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    Cooler Master V10

    i've had one for almost a month now, it's easily mountable vertically without hurting your mobo, but the thing is for 200 u only gain like a few degrees less than TRUE, i hardly think it's worth it =P
  2. pb111

    Cooler Master Creates a Monster

    i think the coolermaster v10 only weights 1.9 kilo, isn't that lighter than the TRUE copper? Well i've just purchased the V10 from PC Case Gear, so i shall see how it goes compare to my TRUE.
  3. pb111

    120MM fans

    wow so much replies had been added since i last replied, well i just tried done testing my new fans and could not stand the noise LOL. 4 scythe slip stream 1900 rpm + 1 ultra kaze 3000 rpm LOLOLOL got so annoying i took 2 of the slipstreams off within 5 minutes. And as for my case design in relation to someone's comment, it's not so bad, after all it's a Lian Li it's a full tower case so its quite spacious with i believe enough ventilation i suppose. But yeah 5 scythe in one case is too annoying, even now just 3 of them is still so annoying... anyone interested in buying a few scythes LOL ? 20 each, close to brand new, only been used for 5 mins. PRICE NEGOTIABLE LOLOL. If it wasn't for the fact that i have no room to lay my big case flat, i would've purchased a TRUE copper, then i'd get rid off all of the slipstreams n maybe just leave my ultra kaze there. =T EDIT: nah! it is official! I'm gonna sell these fans hahaha too noisy... even just 1 ultra kaze is too noisy.... now its like i can't even hear the computer running! (took all of them off n put back my lian li OEM fans + noctua)
  4. pb111

    120MM fans

    thanks man, ordered a ultra kaze and a few more slip stream to see how things go :) i put the slip stream to replace the original case fans from the lian li case, that thing blow tonnes of air into my video card area! good stuff.
  5. pb111

    120MM fans

    oh true... thanks, so i should just use the slip stream for like the normal case fan huh? and get an ultra kaze for cpu cooler?
  6. pb111

    120MM fans

    Hey guys, just want a little insight on things here... i had a Noctua NF-P12 i think it supposedly pushes around 53 or so CFM for 1300 rpm. This is my CPU cooler by the way, my TRUE. So i had that for like a good 6 months or so if not more, i was thinking what the hell so i ordered n got a Scythe slip stream 2000rpm that supposedly pushes out 115 or so CFM. When i first plugged the new beast in it does feels like it's pushing out hell lot more air than the noctua, but once i've gotten inside windows check my temp with coretemp (software i know but still) it's telling me not only did it not decrease my temp by a few degree, it's possibly even made it a few degrees higher in all situations~ damn it D: Current Temps are: Core 1 , 2 : idle : low 40 - 45, when it's cooler 38 - 40 Load : under 65 Core 3 , 4 : idle : 38 - 40 , when it's cooler 30 - 35 Load : under 60 or low 60s My rig is Q6600 @ 3.2GHZ, 4gig ddr2 800, nvidia 260GTX+ with a Lian Li PC-A71 case with 6 fans inside the case(not including the cpu cooler fan)... how's the temp?! considering my cpu is o/c'd and im from Brisbane. edit: btw i just changed the thermal paste like a month ago or so.
  7. thought i'd give u heads up, picked up a Galaxy GTX 260+ for just over 430 i think it was 435 or something... from PC Case Gear, they're from VIC so thought i'd let you know!
  8. pb111

    Upgrading monitor time!

    thx for the advice mate, i ended up getting a T220 with a Galaxy 260GTX+, loving both of them! the only thing is i couldn't get my old MSI software thing off my display properties, it adds like extra tab to them like for overclocking and what not... have no clue how to get rid of them... (from my old video card btw).
  9. pb111

    Upgrading monitor time!

    hi guys thinking about upgrading from 19s to 22 time, kinda thinking along the lines of Samsung.... Maybe the 2233BW or the T220 Looks fairly similar to me, specs seems pretty similar too, anyone read up on them? Also, since im going with bigger screen hence higher reso, my 19 only do 1280 atm, if i pulled out a 1680 on the 22", probably should get a new gfx card since i'll lose some fps hey? im on a p35 motherboard running a Q6600 on 3.2GHZ with a 8800GT OC version. what do u guys rkn? Should i get a motherboard since i dont have PCI-E 2 ? or it doesn't really matter? or just f*** it my 8800GT should b alright? thanks in advance!
  10. hi guys i got a Billion 7402NX ADSL2+ modem & router, had it for about a week or two, experienced higher latency in games n what not compare to my crappy siemens 4200 speedstream or whatever it's called LOL. wireless works great though, but i was some what expected my latency to drop lower... not sure why but i just thought it would, certainly helped with my dropout issues, haven't dropped out once since i got this modem, anyone know how to tweak anything to help with latency D: ?
  11. pb111

    T200, T190, T220

    Anyone know anything about those monitors coming to the australia market? i mean i know harvey norman's got the T190 and T220, but i'm actually looking for the T200. Did a bit of research online, no luck on any AUS sites. Is it too new at the moment?
  12. pb111

    Best Gaming Headset?

    i have a Audio 770, it comfy and big, good but not GREAT, mic can get very loose in terms of the joint where u flick it up and down, it can get all loose just month or two down the track and ur mic starts dropping down all the time even if u moved it up right when ur not using it. i'd say try the sennheiser PC 350
  13. pb111

    Question about OC settings

    woops sorry i haven't keep u guys updated with the result, yes running on 3.2GHZ now :P with 1.3v ^^ thanks guys
  14. pb111

    Question about OC settings

    thanks mate! gonna do that right now! update: thanks to that guide and everyone else's input im now running at 2997 GHZ =] very stable, that 1.3v suggested in the guide is keeping my temp way under 55, mostly around 45 - 55 on a 30mins OCCT test, pretty happy with the result. just realised that it wasn't only 2.5 that i can set my dram multiplier to, under 3 and 3.5 it actually has 2.0 and 2.4 hiding -_- and also my cpu is a "B" Stepping shown on CPUZ, correct some of my previous mistakes on the past replies ^^ edit again: what if im greedy and want 3.2 D: ? what's the voltage suggestion and the ram multiplier? considering that im setting FSB to 400 i suppose~
  15. pb111

    Question about OC settings

    hey yeh i thought so too, i just re-applied thermal paste last night, the TRUE still slides a tiny bit, lmao does that mean its not solid enough, but it seems pretty damn solid though!, if it's not suppose to move even a tiny bit under the X screwy thingy my bob then i guess i didn't screw it down hard enough but as far as i know the screws have refused to turn anymore