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  1. Moph

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Thanks for the heads up!! Just ordered mine now =)
  2. Moph

    Herman Miller Aeron on sale

    ^ it's a desk that lets you stand up, hence less need for a snazzy chair. I sat in an Aeron for about an hour and while it was comfortable, it wasn't standout brilliant for my frame. Ended up buying a Humanscale Liberty Freedom instead ... retails for around the same as the Aeron. Worth a look if you're considering task chairs in that price bracket.
  3. Moph


    I'll have company then =) Way too much work for me to back off at the moment. Will be working late tonight, then again tomorrow. Fortunately making bank for it though. The wife has a diploma submission to finish by the weekend too so I'll have company at least. Far easier to concentrate on work when you're not the only one missing out on the party!!
  4. Moph

    The Hobbit Review

    I saw it in 48fps 3D on Friday night. As far as the movie content went I enjoyed it, but it was nothing spectacular. As a movie by itself with no context I would have been left with a "huh, what?" feeling afterwards. Having seen (and loved) the LOTR trilogy though I am content to settle back and enjoy it in the context of a prelude to 6 more hours of storytelling yet to come. I must admit though that Thorin seemed poorly cast to me - he didn't look anything like a dwarf. I assume (not having read the book) that he's meant to be a good looker but c'mon, at least have him look something like his kin. Also the action got a bit over-the-top on quite a few occasions ... I could accept Legolas's acrobatics on the mammoths in LOTR because he's an elf and as such has superhuman agility, but some of the happenings in An Unexpected Journey required a temporary suspense of physics and reality for them to be anywhere near possible. That's probably my major gripe with the movie - there are lots of events that are implausible and which are therefore immersion breaking. It was far more whimsical and dare I say it slapstick comical than I expected. The 48fps 3D was good. I can't say it was spectacular because it wasn't - it just felt natural and smooth. I liked it. I experienced no irritation and felt the movie displayed very smoothly. The 3D was well controlled in all but a few scenes and as such didn't generally feel in-your-face like some movies have to me in the past. Sorry for the poor grammar but it's late, I've been working for the last 10 hours and I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard =)
  5. Moph

    Merry Christmas everyone from Fredzfrog

    Merry Christmas Fredzfrog and all ... AND PULL THOSE DAMN STICKERS OFF THE TV!!! My dad has a five year old notebook that still has the ASUS stickers on the palmpad. It bugs me like you wouldn't believe. I think he leaves them on there because he knows how much it annoys me =D
  6. Moph

    Dear humans

    Even declared pests? What about feral cats, which as an introduced out-of-control population cause immense damage to native species in the Australian bush? Is their "right to life" greater than the right to life of all of the small native critters (geckos, quolls etc) that have no defence mechanism against this introduced predator that has no native equivalent?
  7. Moph

    HP is now offering the cloud

    Atomic may not have a group cloud, but I'm pretty sure many of it's users puff one out regularly ;)
  8. Moph

    Yet another school shooting in the US

    RANT ALERT Australian gun laws are implemented at a State level, and the inconsistencies between states (or even within a state) are a joke. Many things are left to the interpretation of the individual police officer who's dealing with a situation, and the WA Firearms Registry for one refuses to provide written confirmation of any compliance advice they give. Today's example - this brochure here on the WA Police site. States quite clearly in bold text for emphasis, "NEVER leave a firearm unattended in a car. It is an offence to do so." An offence. Hmmm sounds nasty. My situation - driving to a mate's property some 900km out of Perth over Christmas, with a firearm on board. My vehicle doesn't have enough range to get there on a single tank which means I'm going to have to stop and fill up. I'll be travelling alone, so do I leave my firearm in the car and in so doing commit an offence per that brochure, or do I waltz into the servo with a gun case in one hand and several ammo boxes in the other? Called Firearms Registry who confirmed that I should leave the firearms in the car, secured as best as possible, and that they were sure no highway coppers would "misinterpret" that as being an offence. They wouldn't tell me what "secured as best as possible" meant though or provide confirmation in writing that their brochure wording was incorrect. I outlined to them what I was proposing - rifle in locked hard case, in the rear seat of a locked station wagon with alarm and GPS tracking, chained and padlocked to the steel seat frame, with bolt secured in a seperate locked container and ammo in yet other locked containers - and asked if that would be considered "reasonable precautions". The answer I received was that "that would be determined by the inspecting officer, depending on the unique circumstances at the time". Flamin' dingbats. The Firearms Act 1973 and Firearms Regulations 1974 say nothing about storage in a vehicle being an offence by the way; the Act simply requires that a person "take all reasonable precautions" to ensure the safe keeping of a firearm during transit. All highly subjective wording that is of no help to a firearms owner without some solid published compliance guidance from the Firearms Registry. It's hard yakka being a law-abiding firearm owner in Australia. It might be a tad more difficult getting hold of an illegal firearm, but you then skip the firearms handling test, the 28 day "cooling off" period on purchase of your first firearm, the firearm serviceability certificate for each gun, the annual registration fee which can only be paid in-person at specific Australia Post offices, the requirement to have a 'genuine reason' support letter from a club or property to allow you to purchase said firearm in the first place, the 3-4 month wait for a firearm addition application to be processed, the spot checks on your firearms license and storage facilities, and the 30 minute wait on the end of a phone to speak to someone who won't give a straight answer to a direct question. Yep the current gun laws are really punishing the troublemakers in Australian society... /RANT --- Overall gun control is a good thing and, speaking as a registered gun owner, I'm much happier living in Australia than I would be in the US. I don't want automatic weapons or handguns to be available to the general public, especially for concealed carry. Semi-automatic rifles would be useful for some types of hunting and competition shooting, but I can live without them too. There are other aspects like the unnecessarily convoluted application processes and suppressor bans that I believe should be reviewed though. The US would do well to take Australia's lead, but I cannot imagine that ever happening.
  9. Moph

