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    New Build for work colleague

    The speakers.You have this beast of a computer and then go with the cheapest speakers ever? Perhaps you could get a cheaper mobo, as I always thought the only reason to spend a bit on the mobo was if you WERE going to overclock and you said he wasn't. Also, what is the purpose of the build? Mainly day to day tasks/gaming? or more specialised tasks? I only ask because I'd heard that the performance benefits of the 2600 over the 2500 were negligible for gaming and really only made a difference for things like 3D rendering or Audio/Video encoding. I'd also let him select his own mouse/keyboard as that's a personal preference type thing.
  2. chunky18887

    Learning to drive laws across states

    This is a restriction on NSW licences, not on all licences while driving in NSW. This tripped me up too, as I was on my NSW red P plates which had a speed restriction of 90km/h, but I was in QLD so I figured that I should be following their rules and was going ~105km/h in a 110 zone. Unfortunately I was pulled over by the cops for speeding, and informed that the speed restriction was part of my licence apparently and wasn't dependent on WHERE I was driving. So the only licence restrictions you'd need to follow would be whatever you're following now while in QLD. This one I'm not sure about, just to be safe you could pop in to the first RTA across the border, and grab some L-Plates. They usually have a big pile of them, as well as P plates, for people to take as needed. At least they did 3~4 years ago.
  3. chunky18887

    Bad Company 2

    Mine does this about once a month. No amount of updating punkbuster or any other 'fixes' will solve the problem. It just seems to resolve itself after a day or so. I really hope this 2.6GB patch they're rolling out fixes this problem. Well, it looks like it hasn't solved the problem. If anything it has made it worse. I've had nothing but trouble trying to get in a game for the past couple of days.
  4. chunky18887

    Bad Company 2

    Mine does this about once a month. No amount of updating punkbuster or any other 'fixes' will solve the problem. It just seems to resolve itself after a day or so. I really hope this 2.6GB patch they're rolling out fixes this problem.
  5. chunky18887

    Best 2.1 home theatre system

    Is this the model you were looking for? Sony HT-IS100 I got my mate a set really cheap through a sony promo when I used to work retail. Definitely wouldn't have paid full price for them, but for the price he paid they're a brilliant piece of kit.
  6. chunky18887

    Man, how I wish this was the policy in EVERY cinema!

    I'll have my phone on silent and when I do get a text or call I'll check my phone like those poker players check their cards, because I do realise how annoying a random bright light can be during the movie. That being said, I usually sit at the back so there's no one behind me to be distracted by the light.
  7. chunky18887

    Work bonuses

    What did you do? Why are you being punished?
  8. chunky18887

    boxee box for b'day present

    The AppleTV2 is a great solution, especially for only $130. BUT, be aware that it will only output 720p. Using XBMC it will decode 1080p content, but will downscale it to display 720p, and from what I've read, this limitation is hardware based and isn't able to be changed.
  9. For future reference is the number you should call.Youtube link to IT crowd emergency number bit
  10. Ha ha ha, OK you've got me there. But I'm not trying to win a Pulitzer here, just trying to convey my thoughts while avoiding typing out a wall of text. Obviously something is wrong with the education system if the school leavers of 10 years ago had the required knowledge to start, and finish, an apprenticeship. Whereas the school leavers of today don't even have the basic knowledge to start an apprenticeship.
  11. This topic reminds me of this [youtube link] It amazes me how many people can't do basic maths, and will reach for a calculator when multiplying single digit numbers. Also at the same time, the amount of people that can't spell anything either. I think it has to do with this 'everyone is a special flower' and 'don't say anything negative to a child' way of education that is being used these days. I have a friend doing her teaching degree and spending some time at a preschool/kindergarten and she's not allowed to say 'No' or 'Don't' or 'Stop' or anything that could be considered negative when talking to the children. So you've got some little shit throwing toys all over the room and you are supposed to appeal to his moral compass? Come on. I know I worked a lot harder in school when teachers called me out on stuff, rather when they gave me half hearted encouragement.
  12. chunky18887

    Maybe I really don't hear what my wife says.

    I think my brain was trying to fight it, because whenever the visuals was the 'far sequence' it would go 'far' fbar' 'bar' for me.
  13. chunky18887

    Headphone Review, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

    Is there a reason you went for the Pro edition over the standard version? As far as I know the only difference is the clamping force, how tight they are on your head. With the Pro ones being tighter to give more isolation from outside noise. But as they are tighter, I've heard people can't wear them for extended periods of time without getting a headache.
  14. chunky18887

    I really need to finish my games

    I find myself playing games right up until the final boss, then I'll take a break and never come back to it. I played through Metroid Prime 3 times before I actually beat the game. Otherwise I'll stop playing halfway through, then come back a few weeks later, forget where I was going/what I was doing and restart. There are exceptions though, when DKCR came out, I smashed through that in a couple of days.
  15. chunky18887

    Senheiser headphones recommendations please.

    Everything under half price? Get a heap of pairs of HD800s, then sell them on head-fi for a profit. Last I checked, the retail was like $2400, so you get them for <$1200, then decide on your own profit margin when selling. Considering they go for about $1400 in the US, this could be a good chance to get your hustle on. Also Just checked and it's been moved to Thursday apparently.