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  1. SimonSS

    What of Atomic?

    Wow, seems like forever since I've been to this site. It would appear that unlike many here, I had once engaged with but moved on from the forums, yet continued my subscription all this time. Atomic was always my way of keeping up to date with the latest tech even though I haven't built a gaming machine for years. Needless to say, I was gutted by the news confronting me on page 1 of issue 143, however I do look forward to seeing what will be made of the possibilities presented by this new venture! And on that point, I do have one question (apologies if it has already been covered) : I understand that current subscriptions will roll over, but what of auto-renewals? All the best :-)
  2. Not against a tax per se, but why can't we just tax per mL of ethanol used for drinking purposes? Whether it's in beer, wine, alcopops, spirits or otherwise seems irrelevant to me.
  3. SimonSS

    Is this an accurate depiction of maths?

    Nothing about it is untrue, at least as far as consensus goes. However, more importantly, given that everything is pitched at a high school level, it can be safely ignored without consequence.
  4. SimonSS

    I or myself

    I find this a very interesting question because my initial linguistic analysis would tell me that because "myself" is a reflexive pronoun, it is only suitable if you have already mentioned yourself* (at a clausal level). However I find that in formal usage this approach is not only acceptable but almost to the point of being expected. To that end I would suggest it's not incorrect to use "myself", but to use "me" is probably the least objectionable. Anyone that would suggest "I" as suitable in this situation is stuck somewhere in the realm of several hundred years ago; I would wager that it is entirely inappropriate in modern usage. *"yourself" is also a reflexive pronoun; my usage of it is suitable given that I had already mentioned you. :P linx: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflexive_pronoun
  5. I was doing an exam at the time, I guess that sort of counts.
  6. SimonSS

    How maths people...

    I'm assuming you want a brute force derivation? It's fairly easy to prove using induction.
  7. Fuckin' magnets, how do they work? ..okay, too easy
  8. SimonSS

    Today's One Day International

    Interesting/distressing observation about cricket in Australia in general - the crowd attendances, to me at least, seem to be dwindling for the ODIs year by year. Last night there didn't look to be more than 10,000 people, although apparently it was closer to 20,000. Still a pretty poor effort for the MCG. AND the vast majority of them were Sri Lankan. Well... I know why I'm not going tomorrow - tickets are far too expensive. Does everyone share this view or are there other reasons?
  9. SimonSS

    Today's One Day International

    Greatest 9th wicket partnership in the history of ODIs -- kudos for that! Who'd have thought Australia would ever have such a rubbish cricket team?
  10. SimonSS


    What about Omiga (where the 'o' is as in 'dog')?
  11. SimonSS

    Abortion couple not guilty

    I suspect this is a case of jury nullification. Good thing, too.
  12. SimonSS

    Oh banks

    CBA is supposedly introducing "pending transactions" on Netbank which will show up the instant you make a transaction. Still yet to see it on mine though. I only use my credit card when I pay with paypal and all payments are received instantly by the seller (into their paypal account, anyway - unsure about withdrawals).
  13. SimonSS

    Grand Final Replay

    There's nothing worse than seeing a happy Collingwood supporter.
  14. SimonSS

    Grand Final Replay

    Saints to win! Echo your sentiments re: the transmission. With 7mate and now GEM, there's a lot lacking in the HD sports department now :-(