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    Bye, guys.

    Well..., the time has come for me to leave this fine community, and, in true Atomic fashion, I have left this overly dramatic goodbye post. Many people don't bother to read what I actually write, and perhaps this will be no exception. Nevertheless, I feel it is important to get certain things off my chest, and say my thanks to certain people. Who knows, perhaps it will do something to quench Nich's insatiable everlasting thirst for drama... As to why...well... I joined up about a year and a half ago...in May of 2008 I think. For pretty much all of 2008, things were fine. I butted heads, had some arguments, got to know people, and people got to know. People had their opinions, and that was fine. The start of 2009 was mostly OK as well. After this time however...a lot started to happen at once. I pissed of a few moderators who took things personally, pissed of a few other notable members, and from then on...what was essentially a meme spread like wildfire. An overly negative false meme. This was all fine. There were people that could not get past their preconceptions or who just did not get on with me, and it was fine. They could be avoided, arguments walked out of etc. In my time here, I have not broken the rules and resorted to insults or personal attacks, however tempting. The reason I have decided to leave, is the management. I was suspended recently, in a most unfair manner. I was suspended automatically by a moderator who tends to make her decisions personally, rather than objectively, and suspended me automatically. Despite the behaviour I was suspended for occurring frequently previously, I was chosen to be made an example of. In a certain Buffy thread, despite disagreeing with people, I remained civil. Despite being insulted and personally attacked and RTMing this, nothing was done. I even sent a PM to the most vocal offender.., which triggered further insults. I then received an very insulting PM, and was instantly blocked from reply. Having a poor knowledge about a great series is not reason enough to attack people. Having been pushed a bit to far, I(admittedly childishly), copied my typed message, and pasted it as a comment. Which warranted a two week suspension. Suspended automatically, without hearing my side of the story, without considering that I was insulted throughout. Perhaps I was deserving of some punishment, but to ignore the instigator and circumstances completely, and to ignore the fact that this behaviour has previously been accepted...for example when The_End replied to index after being blocked in this fashion...or after RTMing people leaving insulting comments on my profile and being told to just remove them. Indeed, in the last six months or so, I have been suspended increasingly for...what exactly is not clear. Certainly, the suspended notices in feedback are not at all accurate. After receiving a PM from a moderator who is allegedly an administrator who basically said to "get the fuck out" (not paraphrasing), I can't help but feel things have been done to try and push me out. This recent unfair suspension is perhaps not an indication of that, but nevertheless, is a final straw. I can deal with people disliking me fine, because there have been enough people I have gotten on with to balance it out. What I can't accept is a biased moderating team, who will not listen and will not act fairly. This goes even further..., I actually wrote an article for Atomic, on the different types of security models, RBAC, MAC, DAC etc..., and different types of implementations, SELinux, RSBAC, GRSecurity etc. I wrote this article in June and emailed it to the editor..., who could not be bothered to read it and get back to me, and even had the gall to complain that he had not received any articles in feedback. I get that there may be personal differences, but this all seems a bit to far. The worst part is....I have absolutely no pattern of harassing users or breaking the rules. Disagreeing repeatedly and vehemently, yes. However, I always try to be civil, and if things get out of hand I RTM it, or only respond in kind. I have always tried not to use insults or personal attacks, and been fairly sure I mostly succeeded, because ironically I did not want to break the rules and get suspended. As much as the editor has said you can't be banned for being a dick, there is no issue with suspending someone for that, despite no rules being broken. This is a major benefit of not actually having rules, and moderating based on whims and personal preferences. I actually used to be on atomic a fair bit a long time ago...since the forums were first operational in fact. I was somewhat active in the first few years, under a different name