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  1. Personally, this is the freakin' bees knees of mini-ITX cases and the chance to slap your rig in one is now yours. Only 700 of the M1 were ever made for the Indiegogo campaign, but M2s are now available with minor design improvements. http://www.ncases.com/v2/m1.php $185 + $20 shipping. Have at it!
  2. I decided to do some triple-checking of measurements one last time (the Ncase M1 is a picky beast) so offer's still good.
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    Mac Pro

    Well there's your reason for reading the magazine, man ;) It's been on the net for a while but also in the issue from last month.
  4. Sadly the only things I'm after that they list are Noctua fans and a Swiftech kit (that isn't in stock). Shipping prices were similar too. I'm building in an Ncase M1 so I'm after some more obscure parts. There are probably less than 200 DEMCiflex magnetic filters for the M1 in the world. It's handy to know about another good ships-to-Australia US retailer though, thanks for that! I saw some stuff that even FrozenCPU didn't stock so I'll be keeping it in mind.
  5. Yeah I was really impressed at their expansive offerings and the fact that they shipped to Australia. We really get the short end of the stick when it comes to rare components, so after scouring the internet/ShopBot/StaticIce/eBay/Amazon/etc the high shipping costs didn't even seem that bad anymore.
  6. Hope you're having a solid :)

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    [Syd] Meet 12th July

    Might be away for 1 year anniversary with the wife but +1 otherwise. Edit: I'll be in Europe too- sorry!
  8. If one of you want to make the plunge and grab this, I'm looking to make a split delivery: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=55941
  9. Edit: Order made, ~$100 shipping but oh well. As per title :) I'm making an order and the shipping fee alone is already over $100 for basic shipping from New York, so if you want to grab some items and split shipping I am very open. I'm in Sydney and am happy to drive up to Newcastle if that's more convenient for you. FrozenCPU are the go-to place for a lot of cooling/case gear and they stock a lot of items that either aren't available in Australia or don't usually ship there. They're pretty well established/reputed. Have a look and let me know if you're interested! FrozenCPU
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    Want to play WildStar this weekend?

    Been enjoying the beta weekends so far (pre-ordered)- there just seems to be so much thought put into the game. For the first time, crafting has been something I look forward to doing. Double jumping and dashing is fun, even if jumping isn't always useful in combat. You get such a feeling of verticality that's missing from most MMOs. Hope I'll see a few Atomicans (or Authoritarians??!?) in the game come full release in June :)
  11. Makes me so happy my favourite gaming/tech community is big into Star Citizen :) The fact that our head honcho (Dave) is putting it on the front page so often is the best thing that could happen. Even if people are part of Ausmonauts/other groups, it'll be great if we form a loose Atomic alliance between individuals for occasional 'raids' and what not. So far, I've been collecting a group of the 'faster' ships in addition to one Starfarer for hauling junk around. Right now that's: Aurora Legionnaire, 325a, 350r, Super Hornet, Scythe, Cutlass, Freelancer, Constellation and Starfarer. I'm basically hoping that I can fly PvE for the most part and then hold my own when a PvPer throws themselves in my face. Oh and if you want a fix for your Star Citizen kicks for now, Diaspora is pretty much the next best thing. Intense dogfighting with 6 degrees of freedom in near-Newtonian physics set in the Battlestar Galactica universe: Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Free standalone mod and has full support for flight controllers including TrackIR.
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    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    I usually poke around OzBargain for this kind of thing. Someone was nice enough to post this link comparing different key distributors: http://gocdkeys.com/search.php?q=bf4 Note that prices usually drop post-release of the game. Also, I guess we should make another push for AC-DC again. I wonder how many members went to... er, ungreener pastures when the magazine stopped?
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    So what's covincing you more so far?

    I like "XBONE" because I read it as "X BONE" rather than "XB ONE". 'On the fence' poll option is choosing both or none. Xbox 360 to me was always just: Sports games. Army games. 'MURICAH! Now the X BONE is: Sports games. Army games. TV. 'MURICAH! I play more sport than watching it, if you've played one Caller Doody game you've played them all and I don't watch TV. Oh and I live in Australia.
  14. Or both, if they're that good. With what facts they've now released, which new console has better worked their PR in your opinion? Not that I'll end up getting one (PC MASTER RACE), but if I had to put my money down right now it'd all be flying towards Sony.