    Dear humans

    I'm guessing the reason they felt it appropriate to shoot the animal was the lack of concern that it had for human contact. Doesn't take much to go wrong when a wild animal shows no fear in coming into close contact with humans on a repeated basis. Also note that dingos are declared pests in NSW (except for some national parks areas) and are regularly controlled by trapping, shooting, poisoning and exclusion fencing in any case. As such the dingo was likely a valid 'normal' pest control target and simply happened to draw particular attention to itself. I'm not commenting on the merits of dingo control in NSW as I don't know anything else about it, but that is the status quo. http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/animals/TheDingo.htm Agree that the use of the term "euthenised" is highly inappropriate though.
  10. Moph

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    LOL - to be honest I bought the rifle for the action and trigger. Paid $2350 for it as it stands (sans scope) with a set of Redding Type S bushing dies, competition seater and 200 fireformed Lapua brass ... the action and trigger alone are worth around $2k retail, plus the Cerakoting, floor metal, magazine box, etc. So effectively I've paid retail for the action and trigger that I want to keep (less than 400 rounds on them) and got the rest for free, plus avoided the 6 month odd import wait on a Predator action. Long term intent is to build it into a new bullpup stock and rebarrel with a 28" heavy varmint Maddco or similar chambered in 6mm Dasher, but that can wait until I've shot out the existing barrel. With respect to game ... well where we hunt the foxes smell pretty putrid and I'm not real interested in skinning them. I'm just there to keep numbers down so that lambing season passes with minimal losses. The farm I normally shoot on (4000 acres) went from over 40 ewes lost two years ago (the first year I started shooting there) to 1 ewe last year. Well happy with that! =) Other than that there is likely to be the odd rabbit exploded from 200m+ just for laughs (and feral control - but I normally pop them with the .22 and cook 'em up), and it's also in the open season region for western grey roos (quite a pest on this property) so there will be a few of those taken. They're all knocked off with headshots and carcases left on the property as required by WA law though, so no issues with overkill there. Some pigs on the property too. Tend to see them in one particular spot and we're always on the ute so no worries re safety. I agree that a .243AI isn't the best feeding cartridge so wouldn't want to rely on it in a charge, but can say that it has more than enough energy to give a decent boar it's final goodnight. The one below was taken on the run with a 6mm Dasher which has slightly less kinetic energy throughout its range compared to the 243AI. Sorry about the long post ... too much whiskey methinks. Time for bed lol.
  11. Moph

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Hubba-hubba! Stiller Predator action, Jewell trigger, Lilja barrel in 243AI ... all the goodies =) Gonna be a bit of an upgrade from my .22 methinks...
  12. Moph

    News.com.au censors comments?

    Yeah they have a habit of not publishing comments that they don't like. My gem for the day was this one: Montana Tourism's embarrassing Facebook fail Have a look at it ... they've circled the number of likes that Montana Travel has (150,483) and ascribed that number to a rogue post by an employee that actually only had 36 likes at the time they took the screenshot. Then in the text stated "the post received thousands of likes before it was taken down". Oh really?? I know 36 is a big number, but I didn't realise it was in the thousands... Of course my comment pointing out their error, posted at 10am this morning, has gone unpublished. Nothing like journalistic (lol) accuracy (double lol). EDIT: Just noticed the ascribed source on the screenshot ... Reddit. Unreal. Between this type of pathetic 'news' and the recent flood of "Best of ...", "Top ten ..." etc articles it's hardly worth checking news.com.au these days.
  13. Moph

    DIY IT Supply South Australia

    I've bought something from there before ... can't remember what, but it arrived =)
  14. Moph

    Relationship issues.

    I really don't know. All I know is that I have seen previously stable, loving partners end up in dark places where they hate their partner, themselves or even their baby. Fortunately those friends received the help they needed and are now still happily hitched with rugrats. I guess I'm just saying that shooting from the hip and making a snap decision to end the relationship probably isn't the best path forward.