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  1. Nath84

    What is that game I used to play?

    Thank you GoFaster, that is the one, funny how demos were good like that back then.
  2. Nath84

    What is that game I used to play?

    Hi All, Here is a question that is keeping me up tonight, I have had a memory of a game I used to play and I would very much like to play it now, It is a game that I played at least 10 years ago so I might be testing your memory lol, It is played in the clouds with a priest as the goal, so to speak, the object of the game was to protect your priest whilst capturing and sacrificing the opponents priest, That was done by connecting bridges between islands in the clouds and constructing "sun throwers" and "lightning towers" to attack your opponent with. So what I am asking is does any one know the name of that game? Cheers Nath84
  3. Nath84

    Projector Question

    Hi Everyone, I have been given the task of updating my local SES units projector, The current one is a Dell that we have been having trouble with for the last year, the decision to change was biased on the the pixel death that is occurring to the display, Currently the blank screen looks reminiscent of the old school telescope pictures of the stars....lol Would anyone have any ideas / reviews of projectors for what we are after, I must admit I'm not a projector enthusiast and have no idea what I'm looking for, Cheers