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  1. They bundled it though so in reality it is their ignorance (and can you really call it that, did they really not know?) Who knows what else they have hidden in their devices.
  2. I just had to come back and say superfish. I hope it hurts them, but deep down I know everyone will forget in a few weeks and it will be back to normal. I think the small phone makers are looking at the wrong enemy, Samsung and Apple can only lose ground now, John S. Chen has a plan...
  3. A Hitman

    Piledriver and Trinity

    About time, keeping so many sockets doesn't do anyone any favours.Just as long as they release some 8 core chips on the FM sockets it will be fine.
  4. A real KB is tactile though, and I never had any issues with my big thumbs.I have never liked SW keyboards as much as the HW keyboard in my Nokia N900... In saying that I just bought a BB Z10 for $310 NZ, its the best SW keyboard I have used so far.
  5. A Hitman

    Windows 8.1

    MS being MS? I hate how they made a key during install a requirement again, it achieves nothing, especially when I just use a BS key and change it after install.
  6. A Hitman

    Windows 8.1

    I just used the RTM ISO. Been running it for over 2 weeks now.
  7. A Hitman

    How hot Should AMD 1090T run

    Might need to take the cooler off and reseat it with new paste, sounds like you might have air pockets between the cpu and the waterblock.
  8. A Hitman

    How hot Should AMD 1090T run

    Max is usually around 65-75 for AMD chips. Mine idles (With cool and quiet enabled) at 24c with a large heatsink. Did a stress test in Aida65 and it only got to 37c.
  9. A Hitman

    Windows 8.1

    They removed the WBAdmin GUI to setup backup's which is pretty annoying. Also the "forced" skydrive integration is a pain... They have missed the mark again but it is a lot closer which may mean people may actually want it now..
  10. A Hitman

    Steam OS

    I wonder what the minimum requirements will be? I have some pretty slow dual cores AMD's collecting dust which deserve a second life...
  11. A Hitman

    Android 4.4 'KitKat' Announced

    Anyone else feel like eating a kitkat?
  12. A Hitman

    Microsoft is buying Nokia

    Nokia DID have big plans before the MS people took over the company. Apps programed in QT that worked on ALL of their devices, S40, S60/Symbian, MeeGo and the S40 replacement. They had for a long time one of the biggest app stores in the phone market. They also had a number of MeeGo phones almost ready for production when they were taken over.
  13. Dev to stupid to program for SLI? Im sure I read something about them saying they were not going to enable it?
  14. A Hitman

    TP-LINK experiences

    Pretty sure they just rip off designs of more well known brands. Had a 8 port Gb switch on my desk for a few years now with no issues. Also a few wireless cards, etc all working fine.
  15. A Hitman

    Microsoft is buying Nokia

    Seems strange that MS was allowed to run them into the ground and then buy them out? All the actual engineers (hardware and software) have pretty much left now anyway so they are pretty much buying patents and a brand name. Expect the amount of lawsuits to go up over the next 24 months, may mean the end for HTC and other "smaller" companies now.