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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    4800 Series Rejoice. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?s...st&p=613381
  2. StoolSample

    ATI/AMD and Nvidia Driver Thread

    Catalyst 10.4a PREVIEW drivers here ATI 5800/4800/3800 Series http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages...4-a-Hotfix.aspx The one We've been Waiting for..
  3. StoolSample


    AION - Open Beta http://games.on.net/filelist.php?app=1565&menu=1 Wickid Trailer http://tvpot.daum.net/playaion/ I want to run this Maxed out...But Its not in my native tongue/natural reading spectrum. Did you download the engrish language pack or do something else.? Cos AFAIK this is Korean Default....? $$ http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/245/200905...time=1244485164
  4. StoolSample

    Racing Games

    Flatout 3 then...Ultimate Carnage - Full Arcade Not Sim. GriD Hands Down!!!1!1!1 Burnout Paradise Gran turismo 1+2 for PC (Via EMU) Oh, Yes TestDrive is lots of Fun. $$
  5. StoolSample

    Some good FPS games

    Then More Action with Mods(Many variations of Ruleset changes for Fun&/Scrim)/Maps... $$
  6. StoolSample

    Call of Duty WAW

    Now I have a Dodgey 3 out of 4 Screws in my 4870 (damn soft screws asus), meaning I have a Notso Good Corner Contact on it. Sometimes when its not contacting properly, WAW would be the only game that would crash me to the point I'd have to re-adjust my GPU again. All at random times, So Even tho I have my OWN problems ^^^^^ The game was Released Buggy for the Un-updated systems, and has improved a fair bit, Some people still get random issues however. It reminded me to ask you 2 look into your cooling.? http://www.peacemakergfx.com/files/StoolSa...s/GFXTester.exe ^ Info - http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/ This Will Heat You Up quite Nicely to Find some In-Stabilities. $$
  7. StoolSample

    Crysis Warhead Support SLI?

    System Up to Scratch Efficiency wise? I have only One Stutter Issue. Bino/Scopes - its only a microsecond stutter and it doesnt bother me. E4500 @ 2.8ghz + Stock 4870 1GB @ High-VeryHigh @ HD Rez @ 40fps Avg $$
  8. Shouldnt have a go at someone for helping.. If I had a chance I'd do it, if not everybody would too. Anyways. Chessnut, Everyone will tell you POWER POWER POWER But 'we' know Your on a tight budget. So forget the POWER POWER POWER. Get a Decent X2 RiG and a Decent Graphics card and your games wont be clock for clock against intel but your not too far behind. Dual Core for starters, Cheap for Finals! Do what you can with your limited Budget and Good Luck M8. $$
  9. StoolSample

    Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta 2 who got in

    Anyone here got the 1002 Bug.? Basically You load up the webpage, click play now, it opens the launcher, and the game..you play for 2-10mins and BAM.D/C! Its a known issue on the forums but has anyone here experienced this.? $$ EDIT: Have a Spare Beta Key if anyone wants... Got one a month ago, got another one today.
  10. StoolSample


    I was Working in a PC store as Work EXp for school when these voodoo cards came about.. Loved the 8x8 or 16x16 Sli they had. In store they Demo'd the TestDrive4, Software VS 3dFX. What a Difference it made. 800x600 UP TO 1024x768 35fps. WooHooO! Diamond Viper Baby...What a Name. $$
  11. StoolSample

    GPU real life perf. compared to reviews

    I have that same Cpu , 2.2ghz, and their all different but mine hit 2.93ghz on stock cooling, I usually left it on 2.81ghz 24/7. I have a gigabyte board so the voltage stuff I set to auto and upgraded memory from 800mhz ddr2 to 1066mhz for the extra headroom on the FSB. I also noticed a jump much like the "30-40fps to 60fps" when doing so. On another note, Benchmarks/Reviews generally use the Quad cores stock or overclocked to test things, and fastest of everything else as well. Most peoples systems will not hit the efficient score/fps on their Graphics Card for that reason. I hope you can overclock and get a boost to your liking, wish you the best of luck. $$
  12. StoolSample

    Crysis Warhead stuttering....need advice

    Resolution Kills Your FPS, The Anisotropic Filtering x4 wouldnt hurt to be turned off, but may not warrant the 1% it might give you. I have gotten Warhead with NO stutters on my old RIG P4-2.8 + x1650 512 AGP using tweak guides. Now no kidding on the part of ^^^^^^ was HEAVILY Tweaked. Meaning stutters Related to bottlenecks. The game does naturally stutter EG's mentioned above (bino, zooming) But thats the Game engine loading data. But It just takes the time to trial and error a lot of settings. Tweakguides, Custom Configs (many out there) and such will help you hit your 45+ fps sweet spot. CrysisMoD forums are a good resource. $$
  13. StoolSample

    Hoiw good is my CPU?

    Going into your Bios Disable Speedstep, There are other Options to disable so If someone else could throw in the info.. But if you google the shit out of your motherboard you'd find what setting does what exactly. & What to disable. Overclocking for Windows isnt a big deal, When you get your card however, I'd recommend an OC for the Gaming FPS Boost. More CPU Juice can Fill the GPU Cup $$
  14. StoolSample

    What GPU Should i Get?

    You'd Want the 4670 MINIMUM for Gaming. You want to upgrade, so Not having to turn details off atm is what your after. Mate has a Dualcore 2.5, and a 4670, his COD4/5 is fluently fast enough @ 1280x1024>1680x1050. Anything Higher and you have to turn ya details down. $118 - 4670 isnt too expensive, That'd be my choice. I dont know the nvidia Camp Maybe the 9600 Series Nvidia for $140 Your 1.8 DualCore may be limiting the 'bling bling' $$$400+ cards but with these you'll be right. $$
  15. StoolSample

    What's your PC gaming setup?

    I own my Machine, Bought it cheap, added a few performance parts and never looked back from tweaking it all. No one Gets on it but me myself and I I do Heavy Gaming and Lite Vid Encoding work I do not NEED the best, only whats suitable for my Needs/Other Hardware Eg: Bought a 1GB 4870 due to my 22" E2200HD LcD. B4 that it was x1950pro+17'Crt Eg: Bought the Cpu Cooling gear for my 2.2ghz to get to my sweetspot of 3.2ghz Nice poll guys, would be really interesting tomorrow to see who owns their box and why. Reason I bought this machine was. Friend was selling it, & I had a 1337 Gaming P4-2.8ghz+X1650Pro-AGP at the time. $$