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    Rate my final build

    Well I'm not paying for the 8800GT at all so I would rather not spend more money on a video card. Its only going to be for a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that I haven't played ANY pc games for years so I will have plenty of time to acquaint myself with stuff like HL2. TF2, etc that aren't a strain on the 8800GT
  2. llmoose

    Rate my final build

    I'm finally settled on what parts I'm getting for my PC. Pick them up tomorrow morning! CPU - Amd Phenom II 550BE MOBO - Gigabyte 785GT-UD3H HDD#1 - Seagate 320gb SATA hdd - system drive HDD#2 - WD 750gb SATA hdd - data drive Vid card - Galaxy 8800GT Case - Lancool PC-K58 PSU - Superflower 550W PSU Ram - 4GB Corsair Value 1333mhz DDR3 Peripherals - Logitech MX518 mousey, Logitech X240 speakers I just need some suggestions for a keyboard <$50, screen <$200 and CPU cooler <$40. What kinda games can I expect to run on this system? I will be getting a 5770 or possible a 5850 in a few weeks. I'm very very excited. First gaming PC EVAR! Oh Also, Is there anything I need to buy for the build? Do I need stuff like thermal paste, etc. The last PC I built was a AMD Barton 2500+
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    Final Fantasy VIII finally coming to PSN

    FF VIII is still my number one game EVER. Like the TC I have lost track of how much I play it. When I was like 14-15 I had this folder that I had mum bind for me at work. It would have been at least a few hundred pages long that contained just about every FAQ from gameFAQS printed out. This was like my bible for a long time. It has a entire Beastiary, magic lists, etc. This announcement could very well entice me to buy a PS3. Woah... hold up a minute. Are you saying that you can get FF VII and soon VIII that are on PSN to play on your PSP? This would be EPIC for me. I never actually finished FFVII believe it or not and have wanted to play VII, VIII & IX all again. I actually put more time into that minigame on IX was it called Blitzball or something then I did on the story. Oops just had a look and found that Blitzball was on FFX on PS2. Damn that game was awesome.
  4. llmoose

    Best notebook for $800 - $1000?

    http://www.mln.com.au/product/?itemID=774 http://www.mln.com.au/product/?itemID=701 I have found MLN to be easily the best when it comes to laptop sales. These two looks nice but there are at least half a dozen models in your price range.
  5. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    I haven't gamed on PC for years. In the next few weeks I'll have it all setup. What exactly is Steam and how does it work. Are they just like an online retailer that catalogues & streamlines all your games? I understand that you can buy and gift games to people & have read a few topics about $AUD prices being inflated. I have quite a few contacts in the states and europe whom I could get to purchase the games for me then gift them. Would this be a better option? I have also seen a few steam accounts for sale with heaps of games already. As I haven't really played any games for the last 18mths I figure buying an established account that will have plenty for me to catch up on. Anything negative about this?
  6. I've tried it on 4 different PCs. With XP, Vista, Linux and windows 7. Nothing at all works the drive is definately kaput!
  7. llmoose

    Neighbour in a spot of bother

    I just finished work so suck it up! No use of force necessary tonight. Well maybe one chick who was trying to abscond, and the "woman" that the cops brought in with a 10cm gash above the eyebrow that would have been 2-3cm wide. She was a regular though so no-one really gave a shit!
  8. llmoose

    Help Out an Atomican Please Vote

    I've posted it on a private website that is pretty good at this sorta thing. Its usually touch and go whether they take it on or not. If they take a liking to it then you will win, I'm sure of that. If they don't then no harm done! Just noticed that you already won a coolpix camera, well you should have being you were one of the first 4 to reach 100 votes. Well done friend.
  9. llmoose

    Neighbour in a spot of bother

    Section 462A of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) provides as follows: “462A. A person may use such force not disproportionate to the objective as he believes on reasonable grounds to be necessary to prevent the commission, continuance or completion of an indictable offence or to effect or assist in effecting the lawful arrest of a person committing or suspected of committing any offence.” This is the bottom line. This is what has been drilled into my head as long as I have been doing security work. If someone is committing a crime you can stop them using whatever means it takes to stop them committing that crime. Although we are not meant to carry them I have a collapsible baton in my bag at all times when working. The fact we have nothing to defend ourselves is scary. Just a few weeks ago I had 6 police in the building wearing bullet proof vests, 2 undercover cops and about 10 plain clothed. We were required to watch a few entrances and what-not. All we have to defend ourselves is our smile and clever wit.
  10. Thanks for the advice bowiee. Unfortunately I have tried everything already. I have tried WD's programs. A number of data/HDD recovery programs as well as formatting and partioning using linux. Every single program that tries to access the drive freezes and never goes anywhere.
  11. Yeh I googled. Sorry bout the wrong section I could have sworn I was in the other one. Anyhow I need this drive asap so was hoping there would be a walk-in/walk-out solution other then RMA.
  12. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    Gmail? Got Google Wave? That looks awesome too. I've got a wave invite but haven't signed up yet. Don't see the huge fuss.
  13. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    Mark can you send me one too please. themoose@gmail.com
  14. llmoose

    TF2 Free Weekend Comming Soon

    So I just go onto steam this weekend and can get it for free?
  15. llmoose

    Red Dead Revolver sequel confirmed.

    That looks incredible. I have never even played the first one.
  16. llmoose

    48** vs 5770 vs Nvidia

    Haha thanks, I was just looking over the old topic and thinking I must be going crazy.
  17. llmoose

    48** vs 5770 vs Nvidia

    I tried to find benchmarks and info on 4x crossfire but couldn't find jack.
  18. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    With that Valve complete pack. Is it possible to get someone from the US to buy it and then gift it to me?
  19. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    Thanks dude. Your right you are awesome. I'm online now if you want to add me.
  20. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    Done. Is there an Atomic group or something?
  21. llmoose

    Can someone explain steam to me?

    Thanks for all the help. I just recieved the copy of Half Life 2. Thanks heaps Snow Squirrel. I might play it later tonight on this PC if I can. One thing though, when I installed and signed in I got 3 msgs that people had added me as a friend but I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  22. llmoose

    Recommended in-car audio setups

    I know, I've got a 2.5" lukey exhaust & pacemaker extractors on the car. Unfortunately thats about as far as I will go with this one to avoid unwanted attention.
  23. llmoose

    Sexist Yaris Commercial

    Political correctness. Fuck it.
  24. llmoose

    Recommended in-car audio setups

    I agree with you to a point. Although my $1400 DLS front stage would tend to disagree with you :P For me having another fast car would end up being more trouble then its worth and as such I spend money on getting the car nice and cruisy. I can easily understand how some people don't get decent car audio but I for one love it. The sound quality that comes out of my system is unbelievable. Thats why I go to the driveins instead of the cinemas :P
  25. llmoose

    James May's hidden message

    haha thats great.