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    Haven't seen any mention but you can't leave home without a carton of grog per person per day.
  2. Rofloorsander

    How to stop truly giving a **** and how did you do it?

    Bzzt. Wrong anwser. Smoke weed, pop mdma and drink. Do it all in moderation in social settings and try to let go a little bit.
  3. Rofloorsander

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

    aha i was on my phone basically, house party at ours, random girl got too smashed and fell alseep in housemates bed. We went to town and when we got back found her in the bathroom after being sick. i walked her home (15 minutes) and when I got back the girl i like had fallen asleep. leaving me at the laptop ....fucking on atomic. fuck ya!
  4. Rofloorsander

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

    Fucking cunt shit fuck. I had to work a tandom girl back homr because she was maggot but when i got home yhe girl i.like had gone to sleeep. Night ruined...
  5. Rofloorsander

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

    He looked cool ecept.his tat! I want to be metal.
  6. Rofloorsander

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

    Yep. And of course this was attention whoring. I was drunk last night and thought I'd bring back some wormstrangler.
  7. Rofloorsander

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

    Does this help: 930 at night
  8. Rofloorsander

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

    I live 10 minutes from here:
  9. Rofloorsander

    Louis CK's FX show “Louie”

    If that's as good as it gets, I shalln't bother. Your loss. Don't get the impression that the show is like this though, otherwise you'll go in with the wrong frame of mine. Pleb you homo. How are ya?
  10. Rofloorsander

    Louis CK's FX show “Louie”

    What is Louie? Louie is a critically-acclaimed narrative, disconnected vignettes, and stand-up show from Louis CK, possibly the greatest stand-up comedian working today. Louis stars as an exaggerated version of himself; divorced, depressed, and raising two daughters in NYC. (he likes to point out in every interview that he's not actually miserable) He not only stars, but writes, directs, edits, and produces, which gives him an absolutely unprecedented amount of creative control over his show. Essentially, FX gives him money and gets a show back, at no point approving scripts and actors, giving notes, etc. This results in one of the most refreshingly original shows on television that seamlessly switches between comedy and drama and narrative and standup. Who is this Louis CK guy? Louis CK is an incredibly prolific stand-up, producing a new hour of material each year for the past few years with no signs of slowing down. Hilarious, Chewed Up, and Shameless are his taped comedy specials and all of them are incredible. As much as I like this show, really nothing compares to the brilliance of his stand-up. Watch his specials! You may have caught his previous show Lucky Louie, a traditional studio-audience sitcom, on HBO, which seems to get a love-it or hate-it reaction from fans. Luckily for the latter, Louie is nothing like Lucky Louie and is just about as far from the traditional sitcom as you can get. credit and thanks to feedmyleg at Something Awful for this OP. As for my own thoughts, the show ranges from something like this: http://i52.tinypic.com/fbw75l.gif to this: shit can't find it on youtube but basically, it can get very depressing. I'm talking about the Eddie episode especially. Season 1 is generally more funny, season 2 is generally more real/depressing. Give it a chance to catch on.
  11. Rofloorsander

    Bridesmaids - 16th June

    I won't even post the trailer because it's shit and will just put you off of watching the movie, but take my honest and truthful word that when this releases in Australia (16th June) you should be lining up, ready to watch that shit at a midnight viewing. I just got home from watching it in the (2nd) best place in the world and have not laughed so much at a movie in the last couple of years. Completely sober too! It's not a chicks flick. Ignore anyone who tells you so. Maybe even slap them. Director: Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks) Produced by: Judd Apatow Writers: Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo Stars: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1478338/
  12. Rofloorsander

    Fortified Wines

    Sweet sherry mixed with some coke isn't so bad. My dad drinks McWilliams flagons like they're going out of fashion so I also kind of have acquired the taste. /
  13. Rofloorsander

    Greetings from Whistler

    Some videos I've recently made. I'm filming: The resort had 211cm of snow in the last 7 days ( http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/ )so this week has been amazing, but it really needed it, January was a bad snow month. Both videos are pretty long, but smoke a blunt, sit back, relax and hopefully enjoy!
  14. Rofloorsander

    TC Anthony & TC Yasi

    Just woke up. I want some photos but weatherzone forum is down! noooo And I guess it's still to dark being only 4am over there.