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  1. Looking at pulling the trigger on a new car. Narrowed it down to the Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i30. I'm not going to post all the specs for comparison. Just wondering if anyone in the Atomic world would like to throw their 5 cents (rounded up) in - I'd appreciate it. Testimonials (lol "testi") and horror stories both welcome!! Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks, 'conversion' only, and not a lot of processes open simultaneously - so I'm thinking 8gb will be plenty. Yeah Dasa - I did notice the relatively small price difference to go the ivy bridge, that was a main factor of it having preference over the 2500k. As for budget, the items I've listed come to a total of about $630 - $650 .... and I'm thinking that will be about the limit of the budget - gotta keep the "minister for finance" / misses happy. Thanks guys, you think this will be a nice combination of hardware/zippy gaming machine??
  3. Hi Everyone, Want to re-build, this is what I've got: CPU - Q6600 MOBO - Asus Striker II VIDEO - Radeon 6950 RAM - 4gb DDR2 vanilla/stock PSU - SilverStone 1000W CASE - Haf X (awesome case btw) This is what I've got in mind (please share your thoughts): CPU - Intel Core i5 3570K ...... or ..... 2500K need your opinions on this <--- MOBO - ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard VIDEO - Same as above RAM - Corsair DDR3 8gb 1600 (2 x 4gb) PSU - Same as above CASE - Same as above and with this build I'll throw in a SSD (Kingston HyperX 120GB) for windows and a few games. PC is basically used by me for games, media, occasional video converting, por...never mind. Mostly games though (BF3 and the like). Please let me know what you think. Thanks, -Natto.
  4. natto

    Keyboard cleaning.

    Brilliant! the imagery of you sucking every available drop from between the keys...ahhh maybe all your mates at the AA meetings will know a solution ;)
  5. Haha, yeah probably over-kill, but I spend $109 and know I'll have no issues for a while...peace of mind I guess.
  6. First of all – I apologise for the length of this post – but I’m bored at work!!  7 Stages of grief…nerd style. Worry: Turn old faithful on … got to desktop…then complete lock up (cursor and everything, no alt+ctrl+del either). Anger: Turn off, clear CMOS, fresh boot … nothing! No boot, no beep, only power. Frustration: Repeated attempts to boot the now very expensive paper weight! Well I say “paper weight”, that would be a little impractical – more like “door stop” – it IS in a HAF-X case. Dismay: As I realise that I’m going to have to buy a new Mobo and because I’m still on the aging Asus formula striker 2 (with a Q6600 CPU) – I’m going to have to get a new CPU and RAM too!! Argh – right at the time of year when money is at it’s tightest. I hate to admit it but I did turn to my girlfriend at this point and utter the letters “FML”, argh I know, I know – I felt dirty after that and had a shower. I went on to tell her that we’d be a bit tight for cash for the next couple of weeks as I’m going to have to spend a couple of hundred from my next pay to replace these parts. Girlfriend says: “you can take my laptop and use that…” I say: “Thanks honey, but I think your 4 year old laptop MAY have a little trouble running battlefield 3”. Now this is the interesting part… Excitement: < --- Yes that is not a typo, I became a little excited as I realised I’d be going to new Z68 mobo, DDR3 ram and core i5 2500 (or similar)….even with the financial woes in my mind – I couldn’t help but be excited! As a last ditch effort I took out all but one stick of RAM. Computer boots perfectly!! Put in a second stick of RAM. Computer boots perfectly!! Thought it must have been my third and final stick of RAM which was faulty, makes sense right?!?! Well just to confirm my theory I put in the third stick expecting it to not boot, and yes you guessed it – BOOTS PERFECTLY!! I conclude that a stick of RAM must have come loose somehow… Then my girlfriend tells me “oh, ahhh, yeah – about that – I may or may not have knocked the computer when I was cleaning today….I knocked it pretty hard too”. Relief: I realise my bank account is safe for now. Now this is the messed up part… DISAPPOINTMENT: Yes I was so disappointed that the computer was booting perfectly as I really wanted to HAVE to spend the money on a new rig. I wouldn’t have CHOSEN to spend hundreds on it, it would have been forced on me. This was me: Worry > Anger > Frustration > Dismay > Excitement > Relief > Disappointment This was my GF: Apathy > Apathy > Apathy > Apathy > Apathy > Guilt > Apathy So at this point, I can imagine an increasingly angry moderator reading this “war and peace” sized post and realising … this isn’t about “building/trouble shooting OR modding”. So to counter that – this little experience has made me wonder what parts I would get if my rig was to die…I’ve come up with the following (all from PC case gear): Mobo: ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 Motherboard $179 Cpu: Intel Core i5 2500K (or similar) $235 Ram: Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 $109 Psu: Already have a 1000W Silverstone Gpu: Already have a Radeon HD6950 HDD: Already have about 2.5 terabytes (maybe throw in a SSD) And keep all other peripherals and the like… How does that look? (bearing in mind that I’m not an overclocker, I know the core i5 2500K is aimed at overclocking, so is there a better suggestion?) Congratulations if you got this far. *The prize offered in the topic description is a sham.
