiction and have to watch it (at least) monthly. :P Also, in reference to my previous post I fully respect the rights of individuals to make their own choices in as many ways as humanly possible, provided they do not interfere with the choices of others. However, I personally can't stand animal-rights activists, and being a mildly naturally argumentative person I couldn't really date a person who takes moral high ground, especially in issues like animal rights. I wouldn't mind going vego, however, I just probably wouldn't be very strict about it if it became inconvenient.
  5. colganaitor

    felt strangely dizzy for the first time

    The obvious suggestion would be to pay attention to OH&S procedures and not spend hours on end playing games. Take a 10 minute break every hour. Taking up smoking is a good way to do that :) I agree. Nicotine addiction must be the most effective way of getting someone to get up from the computer every hour - certainly works for me! :P
  6. colganaitor

    The loss of a friend..

    I've always tossed and turned trying to get to sleep, and have always felt terrible in the mornings - it usually takes hours to get to sleep but I've found some token drinking tends to help quite nicely. I also have absolutely no problem with getting home and having a cold drink, as long as I can assure myself I've finished all the things I need to do for the day before I begin drinking. Though, admittedly, I'm still really too young to get serious hangovers, or to need to watch my weight. :P
  7. colganaitor

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Skullcrush - SALEM
  8. It wouldn't have to be a religious or philosophical basis for someone to give up meat (and hence vego/vegan-ism isn't necessarily religion or belief taken to excess) - it could well just be a dietary experiment, to see what the change in lifestyle would be like. I wouldn't mind trying this, just to see if it affected my health or energy, or left some extra cash in the wallet. I'd also date someone trying it for reasons unrelated to morals/philosophy. I know for sure, however, that I couldn't deal with dating someone morally or philosophically opposed to eating meat, whilst I may be able to accept them as a friend, simply because having to make a philosophical debate to justify my consumption every day would get annoying - and this might not be effective if they're the sort of person who holds their beliefs with a blind and overbearing amount of faith. Religion taken to excess is certainly impossible for me to live with, I'm too much of a heretic. :P
  9. colganaitor

    I think I should buy one of these for Goth

    Seconded. I'm doing design arguments in philosophy at the moment and it'd be a right laugh. IRL trolling is the best trolling. :P
  10. colganaitor

    Get to the (Cheeky) Choppah!

    Happy Birthday Cheeky!
  11. colganaitor

    Stereo - Mini-systems

    I'm a big fan of using studio monitors in place of a stereo, myself. Hence, I bought a cheaper pair or Behringer MS-40's for my room - and I do reccomend them, as they're fantastic speakers that can be had for less than $250. http://belfieldmusic.com.au/index.php?main...products_id=191
  12. colganaitor

    haha just seen Virtuso on linux

    Huzzah! *waves*
  13. colganaitor

    Logicprobe banned?

    He doesn't look very banned to me. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?s...mp;#entry692578
  14. colganaitor

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    I think this sums up what I would like to say nicely.
  15. colganaitor

    Losing touch

    Me too.