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  1. Bundy

    Euthanise our kids ?

    That would still be your right, it wouldn't be mandatory euthanasia. This isn't much different to the gay marriage argument in that respect. Giving freedom for others to choose doesn't impact people who are against it, just opt out if you find yourself terminally ill one day.
  2. Bundy

    'Tis the season... for burglars...

    I totally understand your meaning but its stupid to make assumptions like that.
  3. Bundy

    'Tis the season... for burglars...

    Not sure if you're sarcastic or not.
  4. Bundy

    'Tis the season... for burglars...

    Or a hospital You obviously don't know who you are talking about. In reference to what?
  5. Bundy

    Science takes another one to the knee.

    Being pro science doesn't make you pro GMO or pro anything else it makes you pro what can be shown to work. If we work out that something we thought was good actually isn't that is science working..
  6. Bundy

    Gay Marriage.

    It will get me married. If I were of a christian bent, that might be kinda sorta important. If I had dreamed of having a big, church style wedding, even without being christian, it might be important. Maybe just that bit of paper, being brought up in a society that values marriage as a positive state, is important. That's never sat well with me. Legalise Gay Marriage and make churches, who don't believe in gay marriage perform the ceremony. It's like "Fuck your beliefs - we're all about equality". By all means, go get married in a garden, like I did, but it's wrong to do it in a church. Disrespectful. Unless the Church is happy to do it?
  7. Bundy

    Gay Marriage.

    That is the point though. If you don't like the idea of a church being forced to facilitate gay marriage why do want to force gays to not be able to marry outside of church? You are just sitting on the other side of the coin of injustice (bit dramatic but you get my point). Making it an incredibly hypocritical position to try and hold.
  8. Thats hilarious.. I will call them after lunch, thanks dude I had no idea there was such a thing as level 2 support.
  9. Bundy

    Gay Marriage.

    Legally sure, but I would argue that the relationship is still symbolically there.
  10. Bundy

    Gay Marriage.

    Separation of church and state is a very vague term. It's kind of impossible to truly separate church and state because people will always vote based on their beliefs and its unavoidable that a fairly large percentage of peoples beliefs are shaped by religion or spiritual views and they don't have to declare or even justify their motivations for their decisions. I really think the term separating church and state more refers to any one organisation of religion imposing their direct will upon political decisions not an individual voting on their beliefs. That being said I would disagree that we have any separation considering the Queen is officially the head of the Church of England Her official title is apparently "Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England" http://www.royal.gov.uk/MonarchUK/Queenand...hofEngland.aspx and she has direct representatives in the Australian government and her face on all our money. So the fact we pretend there is any separation is kind of a joke.
  11. Thanks, Yea thats the program I use, perhaps its out of date because it seems my downloads are not unmetered at the moment. ::Edit:: Using tcpview it looks like I am only connecting and receiving data from "" Which according to a post on Whirlpool is a Telstra GameArena server but my account doesn't show the usage in yellow. Weird because from what I read I should be unmetered on GameArena. Im 4g and on a proper plan.
  12. Bundy

    Gay Marriage.

    Hi! You might be right about the capitalist argument but the problem is a lot of people who would be pro gay marriage don't have much reason to passionately support it the same way people defending existing marriage laws oppose the changes. That being said I really think it's only a matter of time before it is legalised. The winds of change seem to be blowing in that direction and building.
  13. Can anyone confirm, preferably form experience not assumption that it is true that if I am on Telstra 4g internet that if I make sure I am downloading a game from the Telstra steam server that it is indeed outside of my cap? I have Steam Content Server Limiter with Telstra Bigpond selected and the Telstra server selected in steam settings and I do notice a drop in average download speed indicating it's doing something but last month I seemed to fly through my cap faster than what can be explained. Note the guy on the support phone couldn't tell me if when it came to games on steam it was outside cap or not because Steam content limiter is not a Telstra program etc....
  14. Bundy

    Gay Marriage.

    I don't like the argument about if it's natural or not because marriage is a human construct or concept that we 'agree' is an important part of society, not a model of nature that we need to conform to. There is no doubt that homosexuality is seen in animals other than humans, both primates and non primates, but still weather or not its 'natural' is a distraction because its an argument that always just ends up an argument about "what is natural?". The better question would be why do you want it prevented? or Why do you want it passed? Is it important to change? or Is it important to keep the same? Maybe it's the things that depend on marriage need to change. That is how I feel about the debate it self. My personal position is all people and behaviors should be made welcome and accepted providing they aren't behaviors that are hurting anyone else. So in that sense I feel it should be allowed, but at the same time I don't care for marriage as I feel like it's meaningless. To me it's just a way to objectify a relationship or give it status because that is what humans like to do is use symbolism to describe things. Is a marriage where the people don't really care for each other worth more than a non marital relationship between to who are truly in love? No. but we understand something better when we can just rubber stamp it with a symbol like marriage. So at the same time if homosexual people never get the right to marry I would be inclined to feel like they aren't really missing out on anything anyway until you consider that homosexual people too also like to engage in same symbolism that is a part of the human condition.