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  1. In the terminology of OGTR regulation of genetically engineered organisms, any use of the organism in any way outside of a tightly controlled, contained laboratory setting is "release into the environment". The conspiracy website quoted seems to have leaped from "release into the environment" to interpret that as "they're spraying chemtrails!" Genetically engineered vaccine chemtrails!! Probably with fluoride in them too! And Monsanto!! It's a clinical trial of a new, improved cholera vaccine. No, cholera is not a problem in Australia. But they don't do research and development of better vaccines and clinical trials in the poor, undeveloped countries where they're really needed and used most, do they?
  2. Wow, now I feel old. :) Congratulations guys, it seems like we've been waiting excitedly for this day for years :) Well, actually, it's just because I wasn't exactly gonna invite myself. :)
  3. Goth

    Black Mesa Source Gameplay Leaked!

    Shooting down the chopper with rockets is far harder than I remember it being. Also, the minefield scene is shit. You can see the mines in plain sight? WTF? How is that even a challenge? At least in the original you had to actually clear the ground of mines before walking there. It would be interesting to know if there are any young kids out there, or people who have been living in a fallout shelter for the last 20 years or something, who have never played original Half-Life. I would like to see what their thoughts are. Does this absolutely blow their minds today, like the original did for me when it was released?
  4. Goth

    Black Mesa Source Gameplay Leaked!

    Been playing this sucker all night. Just got up to the start of Power Up and decided to take a break.
  5. Goth

    Breaking Bad S5

    "In the end I think the only one who'll get away clean will be Jesse because he's so nice." Yeah, I've thought this for a while. He's one of the most likeable characters, and one of the most "good", or "least bad" characters. He has killed or tried to kill or been prepared to kill far less people than Walt. He'll probably be the only one who gets away clean.
  6. Goth

    Help stop pillage of our waters.

    https://theconversation.edu.au/opposition-t...ence-based-8839 What scientific evidence base is there to go along with the activism?
  7. cuz they are always complaining What the fuck is a "cuz", and what country is it from? We speak English here.
  8. Goth

    Breaking Bad S5

    How many people are left alive who know anything? Pestboy (doesn't know much historical detail, and Walt wouldn't hesitate to kill him if he had to) Pestboy's pest company colleagues (I don't think they know much detail) Saul (knows a shitload, he's well paid, but he's so weak and easily scared the feds might be able to flip him) Lydia Jesse Skylar (doesn't know much detail) Jesse's stoner mates... don't know much? Any other people that used to work with Gus? So, who will remain alive? Looks like Walt might genuinely get out of the business for the second half of the season, maybe, and all those episodes will focus on Hank's investigation eventually revealing Walt.
  9. Goth

    What to do?

    I like it.
  10. Goth

    Mars Monday

    http://www.360pano.eu/mars/?lang=1 Yeah.
  11. Goth

    What to do?

    What exactly do the Greens and the Socialist Alternative types actually propose as their proposed solution? Bring them in with HMAS Taxi Service and just hand them Australian citizenship right away, no questions asked, without even knowing what their identity is or why they've come here or where they've come from and just let them go off into Australia, for as many people as we detect on radar in Australian waters, or even in Indonesian waters, at all?
  12. I have it blinking a LED from a C program, and I can confirm that the 1Wire driver included in adafruit's Occidentalis distro, which is the distro I'm using, works, but it's slightly flaky and reports a CRC fail about 10% of the time when reading the temperature off the DS18B20 temperature sensor.
  13. Goth

    What to do?

    Here's the relatively straightforward, simple solution I'd like to see. Work with Indonesian authorities to stop the boats, stop people smugglers, and stop that situation which endangers people's lives. Surely they could be going to somebody in Indonesia and getting fake documents for a flight to Australia for the same amount of money that they're spending on the boats, and it would be far safer. If people are detected on an unidentified and/or unsafe boat in Australian waters, they'll be accompanied to some location on Australia or Christmas Island, given basic health and medical checks, and if they don't have an appropriate visa to enter Australia they'll be detained as illegal entrants pending deportation. If an unidentified or unsafe vessel is detected in Indonesian waters, we'll check to make sure that the Indonesians are aware that they're there. If at any point while they're in custody, they lodge a claim with Australian authorities to seek asylum, that claim will be processed in a thorough way but in the fastest practical way. They'll be kept in immigration detention during this processing. If it appears that they've deliberately lost or destroyed identity documents this will make this process unnecessarily longer, and any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour or obvious behaviour consistent with non-genuine "asylum shopping" will not put them in good standing as a person of good honest character that we want in Australia. No, they can't just freely go out into the community during this processing. How will we find the people whose claims are without merit and are denied? Will we put ankle bracelet trackers on them or something so they can be collected and deported? This application will require honest cooperation from the applicant, and it will require confirmation of the person's identity and country of origin and age and it will require a consideration of Australia's national security to be factored into the application. It may take a long time to collect that sort of evidence, particularly if the applicant can't or won't provide any documentation. It should be done in the fastest practical fashion, but it'll take as long as it takes. If their application for asylum is rejected they'll be deported just as they were going to be anyway if they do not make a claim for asylum. If their application for asylum is granted they'll be granted a temporary protection visa for the shortest practical length of time reasonably expected for the situation in their home country to become more stable or safe. Maybe the situation in their home country has stabilised or improved in the time that their claim has been being processed, and they can go home right away anyway. Asylum applicants DO NOT need to be granted permanent residency or citizenship except in the most unusual cases where they would actually, genuinely, never be safe to return to that country. This visa might be reviewed or renewed when it expires. Illegal immigrants who have overstayed their temporary protection visa in Australia would be treated no differently to any other illegal visa overstayers with any other kind of visa.
  14. Goth

    Breaking Bad S5

    Whoa, how about that last episode? YEAH BITCH... oh shit.