of course. My, oh my, how things have changed. I remember Juggs being basically a bratty teenager, who grew up to actually be insightful and informed. I remember Leonid, actually being interested in tech and reasonable...who grew up to be a political fundamentalist part-time jew who knew what consciousness meant. I remember Tantryl being a reckoning force in the tech forums. I remember Mael and AtomicWaste, nights in the IRC channel, Ben and the much smaller moderating team being fair and listening...and more importantly, welcoming user contributions. It really is interesting just how much things have changed. This used to be a technical community. Insightful opinions were celebrated, as was technical knowledge. Now, if someone posts an obvious technical question, and someone suggest they take 5 seconds and search for the obvious answer, they get insulted. Now, pedantry and arguing semantics is celebrated. Now, The green room is the most active forums, with the tech forums continually dying(despite what the editor thinks, page views and new threads do not mean they are thriving...you know, in 'spirit'), and global warming or abortion being the most celebrated argument on these forums. If someone wants to discuss interesting issues..they tend to stagnate, or dissolve into flamewars. Which is a shame. I feel that Atomic is slowly stagnating, and is certainly no longer what it once was. As the name and face of the community change to gaming orientated to try and gain more money, from moving to a default(white! not even time to make a skin before rollout!) and clichéd forum software, from refusing all helpful suggestions no matter the fact that they have no negative consequences and will make a positive difference, and can be trivial to implement, from fucking with things that worked fine for 7 years...such as hero tags and post counts...from moderating without rules, relying on whims and a 'spirit' which can be redefined as needed case by case. From a hardcore, fairly moderated, technical forum with a gaming slant, it seems to have become or trying to become a gaming focused politically kiddie n00b forum. Which is a shame. Is it any wonder Mael, Vitusso, Zephyr, g_day, and other regulars left? These days, things just are not good enough. While I am sure all of the moderators have good intentions..., without coordination, with such differing standards and with such a resistance to change, it means little. As for me, personally? All I can say, is that you are all way, way off. I have personally seen so many people react a particular way to something I post, even if I say it carefully, in a non antagonistic way, and if 20 people before me have said the same thing. Some people seem to be cashing in or trying to follow others, and that is just sad. My signature quote, and the Oscar Wilde quote that preceded it are both depressingly accurate. That people are so sure of who I am, without ever having met me or being able to take my replies in context...is sad. So many people are so prone to preconceptions and confirmation bias..., that there is little hope of changing their mind once their opinion is set. People seem to respond to tone, regardless of what has been said. Despite me being civil in arguments, and using quantifiers such as "maybe", "perhaps", "I'm not sure, but", people will ignore this, and reply as if I have attacked them. There is a part of the fact that refers to attacking a person’s idea, not their person. An ideal long forgotten in these parts. Despite what people think...I don't try and convince people of my viewpoints, I do admit when I am wrong, and I don't argue semantics or for the sake of arguing. I have some pretty interesting experiences travelling the word, and had it pretty damn hard growing up, starting with being kicked out at 16. My entire life...has been amazing, and I love continually learning. While my personality has developed into someone who is overly defensive and questions everything, I also think it has given me a greater sense of awareness, or insight. I know that in real life...people are often interested in different opinions, and listen to what is said, rather than simply dismissing them for being contrary. Forums are such an interesting thing. I am still somewhat surprised, as much as I should not be, how people jump to conclusions or form opinions simply because of one or two statements. Whatever happened to critical thinking or independent thought? Aye. I simply have a different way of thinking about things. This has been observed, such as in the Buffy thread, and countless others. I don't argue deliberately, nor do I try and convince others of my view or that I am right. I argue, because I don't understand how I am wrong, and want to, so I can decide what is more