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  1. whitef4lc0n

    HD4890 problems

    they both work fine when apart, but not together.
  2. whitef4lc0n

    HD4890 problems

    Yea i got em plugged in, i narrowed it down to either a shoddy PSU, Motherboard incompatbility or graphics card faulty.
  3. whitef4lc0n

    HD4890 problems

    it does work in another pc....maybe a bios update? i dunno, i just thought that a kinda highend board would support it.
  4. whitef4lc0n

    HD4890 problems

    Yea, ive pulled it out and re-seated it a few times, also tried it in the other pci-e slots...same results
  5. Hey guys, just got a new mobo for my compy, (Gigabyte EP45-DS4P) to add to my current setup (4gb corsair 800mhz, E8500). The problem being that when i plug my His HD4890 into the computer the three red error lights on the underside light-up. My psu is a corsair 620w It works fine on my other computer...anyone got any input> thanks if anyone can help.
  6. whitef4lc0n

    Recommend me a video card for a Dell Optiplex 960

    i think there are still a few floating around
  7. whitef4lc0n

    Vintage computing

  8. whitef4lc0n

    A dog's tale.

    Even if it was on the inside, the dogs tail is still part of the spine, so it would still be in a fair amount of pain.
  9. whitef4lc0n

    The optimist in me is dying.

    I guess when i find that im heading down that same path i have to put it further and further to the back of my mind, otherwise it makes the situation worse. I guess it could just be me, but being down/depressead makes someone act in a way that really deters people from wanting to be around you.
  10. whitef4lc0n

    Michael Jackson

    im using this one XD
  11. Bet all of todays cards will be worth about half of their asking price then. :(
  12. whitef4lc0n

    Getting back in sync

    Hobo's are noble, gentle creatures.
  13. whitef4lc0n

    My First PC Build

    Gosh, murder a tree why dont you. :p
  14. whitef4lc0n

    Crysis Warhead Support SLI?

    I get the same, albeit only when MSN is running for some reason
  15. whitef4lc0n

    Epson Non-genuine cartridge

    Whats the verdict on having it 'professionally' refilled?