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    I say 8 gigs of faster, I don't fill my 4 gigs. and as said before, if you want faster than 1333 you'll need to overclock, so if you have enough money for 16G then you may as well go all out and get the fastest RAM your board can handle.
  2. even with a stock clocked CPU it can overheat, if you run it on a stock cooler and put it at 100% for long enough, it could overheat. but most of us run an aftermarket cooler, however even then, is a 24 hour stable overclock really the best? I've never run any CPU at 100% for longer than 12 hours it was a 1.4 single core and I was encoding a movie, and I doubt I'll have to undertake that lengthy task with my quad core @ 3.9, I don't know how fast it would do it, but I would bet it wouldn't take as long. and even then, not everybody trancodes hours of movie files, I imagine most OC'rs are gamers, and I doubt that they'd play crysis for 12 hours straight. so, wouldn't it be better to crank it up a notch or two and have a 4hr stable OC, and have the better response and speed from processes that don't tax the CPU to 100%
  3. When you listen to a specific genre, it makes it easier to specialize your system to it, I toy with the idea of making a second set of front speakers so I can switch between them for different music, or just for a change, I have transmission line two ways with an 8" and a 1" at the moment, but I would love to have some 3 way sealed's with dual 8" (I bought a few of them...), a 2" dome mid and some .5" tweeters I have lying around, I just can't find the mid range...
  4. s.o.u.p!

    DIY Subwoofer help and/or advice

    I'm a Transmission line man myself, I have a dual 10" TL however, it's bigger than a fridge, and that's no exaggeration, at 2m x 1m x 1m, apart from my closet and my car, it's the biggest thing I own. it'll go below 20. if size isn't a problem, look them up, they're simple to math out, and don't rely on the T/S parameters as much as other configs (not that that's a big deal), they're mostly based on woofer surface area, and Rs, however they can be tricky to get right, lining is the biggest issue, but, if you get them right, they'll impress you forever. I'm still taken back by how well it performs, and I've been with it for years, my housemates have used it for a year and still message me about how good it is when they use it while I'm out of the house.
  5. s.o.u.p!

    Question about 4GB RAM

    it's a gimmick as much as a move to simplify build options. the RAM speed is controlled by the CPU on newer boards, and unless you overclock, even if you go out and get 2500Mhz RAM you'll only get the speed that's set in the CPU. I'm shaky on what happens if you get something slower... but, you should know that if you get faster RAM than the CPU is set to, you'll need to tweak the BIOS to get that speed you paid for. also, forget latency timings -unless you don't want to touch the BIOS that is- latency timings are worth SFA in the face of raw Mhz speed, that is ofcourse unless you have the money for the low latency, high speed RAM, but that's way expensive. depending on your CPU, you can usually get a decent overclock out of it, I think all the i? CPU's come with built in overclocking nowadays, so they can handle a decent overclock. one more thing to take note of is the BUS speed of your board, my board has a max of 2200Mhz, so if I bought 2400Mhz RAM, i'd likely fry the board trying to make the most of the RAM, you should be able to look it up on the manufacturer site. EDIT: after re-reading the thread I realised that this info isn't exactly to the point you were after, however it's still helpful, and the voltages are also important, like I said before, the RAM is controlled by the CPU on newer systems now so the wrong RAM can make trouble unless you tweak the BIOS.
  6. s.o.u.p!

    how does one use lagarith?

    lossless is lossless.
  7. s.o.u.p!

    how does one use lagarith?

    40% may be a bit optimistic, but I'd like to atleast test the reduction for myself, when you're dealing with 5Tb of data, any reduction is worth it. I want lossless though, quality is important in this effort.
  8. s.o.u.p!

    how does one use lagarith?

    I have some .vob files, and I want to use lagarith lossless codec to make them smaller. I think Lagarith makes them to about 60% of the original size. I can't seem to find a decent how to on this however. I can find the codec, but I think I need a program to use with it, and even then I need to learn how to use it. does anybody here know?
  9. s.o.u.p!

    damn! G.Skill Trident 2000Mhz problems

    My trident 2000Mhz worked fine. all I did was up the BCLK to 204 and a multiplier of 10. I also turned down the "performance enhance" down from "extreme" to "turbo", no voltages, nothing fancy... not that it matters now....
  10. I supppose you mean the firmware? any idea how I'd find out if I can get one for mine?
  11. I remember people talking at one point about making a CD ROM run faster than spec, I can't seem to find anything on google, is it still doable?
  12. s.o.u.p!

    new i5 750 overclocked out of the box?

    it's not the minefield it used to be, nowadays you can go online and find an article where a group of professionals have put a part through it's grueling paces, come up with a 24Hr stable OC and published the results. hell, you don't even need to go through all the "step it up a little, benchmark, reboot, repeat" crap anymore, look at atomic issue 110, it just gets you to dive in, dial out the desired performance, run a test, and walk away. I'm quite happy with my first ever OC and found it to be a simple and rewarding affair.
  13. s.o.u.p!

    Illegal Downloaders face Internet Ban

  14. done both....latest CCC, res checks out... well, looking at the manual, it says it's a 1080, but it only has 1366 x 768 pixels.... I tried changing that resolution but the border was still there.
  15. my last computer could make a screen that fit my Toshiba 42" perfectly. now I have a brand new computer with totally decent parts and there's a black edge around my screen, I've played with all the settings I can (on both PC and Screen) but to no avail. does anybody know much about this sort of problem? I'd really like an extra inch of screen like I had before on the older card..... PC stats in sig, screen is a toshiba 42C3000A