correct. Too often, despite how hard I try to explain everything and lay out my point, people seem to attack it. In the case of the agnostic thread, people simply replied to attack the title :/. I do think a large part of this is because my opinions are often contrary, to those on this board(but by no means unpopular outside of Atomic), but this does not mean they are wrong. Hell, robzy frequently argues contrary positions, and although a bit of ribbing goes on, people don't mind. With me though, it tends to too often resort in ad hominem attacks. Indeed, often, people deliberately misrepresent what I say and rely on straw men. I have tried to work things out with several people. Tantryl, who is so sure of what I am like without being able to, somewhat hypocritical, consider another point of view. Mac Dude, who seems to often disagree with me for the sake of disagreeing, I even tried with the lord of pedantry and spam, to no avail. People will think what they want to think, and any attempt I make just reinforces their views of me. Which, I think is a shame. I think it is a combination of arguing a contrary opinion, and the same few people replying to disagree, the tone I use...which is apparently analogous to a dog whistle, and the fact that people have an inability to express their opinions adequately outside of one or two sentences. This was all fine...but with the recent suspension, and being made an example of, I don't feel it is worth staying. As Atomic becomes MPG and MPC dies forever, it seems as good a time as any. Atomic....just does not seem Atomic anymore. I do genuinely apologize to those who I have had altercations with. There are only about 3 people I truly cannot tolerate on this board. Everybody else, I had hoped to eventually work things out with. I am generally pretty accepting in real life, and I am sorry the opportunity did not arise. Whatever you think of me, I am genuinely sorry if I have made your time on the forums less enjoyable. It was never my intention. The reason I have stayed so long, is that I have gotten a lot out of it. Hell, I am pretty sure my debating practice on here helped me to get a perfect score of 6 for critical thinking on my GRE exam. There are many great people here, who I have enjoyed debating with, or simply watching. SquallStrife, The_Psychonaut, VannA, Nich, NagChampa, Zebra, wilsontc, eckythump, ElvenWhore, you’re all legends, and I look forward to meeting for a pint of Guinness at Irish Murphy’s when I return to Brisbane...for those in Brisbane at least. There are many others who have been entertaining and influential..., Girvo, CyberGlitch, even Mac_dude and Tantry, Amiga4ever, RedHatter, robzy, sledgy, JSG(when not being irrationally anti-MS), Kimmo, Midnighter, Saponification...hell, even Orko managed a few readable sentences. I did not get on or agree with many of you, but still respected you. As above, I do apologise for my negative impact I may have had, and do hope that my positive contributions outweighed my negative. I will return in a few months when I am back in brisbane to meet up with people in Brisbane....but I will no longer be an active member by any means. I am happy for the stickies to remain..as they were gifts, although I will no longer be updating them. I am more than happy for someone to take them over, but would appreciate a credit. I am genuinely grateful for my time here, and have had a good time. I hope that many of you enjoyed reading some of what I wrote, or got something out of me being here, and that it was not all bad. Good night, and good luck.
  2. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    My point requires assumptions, of course. Both, indeed all positions do, a point I made earlier. To be convinced one position and base assumptions is correct without any evidence is simply arrogant. Also, my argument does not require things to be assumed about the creator of the video, only that the word partner is being used as it normally is, and that Angel's soul is being considered as part of his humanity, which it often is. Neither of these assumptions are a stretch, compared to assuming things about the creator of the video.
  3. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    Well, that's your problem. Are you an imbecile? It's a subjective issue. Until facts are actually made available, your interpretations is no more valid or correct than mine or anyone else s. It's certainly less valid, requiring leaps of logic and assumptions, which you are somehow convinced is correct. Leaving your poor understanding of the show and characters aside, I find it amazing you can be so sure that you are correct, and have the nerve to flat out say I am wrong, simply because you disagree. On a subjective matter.
  4. TheSecret

