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    Acer Iconia A500

    Had one for a few weeks. It's much better than I expected. The only problem is the glossy screen but a good screen protector will fix that. I'm going to install urukdroid and see how it goes.
  2. The better quality tablets have capacitive touchscreens whereas the cheaper ones generally have resistive screens. I'm using an Acer A500 at the moment and it's not a bad piece of kit, much better than I thought it would be. They are a more than $200 new but I picked up a second-hand one for $250.
  3. hrh

    HTPC build

    The Antec NSK2480B is a good case. Nice and quiet and good value for money. I've put together a couple of HTPCs using an Antec NSK2480B case.
  4. hrh

    these made me laugh

    The first and especially the second one made me laugh. The third one, I thought, was really wacky.
  5. hrh

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Adele Deluxe Edition, Great
  6. hrh

    Is everyone OK?

    That was a very tragic episode of 'Australian Story' a few nights ago featuring the founder of RU-OK day. Made me realise how lucky I am.
  7. hrh

    Stonehenge in Australia

    This just conjured up images of drunken people wearing brown robes pissing on the stones. I am sure some local kids have already done it for free. Honestly, if I ever happened to be driving near Esperance, I would totally drop in for a look. Being as it's on private property within cooee of the owners house and surrounded by electric fences - I'm not sure how easily that would be done... they've publicly stated that no druidic ceremonies would be allowed on the property..... that's not to say someone won't attempt it if the owners are ever away. A bunch of Druids giving it the seal of approval would be the go, I reckon.
  8. hrh

    What Are You Cooking?

    Lambs fry and bacon casserole. Been years since I made it last.
  9. hrh

    Just got me a TV .

    Great program but that is one seriously f****d up family.
  10. hrh

    Google Books

    Thanks for the heads up, looks interesting.
  11. hrh

    2 for 1 laptops...

    Bugger, how am I going to sell my AMD lappy for a decent price now?
  12. Get the cheapest board to suit your purpose because in no time, as with most electronic parts, it will be worth zilch anyway.
  13. I can understand Apple banning the app in the good ol US of A but not for us antipodeans.
  14. There was a young lady from China Who mistook for her mouth her vagina. Her clitoris huge She covered with rouge And lipsticked her labia minor.