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    Htpc Upgrade Ponderings

    Thanks for having a look. I just popped the side open and I'm currently running 4 SATA devices, so would immediately use all the ports. I've got an SSD, two large storage HDDs and a SATA bluray drive. It would be nice to have some spare SATA ports, but I don't think I can justify the price jump up to the original H97 board just for that. Considering Asus allow overcooking on their H81 boards as well, this one seems like a bit of a bargain.
  2. discoInferno

    Htpc Upgrade Ponderings

    I just found this motherboard which has a sinlge PCIe 16x slot and 3 PCIe 1x slots for only $69. The double wide GPU cooler will hang over one of the 1x slots, but that still leaves two spare for tuner cards. The chipset obviously doesn't have all the features of the H97, but it has the slots I need and an adequate number of SATA ports, USB ports, etc. Seems like a winner. CPU - G3258 - $75 Mobo - Asus H81M-Plus - $69 Tuner - 2 x Avermedia Twinstar - $150 ($75 each) Total - $294 Is there anything obvious I'm missing by going to such a basic chipset?
  3. discoInferno

    Htpc Upgrade Ponderings

    I welcome all spitballing. This whole thread is spitballing! I think I'm leaning towards the 3258 as well. It seems silly to not use the 7770 when it's already sitting here and from what I can tell it will provide better performance than the integrated GPU in a Kaveri chip. Reviews seem to show the Kaveri quads are ok at encoding, maybe even better than the 3258, but that's a bit of a one time activity. I'd be more disappointed if the gaming capability were reduced, than I would be waiting a bit longer for a video to encode. And realistically, either will be better than my existing G540. Have I convinced myself yet?
  4. discoInferno

    Htpc Upgrade Ponderings

    Indeed they would. :) If I'd thought things through a bit more a year ago I probably would have gone ATX in the most compact case I could find, but alas. mATX is cheaper which is nice but in this situation just not quite flexible enough. My requirements have just changed over time. Let's say I did go with the 3258, do you feel that's a better alternative than the kaveri route?
  5. discoInferno

    Htpc Upgrade Ponderings

    It is hooked up to a TV but I don't want to flick back and forward between inputs. Wife acceptance is currently high and if i added the extra complication it would surely drop off. I probably didn't stress it enough but I do some gaming on this machine too. Not new release AAA stuff but older things like Just Cause 2 or older GTAs amongst general indie titles. This is at 1080p and it handles it well. I think I really have the wrong mobo for my current requirements. I originally had a PCI tuner but had issues so swapped to PCIe but now don't have enough slots for a second.
  6. discoInferno

    Htpc Upgrade Ponderings

    That Asrock board you linked is very similar to the one I currently have (the slot layout is identical) and unfortunately the GPU won't fit in the top slot. I've got it all in a TJ08E and I don't know if its because of the rotated board layout or not, but the GPU clashes with the PSU in that slot. That's why it's currently in the bottom slot leaving only a single pcie slot free. I hear what you're saying about the USB tuners. I've always preferred internal for neatness in the lounge but I DO already have a USB WiFi dongle. You'd think a single dual tuner would be enough but my wife loves Simpsons and Big Bang more than is natural, and both of these are essentially on 24/7. With these always recording, it then leaves nothing to just generally watch live TV.
  7. I built a HTPC a while ago and have been using it as our main entertainment hub quite successfully. It's not the most powerful or most energy efficient, but it does both pretty well, has a high wife acceptance factor and games quite reasonably for what I want. Currently it's built around a Celeron G540 in an mATX mobo, with a Sapphire 7770 GPU and a single card dual tuner. Recently the tuner card took a dive when our toaster threw out the earth switch, and I thought it would be a convenient time to buy two dual tuners to alleviate some of the recording clashes. Problem the first though was a lack of spare PCIe slots. The GPU cooler also takes up two slots. No worries, lets grab a new mobo with some extra PCIe slots. Problem the second was the G540 is the older 1155 socket so I have a very limited number of mobos to choose from and none of them have enough PCIe slots. Ok, so that means an upgrade to an 1150 socket mobo and a matching CPU upgrade. The parts list reads something like... CPU - G3258 - $75 Mobo - Asus H97M-E - $115 Tuner - 2 x Avermedia Twinstar - $150 ($75 each) Total - $344 This is a good bit more than I really wanted to spend when I'd originally just planned to just buy an extra tuner. The mobo is definitely overkill for what I need, but it's the cheapest one I can find that has enough room for a dual slot GPU cooler and still have two spare PCIe 1x slots. The alternative would be to go to an AMD Kaveri platform and ditch the GPU altogether. Something like a more expensive A8 7600 and a more basic mobo. I guess I'd also need to grab some faster RAM. My gut feel though is that while this would give me more cores and a more advanced CPU architecture, raw processing power would be pretty similar and graphics capability would be significantly less than using the discrete 7770. It also seems silly to ditch the 7770 which is already sitting here and working great. Less power consumption would be nice though. I'm pretty much set on the Intel plan, but does anyone have other ideas? Would the G3258 at stock speed still be a better choice than the AMD alternative?
  8. discoInferno