    Anyone else unable to get to www.amd.com?

    Indeed it does, which is why that site is only a gimmick, and not terribly useful. The AMD site works fine from Germany....I wonder why it isn't working for visitors from Australia?
  5. TheSecret

    Im bored!

    The new Wolfenstein, as I already played RTCW, which was pretty awesome. Invisible war seems amazingly shitty so far, and I'm only like 15 - 20 minutes in. IGI 2 seems decent, keeping the feel of the original. So far Max Payne 2 is the winner, it's a lot of fun :) Have not gotten around to checking out the rest just yet. Ahh, fun times :)
  6. TheSecret

    Snow Leopard GET!

    Bitfrost was designed for OLPC, but since it didn't really get off the ground, Apple hired the project leader and the technology is going to be used in some later release of OS X. I wasn't really expecting it in this release, but thought it may have been a possibility. What I was expecting were correct ESP and ASLR implementations. I don't actually deal with Apple stuff very often, and certainly not in my current job, s haven't been keeping up with it or reading about it at all. I was fairly sure they were slated to be included in this release however :/
  7. TheSecret

    Favourite Comedy TV Show

    Harvey Birdman The Simpsons South Park American Dad Arrested Development Peep Show HIMYM Chappelle's Show Seinfeld Curb Your Enthusiasm Everybody Loves Raymond (Although I don't know why. Possible because of Robert) Everybody Hates Chris Scrubs Season 5 and 6(before that JD was unbelievably irritating) Robot Chicken
  8. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    He had a relationship with Buffy. Not an involved, romantic relationship, but far, far more of a relationship than Parker ever did. At the very least, it was a friendship. And no, I don't think friendships should be included, but if we take partners to mean relationship partners and not sexual partners, then Ben is the only other real choice. What other .5? Ben is the .5, and Riley is the 1 Saying Ben was all human with a god stuck inside him is one interpretation. I would say it is incorrect considering(IIRC) he was created for the purpose of housing that god, and they had shared the body since creation, and that in later seasons they were struggling for control. Yes, it does. Completely valid. I get that we disagree, and that we are interpreting things in different ways and relying on different assumptions. Even overlooking the leap that your position requires, what I don't get is why you are convinced your assumptions and interpretaion is somehow more correct, and mine is completely invalid. It's a subjective issue, and good arguments can be made for both sides. Until the creator is found and an answer given, both positions are equally as valid as each other. Overlooking irrational leaps, of course. No. Buffy was having consistent sex with Spike, and obviously had a relationship with him, even if it were not the classical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. For this reason, Spike can be included, while Parker cannot. That's if we are going by partners meaning relationships, and not brief encounters. You've yet to do so. All you have done so far is justify the leap your position requires, and consider your assumptions and interpretation as more correct. You haven't invalidated my position at all. I would love for nothing more than for the creator to be able to give an answer, but since that is unlikely to happen, neither position can be said to be correct. If you want to talk about validity, then I would think the simplest explanation is more valid. Parker is not the simplest explanation, as it requires an assumption with no basis. I'm happy to agree to disagree, since it can't ever actually be resolved, but I really don't get why you think your interpretation is necessarily more correct or valid than mine.
  9. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    Assuming that only sexual partners count. Which is a reasonable assumption, but an assumption never the less. No, .5 god and .5 human. Err, no. I have a record of the partners/relationships I have had, and while most have been sexual, not all were. It's not a knotches on bed post thing, it'S simply the amount of partners she had. You can read into that however you like, but your interpretation is not necessarily correct, and nor is mine. Despite Buffy using spike for sex..., it was still a relation of sorts, especially later on, and would be counted. The video was not made during or after season 7, and so spike only counts as 1 vamp. If you look at my original post, I suggest the exact same answers. Parker is pretty much a very poor choice out of all the choices available. the .5 soul makes a lot of sense and is somewhat established, otherwise Ben makes sense being actually half human. But, No. instead of these rather obvious choices, you want to rely on a more complex choice which requires a huge leap assuming things about the creator of the video, or, bizarrely, to make an argument for Riley being subhuman, despite him being SUPERhuman. There is something wrong when people actually think that makes more sense than Ben. The .5 being the soul makes the most sense, and does not rely on a huge leap assuming things about the creator. Even if you disagree that the soul should be treated separately from the vamp(despite it being WELL ESTABLISHED), then Ben makes more sense, unless you rely on your assumptions above. My argument only has holes when relying on your baseless assumptions, which you are somehow convinced carry wegiht. If you look at it objectivley, then you will see that my points are not invalid, and that they require less assumptions and leaps than your own.
  10. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    It isn't the same thing. The idea that a girl may consider someone who used her for sex as less than human is reasonable, and not leap. The that the the creator of the video was one of these girls and wanted to convey her opinion of parker is not reasonable, and a baseless leap. I also never said that Angel is 2 people, at all. He happens to be a vamp, with a human soul. In any case, Ben makes far more sense than Parker, being literally half human....
  11. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    Or, the single leap that the creator of the video had personal feelings against Parker and wanted to convey them by ambiguously considering him as half human in a video which is otherwise accurate and factual.
  12. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    A prime example of twisting and distorting facts while ignoring convention. But, yes, I'm sure your argument is sound without resorting to that, despite the leap it requires.
  13. TheSecret

    Buffy's Partners

    Yes. Unlike mine.
  14. I wonder why the US is doing this. It would be one thing if it was academic research...but coming from the government? Hmm. I don't know that I would trust such a service to be 100% impartial, which would be completely necessary for it to have any merit. It also seems like, using email, it may be easier to restrict and detect after a time, compared to truly anonymous systems. Tor can only be detected under certain configurations. It's possible to ensure that it can't be. Freenet also can not be reliably detected. Keeping in mind, detecting the traffic in no way means you can detect who is using it or where it is originating from.
  15. TheSecret


    I know, I changed my edit as I realised I was looking at the wrong section. You may be able to go for an official caution, which I would think you have an excellent chance of getting given your record.