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  1. Hi guys i am looking at buying a NAS both for backup and storage for the home. the one i am looking at already has 7x1TB WD HDD's in it. in my house i have 2 routers on different netwoks.

    My question is can i plug that into my outer and and be able to map a drive to the ip address that i assign it or is it only good over the same network?

    any ideas about this would be appreciated.




  2. Good on you :)


    Does this mean you'll be doing IT in the military? That's kinda cool.



    Yeh ive been an Military Engineer for the past 10 years so i thought it was time for a change.


    Darn it, I am in Sydney.


    Oh well, have a few extras in my stead.


    i will im sure of it especially if ya drink wild turkey!


    Congrats. That's actually one of the few decent industry qualifications you can do.


    awsome thats good to hear, i dare say i will get some good experience setting up networks from Afganistan lol

  3. Hey team Atomic,


    To all those that have completed CCNA a tribute to you all, to those that have done CCNP i kneel at your feel and those of you with CCIE i look up at you in aww like a star.

    anyhow i just completed CCNA with a 97% average (wooo hooo), now i dont know how it's done on civi street but in the military (same course and exams taught by Box Hill) we learn a chapter

    one day and do the chapter exam the next morning with the final theory and practicle at the end of each modual. This for a person that a year ago thought that anything to do with networks must just be magic.

    So as you can imagine the past 8 months has been doin my head in.


    So tonight is party time drinks are on me :))

  4. I have finally managed to talk the minister for finance into letting me spend More money on my PC. i have ordered an EVGA X58 Classified that was almost 3 week ago and still every time i either call or email anyone in australia about an eta they tell me they dont know whats going on but there are none in australia and there is no ETA on them. can anyone tell me where i can get one or why it is taking so long to get some from Evga?


    thanks in advance Madz.

  5. It's useage is totally optional.


    The following is from overclock3d.net:


    Another neat feature of the Classified, and perhaps one most appealing to the extreme overclockers using LN2/DICE will be the ability to supply up to 600W to the CPU. This is done by using an additional 8 pin12v+ EPS connector which along with the digital PWM should ensure the cleanest possible power delivery to your silicon. While I cannot see this feature being neccesary to anyone but the extreme clockers it is certainly a welcome addition which may tempt watercoolers to take that extra step into the wonderfull world of liquid Nitrogen.


    Awsome out of all the reviews ive read i hadn't come accross that. Feeewwwwwww was thinking that i would have to replace the PSU as well.


    im still in the process of seeing weather i need a complete new cpu waterblock or can i just get the Swiftech Apogee GTX/GTZ **i7 Clips** [sW5] and add it to the swiftech block i already have?



  6. ok ive finially taken some advice you all may have given the other day about why buy a new 780i MB and Q9650 when i could just get an i7 920 for cheeper.

    well ive taken your advice and got an evga X58 classified and an i7 920, here come the problem:

    the X58 takes 2x8 pin connections on the MB i have this psu


    that only has 1x 8 pin, but it has 3x 8 pin PCIe connections that are also 12V can i use one of them as my second 12V connection for the MB?


    thanks in advance Madz.

  7. Got a spare GPU? have any ddr2 ram laying around?


    I owned the XFX version of this board and had this error about 3 months in. poped the GPU in the 2nd slot and performed a BOIS update fixed the problem was a solid overclocker too.

    i have tryed the other 9800 and that still didnt work and have tryed different ram and still nothing. as for the bios it has the latest bios in it or do you recon re-flashing it anyways?


    why on earth would you buy a 780i mobo and q9650 brand new when there are the i7's going probably cheaper and most support SLi and CF?

    i think it was just so i could save on not having to buy new ram, lernt a valuable lesson there didn't i!

  8. Hi Folks, finally received my new M/B and processor 780i & Q9650. after puting it all togeather and switching it on all the lights come on and it gets as far as post code 26 (clock gen, init onboard clock generator and sensor) where i receive a long beep and it continues on to 7F (POST error check, check post error and display them and ask for user intervention)

    nothing comes on the monitor and thats as far as i get. after some investigation and means of elimination i removed all but i Ram stick and one GPU still nothing till i placed the GPU into slot 2.

    with the GPU in slot 2 i get a post but it tells me that i need to move the GPU into slot 1, but when i move it back nothing again.

    i have tried clearing cmos, trying different GPU, moving ram around trying different stick, still nothing.


    i am using a ZOTAC 780i M/B, Q9650, corsair 8500 1G, water cooling, 9800GTX, coolmaster 1200W,


    does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem and how to fix it please im at wits end.


    cheerz in advance Madz.

  9. for some reason this arvo i had my computer freeze up and after reboot i no longer have a D drive (dvd/cd rom) ive tried reinstalling the drivers off the net but to no avail.


    is there something that i need to do to get it back. ive also tried system restore with no success. ive gone into the device manager and it shows it there but says error code 39 and i can seem to be able to find how to fix it.


    could somebody please tell me how or where to go to fix this please.


    cheerz Madz.

  10. Basically I currently have an EVGA750i, a 9800GTX and have kind of recently purchased a Bravia 40" X panel and want to know if I would be better off


    a) getting a second 9800GTX for SLI


    b) getting a new fangle 280 or 4870


    c) neither and just keep using my asus 22"



    It would be cool to play far cry 2 on the big screen so max performance is neccesary...

    9800GTX SLI sounds like a winner, a mate of mine has an E8500 overclocked to 4.2 24/7, and 2 9800GTX+'s and he gets nearly 80000 in 3dmark 03. and I think about 20000 in 06. And playing games on HD LCD TV's is pimp.. I often do that.




    +1 i have a Q9300 @3.5 and 9800gtx in sli and i get 82000 in 3d03 and around 18K in 06 i only use a 24" monitor