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  1. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    I'm constrained by the length of the shock and the fact there is a flat floor just above it. Any lower and I run the risk of bottoming the shock and any higher it hits the floor
  2. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    Nearly finished the repair/rebuild on my trailer Mount for the front toolbox New shock mount now made out of 40x40x 3mm Bracket is 40mm angle at 5mm thickness Turns out the axle was originally supplied longer than I ordered but I wont change it till it needs to be
  3. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    Wont increase the weight by much but I will re-weigh it when I'm finished
  4. An exhibition of my exploits or lessons learned from my stupidity. The things you see when you are out and about. We came across this group of Grey Nomad farmers who decided to tour Australia in tractors.
  5. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    Repairs are currently underway. I have decided to rebuild the chassis from scratch. I had steel for all bar the drawbar already in the workshop. The original four year, been everywhere chassis Some of the damage. This was collateral damage caused while we were trying to extract it. This is damage to the tool box on the front of the trailer and was just general wear and tear New main frame. Doubled the wall thickness so hopefully it will be more resilient.
  6. IvanTheTerrible

    Green Room Pics Thread

  7. IvanTheTerrible

    Green Room Pics Thread

    Locals keep looking for nuggets around my town but the area is alluvial gold, not nuggets but some clown said he found a small nugget and idiots descended from everywhere. He actually found the nugget in outback WA, about 4000 Km away.
  8. IvanTheTerrible

    Green Room Pics Thread

    I can pretty much bet both my testicles that wasn't found near Ballarat. These guys will not report findings locations because the area gets inundated with every man with a detector. I also know that the dealers have nuggets in their safes that are suddenly "discovered" when business is quiet.
  9. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    Rescue mission successful.
  10. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    We are leaving tomorrow on a rescue mission to recover our trailer and there should be no moon for a while so better pics
  11. IvanTheTerrible

    The Naruto Run !

    Being an ex defence force member I can tell you that they practice this shit. They have ways and means to stop people without violence but it aint pretty
  12. IvanTheTerrible

    Real life Fallout

    There is actually a 1/4 moon off to the left in that pic
  13. IvanTheTerrible

    Then to now

    She runs in Super Street.
  14. IvanTheTerrible

    Then to now

    Started out as a bog stoke 253 and we got it down to 12sec 1/4 mile then we swapped it out for a 400Hp 355 all Holden stroker. Best now is a 11.35sec quarter
  15. IvanTheTerrible

    Then to now

    Back in the day my lovely wife was quite content to get by without a drivers licence. This is what she does now!