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  1. This is going to be Epic @ IMAX3D
  2. llmoose

    Beginner to overclocking

    Can someone explain the process of unlocking and OCing a AMD Phenom II 550BE CPU? Someone mentioned it on here. It looks like it may suit the TC as well.
  3. llmoose

    Seagate or WD?

    I've had nothing but trouble with my WD drives. Although my mate swears by them and doesn't touch seagate. Its just personal preference.
  4. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P Motherboard - $166 Antec VSK-2000 - Black ATX Tower Case (No PSU) $60.50 AMD Sempron 140 AM3 Socket CPU 2.7GHz 1MB Cache 45W - $39 2G DDR3 1333 kingston - $58 SATA Pioneer 218 DVDRW - $39 Western Digital SATA 808GB Hard disc drive. - $75 Ok thats what I'm purchasing next week. I decided to get a new case and HDD as the 750gb HDD I have had already failed on me once.
  5. llmoose

    What is raid

    Interesting. Uncle utorrence passed away recently so I have been seeing alot more of Auntie Usenetty. We seem to have really developed a bond.
  6. llmoose

    I can't hear you!

    It would have been kinda funny to have his hand glued to his face though... but in the ear? jeez.
  7. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    Ok I think I will work out the CPU dependant on how much cash I've got left after everything else. I can easily upgrade that later on. What I need to sort out now is the whole motherboard and whether its worthwhile to go dual GPU. I can spend up to $150 on the motherboard. What would YOU do? The BEST AM3+ motherboard for $150 ignore most other factors. I read up about having a 4x 2nd slot and most say its not worth it as it will throttle the card too much. Is there anything I can get under $150 that will do the job or should I just stick to the single GPU.
  8. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    Ok Gents, Parents have offered to buy me about $300 worth of stuff for xmas. I need to get the PC up and running with this money. I think I may get a new case aswell. Do I need a full ATX case or can I get a mid tower. I still need some advice on the motherboard too. I'm getting the sempron 140 as its only $39 for now. The future plan is one 5770 and then add another later down the track. I would prefer to get another case now so I don't have to pull apart the other PC I have here.
  9. llmoose

    Jason Statham's latest effort.

    IMO he has definately gone the way of Adam Sandler. Set the bar straight to AWESOME and then just couldn't keep it up! Death Race was putrid.
  10. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=12318 That motherboard suggested seems good. Although i'm unsure why its cheaper then the MA770 that everyone is suggesting when it has crossfire and what not. What am I missing on that board?
  11. llmoose

    Unregistered visitors can view trademart

    Just happy to bedoing my bit!
  12. llmoose

    Teachers caught naked in classroom romp

    Haha thats funny. I had two different teachers from my school involved in sex scandals. One was the infamous Ms Ellis who left our school then a year later the story came out. The other one was a male science teacher knocking off one of the year 9s... She was like 14-15 when they started hooking up and everyone knew about it. It was reported and restraining orders put on but nothing was ever pinned on him. Apparently one of the PE teachers who was an awesome bloke slept with a girl a year below me recently. Obviously she would be about 20 years old now but she was a fine girl!
  13. llmoose

    Is it rude to do this?

    It really depends on the quality of the restaurant. If I was at a nice restaurant then I would maybe be a little disappointed that they didn't know better although if I was at a cheaper restaurant I wouldn't really expect the staff (usually 15-17 year olds) to know any better!
  14. llmoose

    Dogs are better then Cats

    Dogs have masters and cats have slaves isn't that what they say? Its definately true. I could never live without having at least one dog. They are simply awesome.
  15. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    Don't mean to be rude but can we get a little back on topic. I am intrigued by the overclocking thing. I mean if its going to have the same overall performance after SAFELY overclocking a 550 then maybe its something I could look at. These are the bits of advice I need! Also need recommendations for a dual GPU capable motherboard. I think its a good route to go down. Buy one 5770 then upgrade to another down the track or one better card.
  16. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    I've got no idea how this whole dual GPU thing works. I've read about crossfire and SLI, etc. I haven't really read into it but it seems some games like one and not the other, etc. Can someone give me a quick summary on how it all works?
  17. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    Personally, once all this xmas, car rego (due 31st December FTL!!) and getting my car back on the road is out of the way then I could easily afford $1000+ on a GPU. This doesn't mean I'm going to spend that much on a video card because I feel it is a waste. I want to spend around $300. Maybe head up around 400 if something special comes out. I don't want to buy something only to have it superceded in a few weeks. I realise PC technology moves quickly but I still want the best bang for my buck!
  18. llmoose

    Daemon Tools Lite

    I've also switched to Virtual Clone Drive, I hadn't used any similar software for a while but needed it recently so of course I went straight to Daemon Tools. I did not like the ASK.com installation crap that it asks you about and also it just didn't seem as streamlined and good as it used to be. Changed over to VCD and haven't had a problem.
  19. Im putting together a new gaming PC. It will be my first gaming PC ever. It will probably be based on an AMD Phenom, DDR3 & a Gigabyte MA-770T-UD3P motherboard. A friend is giving me his 8800GT to use for the time being but I am wanting to upgrade it. I have read about all the shortages of mid-range GPU's around and want to know if its worth waiting 2-3 months for something new to come out. I have been recommended the 5770 but have a budget of around $300AUD. What should I do?
  20. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=25342 Thats a topic I have started about the PC build. I know its a bit complicated but thats how it is unfortunately!
  21. llmoose

    My new motorbike finally arrived!

    Thats awesome. I've always wanted a new naked bike. I've got a 2006 ZX-6R at the moment. Only thing I don't like about the naked bikes is that you really need to keep them superclean to keep the awesome appearance up.
  22. llmoose


    Definately one of the better comedies I've seen this year. Nothing will take the cake from The Hangover though.
  23. llmoose

    Little help for car crash family

    Never ceased to be amazed at how low some people can be.