  7. Hi all, So to wrap things up for this thread, we downloaded the newest Beta driver from Geforce.com and it seems to have fixed the freezing issue for now. So I'll chalk that up as a "win". Would like to thank everyone for their help - especially Nuke Jockey for his input re: the GTX560 / BF3 issue. Cheers.
  8. Sorry tantryl - I kinda just looked like a scared little girl jumping to those conclusions, didn't I?!! haha. I'm at work at the moment (yes I'm on here during work time shuddup haha) so I'm not sure of the exact model number or anything. Thanks NukeJockey, that's eased my mind a little...Definitely have the latest drivers from geforce.com I will look in to underclocking the GPU, I hope you're right. Will get let you know how it goes. Any other advice/suggestions welcome!
  9. Oh feck!! So you're suggesting the 500W isn't big enough for the system!?!? Is "freezing" after a couple minutes of play conducive to a "lack" of power? I'll have to return it soon then, looks like the store he bought it from has a 7 day return policy. IF that is the issue - how big do you suppose we go?
  10. Alright thank you Cleadge, we're both at work today - so we'll load up single player and see how that goes, also try a smaller server. If all that fails - I guess the next step would be an OS upgrade. I did explain to him that upgrading a PC NEVER goes smoothly haha.
  11. Ok so he ended up getting the GTX560, and an Antec 500W PSU. Loaded up BF3 and everything was great - smooth - nice resolution ... played for about 10 minutes then BAM!! Freeze. Loaded it up again, played for a couple of minutes, same thing - freeze. Can anyone offer some advice? I'll put my 2cents worth in and suggest that maybe it's a RAM issue? He does have 4 gig in the system (which is what's recommended by EA for BF3). We were thinking of putting 2x4gb, 8gb total, (did that equation in my head btw, no big thing), of RAM...........but that begs the question - his 32bit operating system wouldn't use 8gb or RAM would it??? So he would need to upgrade to 64bit windows to properly use the 8gb of RAM?? Clear as mud. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Aliali, Yeah I had a bad feeling as soon as I opened up the case and saw that CPU... Ok so here is a bit more info: CPU: Intel core 2 quad cpu Q8400 @ 2.66GHz RAM: 4.00gb (this would just be generic/basic ram I’d say) O/S: Windows 7 32bit Well we can get another Power Supply no worries – and they’re relatively cheap – plus I’ll just steal his 230Watt for my Media Server PC!! Waste not want not and all that…haha
  13. Hi all, My friend bought Battlefield 3, but he is struggling to run it on his Geforce GT 220. He is willing to spend about $220 on a video card - if it means he'll get smooth play on BF3. So I did some poking around his PC and his motherboard is a: Gigabyte GA-G41MT-ES2L http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-p...spx?pid=3471#ov He is looking at getting Geforce GTX 560 (BF3 recommended videocard on website/system requirements) http://www.skycomp.com.au/item/Asus-GF-GTX...8MHz--2x-Dual-L My questions are; Would these two components work to give him a "decent" BF3 experience? and Is 230Watt Power supply enough to run the system? Thank you in advance...!!
  14. No it won't be doing any complex tasks, just media sharing. Thanks for your advice guys, much appreciated.