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  1. My Pioneer 112D reads cd's but not dvd's anymore.. ive tried uninstalling then reinstalling the driver already but that didnt work either. does anybody know what else i can do?
  2. johnny05

    Gaming on Samsung series 6 LCD TV?

    I'm still not sure.. ive read so many forum post about people buying Samsungs and experiencing lag even in gaming mode. i might just end up buying a Sony Bravia even though the picture quality doesnt look as nice as the Samsungs.
  3. johnny05

    Gaming on Samsung series 6 LCD TV?

    i wish i had enough money for the one you got. haha. i read that people are experiencing input lag on the LA40B650 when gaming.. do you know if its true? otherwise ill get the LA40C650.
  4. Has anyone tried playing an Xbox 360 on the Samsung LA40B650? I'm planning on buying that lcd tv next week and i just wanted to know if it was any good for gaming.
  5. johnny05

    Indian protestors

    The funniest thing I saw was that some Indians showed up on the news one day representing themselves as a gang called "INC" and i swear to god he said it means "Indian Nacho Crew" while him and his crew were wearing dress pants, flip flops and bandannas around their heads. OMG it was the funniest shit!! LMAO!!
  6. johnny05

    did anybody see the Giant Moon in the sky?

    Define your understanding of HUGE and very fast rate. I too have once seen the moon in a huge and orange state, and although I didn't see it moving at a very fast rate (because I only caught a glimpse), a neighbour did, and he said it was moving faster than any moon should... i was driving towards it and i could see it behind a highschool in my area. it was pretty low in the sky, so i could only see half of it. as i was driving it seemed to be descending behind the school and out of my view. i saw it for about 8 seconds. and it just vanished after that. btw. it looked massive. like it was only a few kms away.
  7. hi everyone. i had just taken my girlfriend home and was on my way home when i saw the moon in the sky. but it wasnt like anything ive ever seen before, it was orange and HUGE! and was descending at a very fast rate. i live in Melbourne Victoria and i have never seen or heard about this before. it really freaked my out. at first i didnt even know what it was. it was 4:30am. can anybody explain why it looked like that? did anybody else see it? please help. i cant seem to find anything about it.
  8. johnny05

    dsicreet 2.1 setup recommendations?

    but i need the asus essence stx to amp my headphones. so if i want to use both my Sennheisers and KRK speakers im gonna have to stick with the Asus card.
  9. johnny05

    dsicreet 2.1 setup recommendations?

    oh well.. then ill just have to go with RCA. but whats the difference between balanced and unbalanced sound anyway?
  10. johnny05

    dsicreet 2.1 setup recommendations?

    i want a balanced sound, but thats only through TRS or XLR. is there a way to connect it to the Essence STX using those connections?
  11. johnny05

    dsicreet 2.1 setup recommendations?

    anybody know how to connect a pair of KRK Rokit 5 speakers to the Asus Essence STX? im planning on buying these two items but im not sure if they would go together.
  12. johnny05

    dsicreet 2.1 setup recommendations?

    Yes, I forgot about them. You can get better if you're prepared to spend more money though. which are better between the Behringer B1030A and Audioengine 5?
  13. johnny05

    Floor standing speakers.

    lol. my bad. ive just had them in my head lately.
  14. johnny05

    Floor standing speakers.

    get the KRK Rokits, very very nice sound quality. they got alot of kick to them too.