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  1. VLC just refused to play it, just spat back errors about unrecognised formats. EDIT: for me that is.
  2. yeah, i was aware of the licensing restrictions in place. might acquire a copy of nero and see how i go.
  3. Yeah, daemon tools wasnt a huge issue, i cant remember the last time i used it anyway. the main annoyance is having to change all my monitor settings if i want to watch a movie though. THAT is the annoying part. Im going to see if nero has bluray support yet, might be worth a shot.
  4. Fixed it!! used the Kaspersky removal tool to get rid of EVERYTHING and the problem has gone away. just got to see if re-installing it brings the problem back.... :S
  5. Ive done plenty of laptop fresh installs, so Im aware of just how fiddly and picky they can be with drivers, Ive just never seen this problem ever, let alone on a laptop. Im re-installing kaspersky now, see if the problem is related to that, if not I cant think of anything else. the laptop has a LOT of software programs installed, but nothing has been installed recently, or done updates that the client is aware of. strangely enough, i tried to do a chkdsk /r on it, and when i rebooted, it didnt do it, so im going to grab the windows disc and run it from the recovery console..... EDIT: the broken NDIS miniport driver is still throwing back an error, and the unknown devices are still there. this is getting frustrating.
  6. doesnt have a fingerprint scanner that i can see. reinstalled the card reader drivers - no dice. also updated the chipset drivers with the latest ones from the intel website - no dice.
  7. reinstalled the chipset drivers using the ones from the toshiba website - no dice. all the appropriate USB root devices seem to be there. also confirmed that the laptop doesnt have an ATI video card, so i dont know why that UDI program linked above detected one? still having problems with the kaspersky NDIS drivers too. one of the devices has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. havent found anything helpful as of yet, im going to try a reinstall of kaspersky once i get the clients account details and see what that does. I gave the PC a clean out with Ccleaner, and it didnt really find much, a couple of hundred registry problems and that was it :S about to run a chkdsk /r and see if that helps with the problem, doubt it will, but it certainly wont hurt.
  8. This will do nicely used to use it all the time when I was a bench tech back in the day. Laptop or Desktop? laptop. toshiba satelite pro m300 i ran that tool, and it spat back 3 unkown devices, one a microsoft UAA driver (for the sound device on an ATI HD34xx series card), another was the motherboard chipset, and the last was an ATI 3400 (i think) series card, which i dont think this laptop has, as its got, and using the on board intel controller.......
  9. Ive got a clients computer here, and its having a problem i have never seen before, and its stumped me. device manager show at least 10 - 15 unknown devices, it also had an error for one of the NDIS drivers for Kaspersky (which i think i have fixed). Anyone seen something like this before?? Im going to give it a scan with crap cleaner and check for updates to see if that helps at all, but im not hopefull. anyone got any ideas as to wahts causing this? any help would be appreciated, as google hasnt turned up anything helpfull yet.
  10. Spider-Man

    M4A88TD-M RAID woes

    yeah, I had done that. I found the problem though - an Ethernet card I had installed had a boot ROM, and it was mucking with the RAID configuration tool. I installed a different PCI Ethernet card and its worked a treat
  11. Right, Ive build a pretty basic server for a client based around an Asus M4A88TD-M motherboard, and I'm putting in a RAID 1 array for redundancy (no, its not for backups, just so if a drive fails they wont be without a server), but I'm having a hard time getting it working. Ive set the controller to RAID mode for ports 1 - 4 (which have the two drives I want in the mirror attached), and 5 -6 as IDE (for the optical drive), but I'm not being prompted to hit Ctrl + F to enter the RAID configuration utility. Setting all ports to RAID mode does nothing either. Thinking it was a BIOS issue, I re-flashed it to the latest version, and still nothing. the included RAIDXpert utility on the disc doesn't pick up anything (presumably because you cant get into windows with the ports set to anything but AHCI or IDE). I'm just stumped as to what could be the cause. its a brand new motherboard and everything. Anyone else got any ideas??
  12. Spider-Man

    The Great Atomic Camera Brand Poll

    ZOMG f0.95 is ridiculous!! that thing would surely weigh a tonne!
  13. Spider-Man

    A reliable aussie site

    I bought a motherboard online from umart milton years ago, had to RMA it and it took nearly 3 months to come back. would never shop with them again. as everyone else has said, PCCG is the way to go. Hate to slef-plug myself, but I work from LiveFire (though our website is down atm). we ship straight from our supplier (who has branches in all mojor cities except darwin, hobart, and canberra), and our prices are as cheap as we can afford to make them. do you find it hard to compete with the bigger online companies? I just looked at your bx2440 samsung lcd screen for $297. i bought mine in sydney over 6 months ago for $249 at itestate. Yeah, some of the bigger retailers prices are at or below our cost price, which sucks balls, but our shipping rates tend to be a lot cheaper for bigger, bulky items (cases especially). having said that, our online store isnt our main source of income, we are primarily computer repairers, and we also operate an internet cafe, so its not really a problem if we dont make huge sales
  14. Spider-Man

    The Great Atomic Camera Brand Poll

    I went canon because my dad had some lenses from his film SLR, and because i got the kit for a great price through work. Beyond that im not really swayed by brand, I used to sell both canon and nikon gear when i worked at dick smiths
  15. Spider-Man

    New camera for the GF

    or posibly something like an SX30IS. fair bit more zoom than an SX130IS, more megapixels (not that its a problem), and you have a viewfinder of sorts. still got all the manual features of the SX130IS, so theres plenty of scope. otherwise something like a 600D would be the way to go, couple it with a decent wide zoom like the 18-55mm EF-S kit lens, or a tamron 17-55 XR DI II LD IF lens and your set. iof you want more zoom you can easily do that down the track. Im a canon person, so i have no idea what the Nikon kit lenses are like, but the canon ones are good for the amount you pay (which is piss all), really though, just go with something your comfortable using, no point getting a canon if you dont like it, likewise for nikon. Ive got no experience with the pntax bodies myself, but that would be another option, it would certainly open up a lot of options for older cheap lenses though, the pentax K mount being one of the most widely available lens mounts.