    Well this is new and exciting. Its been months since I've been on and now I'm a little scared. My profile pic seems to have reverted to an OLD one as well but there you go hey. Onward and upward!
  9. discoInferno

    Grid Autosport

    What are people's thoughts on this? Has anyone bought or played it yet? It's on steam now for $50. store.steampowered.com/app/255220 The reviews seem kind of mixed. General complaints seem to focus on AI and lack of depth in the career mode. All I really want is a Grid 1 experience with split screen multiplayer so I can race my wife on our HTPC. This seems to fit the bill but not sure its worth $50 just to get the split screen.
  10. discoInferno

    Cyclone ITA

    Not much going on in Cairns. Been a bit windy and rainy on and off all day but not much really. Work closed up at lunch time so I've been sitting around doing not a great deal since then. Yard is tidy and everything is in the garage. We've just opened our first bottle of wine and I've cracked a cider so I guess we'll just continue the waiting. Looking at the BOM it seems like by the time it gets to us it'll be a cat 1 or 2 at worst, and not until some time tomorrow lunch time. Waiting waiting... I like this wind speed map. You can move it ahead to see the forecast speeds every 3 hours which I can't seem to find on the BOM.
  11. Update! Got this installed tonight. When I got to the dpkg step of installing the LPR and CUPS driver in the terminal it hit a snag. I can't remember what the exact message was, but it said something about being unable to create the directories required. I'm not sure if this was some kind of permissions problem (I was using sudo), but I got around it by manually creating the directories myself with mkdir. Once I created the few directories it errored on, the rest of the install went smoothly. I then opened locahost:631 in my browser and clicked on "add printer" and I got a forbidden error. When I clicked on "manage printers" though, the new brother was already listed! It won't let me modify the admin settings (just tells me forbidden) but a test print works and printing from applications works fine as well. I'd like to know why I can't modify the admin settings, but the fact that I can now print using default settings at least is great. :)
  12. That's awesome. Thanks for the effort getting that together. I haven't got back to it yet but I'll be doing it over the weekend and this will certainly help. I'll let you know how I go!
  13. Even that much will give me a start. I'll go back through the CUPS instructions and see how far I get. I'll post backwith a more specific question if I need to. I tried Lububtu for a bit but steered away from XFCE as I was trying to keep it as light as possible. In general its all been good but from time to time I come across something which should be easy and discover its really not. Its more me learning as I go along than anything else.
  14. I installed CrunchBang on an old netbook to give it a bit of life a few months ago and its been great. Way lighter and faster than the old XP install it had before, battery life has improved and it's easy enough to navigate that I'm actually using the thing. I've installed a few bits and pieces using the package manager and was generally feeling pretty happy with myself. Until tonight that is when I decided I needed to be able to print to my network printer... CrunchBang has a printer management interface, and can see the printer on the network, so that's a positive. When I try to install the printer it gets hard though. There don't seem to be any easy drivers I can use as when the manager does a search my model isn't listed, and a few of the more generic ones I've tried don't want to work. I did some googling and found the debian drivers I need for the printer (it's a Brother HL-3150CDN). I understand that I need an LPR driver and a CUPS driver (I'm not sure what that means, but I think I need both) and I've downloaded both of them so they're sitting in the user downloads folder. The installation instructions though go WAY over my head. There's instructions for the LPR and CUPS separately but they both refer to each other and I just don't understand what I'm being asked to do. If an atomican Linux wizard can try to give me the dumb version I would be eternally grateful. Thanks all!
  15. discoInferno

    PC No Longer Booting

    Well its working again. Was definitely not turning on when I got home. Switched it all off, reseated the RAM and GPU, cleaned out the dust and spider webs, checked all the caps (they were fine), turned it back on and it fired straight up. I don't know if it was anything I did or just the full discharge of the PSU that did it, but its working again for the time being. I've had dying PSUs is the past that needed a full discharge in order to boot a system so I'm a little suspicious but I'm happy to see how it goes for now. Fingers crossed for a successful boot in the morning.