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  1. +2, a good cooler will make SO much difference.
  2. I hope it'll be that easy to hit 4.4, it's usually the luck of the draw with OC.
  3. cysp

    New netbooks leeked

    Same, lets see if the price is right.
  4. cysp

    overclock or not?

    Agreed, purpose before action..
  5. cysp

    The SSD Watch thread

    I would say no. There are better drives out there. edit: double post. Decided to research a bit more, what else would you recommend for a price lower than that?
  6. cysp

    WTF is it with keyboards!?

    Mine is the microsoft 500 and its a pleasure to type with, gives my fingers an orgasm at each stroke. You guys should definitely give it a try, at $15 you can't go wrong.
  7. cysp

    Eidos week specials on Steam

    The first Hitman was fun, but after that I just didn't have the patience to sit and wait and wait -plus not being able to save was a right pain in the arse. Totally agree, I tried to rage through when I lost my patience, which made it fun but almost impossible to pull through.
  8. cysp

    6 Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    *puts his hand up too* :)
  9. cysp

    Metro 2033 Pre Orders..

    Just put an order, now the waiting..
  10. cysp

    1 faulty DVD in a box set

    I remember I bought how I met your mother season 1 from K-mart and it came with two disc 2 instead of a disc 3. Couldn't be bothered taking it back so just 'pirated' disc 3. Weird things like these do happen.
  11. cysp

    Look what my phone can do...

    are the pics really that tiny or did you just resize them?
  12. cysp

    Brilliant audio slideshow

    pretty nice, thanks for posting.
  13. cysp

    Help my Windows 7 loader keeps rebooting.

    I would say record the error code when the blue screen comes up and google it. If the screen is too fast, record it with your fone's camera or something. Sounds like a corrupted file though.
  14. cysp

    refresh rates and windows 7

    Sounds more of a driver issue than windows. If you're using nvidia, you can always 'force' certain settings.