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    Calling all Corsair K60/K90 Keybord Owners

    Just a quick update Corsair have said to rma through them. They will pay shipping so i not need to worry about cost. Reason they want Rma is due to the fact they know i will get a newkeyboard with the revision kep caps. So just a pain not having keyboard for awhile. So can't complain with service. Just thought i'd let everyone know that they honoured the warranty etc so good job there corsair . Will update later at how long the turn around is for new keyboard .
  2. morgs36

    Calling all Corsair K60/K90 Keybord Owners

    Hey katalyst not sure how long you have had yours for but after the short time period i've had mine my left shift key is pretty much blank now and c f e are pretty worn. I joined corsair forum last night looks like im better off rma with them due to they will send me a new one with the new keys on them . There reply was as follows : Morgs36: All RMA processed by Corsair will be revised printing process of the keys. cheers Hope that helps anyone else , seems a pain in the butt to me to post back to usa crap lol. P.S Stuff it might just buy some pbt key caps and pull there crap ones off ...
  3. morgs36

    Calling all Corsair K60/K90 Keybord Owners

    Thanx again Ghost hope they have fixed the firmware issue it's only done that twice to me but since i did a uninstall of hid keyboard under windows and made if refind the keyboard when booting has been good cross's fingers lol. But its a shame with the lettering on keys wearing so quickly love the k/b its really the only thing i can knock it on really , the dome switches on it dont bother me as i hardly use them. Pccg as approved the warranty so gotta send it back which is a pain due to the fact me in perth. Might ring them tommorow and pay the extra and get a ducky shine i think not sure what to do there love the look of this keyboard oh well thanks again .
  4. morgs36

    Calling all Corsair K60/K90 Keybord Owners

    Thanks for the reply Ghost . Yes i should've done abit more research on these before i purchased . The reviews id read said was great / solid K/B . Oh well live and learn i guess just hope pccg honour the warrranty . I was looking at the ducky shine 9008 but choose this one for the 2yr warranty and being corsair love the products and the look of it . Have to wait and see what pccg say . Cheers Dean. p.s Had a look at corsair forums sounds like they had a bad batch of keys get done no one has mentioned if it was happening with there K90 so must be only a K60 issue i gather prob due to keys on K90 done for backlits i guess .
  5. Hi all, Having recently purchased this this KB to replace my aging G15 have found it to be a solid keyboard but have had a couple of issues with it. 1. It's sometimes not reconized at start up have to unplug and replug in to be seen happened twice so far.(Windows 7 64 bit) 2. This one is the real piss off having paid more than i would normally for a keyboard. Have found that the keys are wearing off and discolouring already only 3 weeks of use and not a lot of use due to shoulder injury the shift / c / f /x / e keys are showing a great deal of wear already . Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue ? Only purchased this keyboard on the 20/3 recevied it on the 28/3 so not much use at all really . Other than the above issues have found it to be a great. Cheers Dean. P.S Just saw spelling error on title dam sorry :)
  6. morgs36

    PCCG gets Dell IPS panels

    As Mudg3 said i just got the U2412m from dell for $279. including delivery. Only 24 inch i know but could'nt resist at that price for a 1900 x 1200 ips screen . Must say im loving it over the Samsung tn panel i had. So far haven't noticed any input lag or ghosting so far so good. Great Monitor for the price i got it for .
  7. hey phat , yeh keyboard going great thanx wasnt expecting to win a prize :) Was great to meet you also had a good day . If your remember my mate with bald head his 10yr old daughter is getting into gaming so will give the prize to her to use. She'll get a kick out of having a gaming K/B mouse and mat to use on her rig :) Myself i have a Corsair K60 K/B and a X8 sidewinder mouse so no need to change them at this stage . cheers .
  8. Hi all was one of the lucky members to get picked for this :) Was a great day just abit of bad luck for me and raistlin with the team we where on mobo didnt want to fire up so we lost a couple of hrs or so to the other teams . But at the end of the day we where only around 1000 or so points behind the winners in 3dmark 06 which wasnt a bad effort considering the time we lost . Thanks Team-AU, Atomic and sponsers and to all whom helped organize this event.:) A big thanx to Sniperoz and Fester for explaining the processes involved with ln2 o/c great job guys was great a day :) Cheers Dean
  9. morgs36

    ASUS Xense Premium Gaming Audio Set

    I was looking at this set awhile ago myself but with a few suggestions and advise from fellow atomicans and i ended up with the following Asus Xonar Essence STX Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 and a zalman clip on mic must say im impressed with sound quality of both card and headphones. The total cost of these parts was $343 so not to bad of price for great sound in games and music . Just my 2 cents worth
  10. morgs36

    New Sound Card and Speakers ?

    Yep will do mudg . Looking at the asus xonar stx m8 prob more than i want to pay but seems to be a very popular card from what ive read hear and here on forums . Well good tunes for me are anything from pink floyd to metallica so wide range of music in there :) p.s type wrong code in b4 for cans m8 got the AD700 .
  11. morgs36

    New Sound Card and Speakers ?

    Well after a quick drive into perth and trying on a few sets i drove home with a set of A700's was looking at the AD900 but the price difference didnt justify the sound difference . Ended up buying two pair one for me and one for brother. He is running a Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 they sound great with that card in gaming and music . Yet again great recommendation there mudg they sound alot clearer etc even on the realtek on board i have so now to order the sound card cheers to all for reply's etc.Yep mudg they sold them for the same price as PCCG so that was good no discount though for buying 2 pair ..lol well we tried . Cheers morgs .
  12. morgs36

    New Sound Card and Speakers ?

    thanx for the replys sora and mudg . Since just having to move to perth i might head down to headphones.com and test a range of headsets out . My brother recommend the audio techica as well will cost me more to purchase separate but on reading your replys think ill give the Asus Xonar Essence stx a go with the cans you suggested mudg. How do you guys find the drivers for these asus cards not as bloated as the creavtive drivers? Sora how do you find the sound in gaming with that card mate? cheers morgs p.s sorry for the bump guys just needed to know so i could arrange to head to headphones.com to have a look today was all sorry again . :)
  13. morgs36

    New Sound Card and Speakers ?

    Bump lol So no one has these headphones etc? If not what can the great communtity of atomic recommend for a good sound card and cans to use?
  14. As title states only using onboard sound atm wishing to get a decent sound card and headphones was looking at this set from PCCG soundcard. Any advice or thoughts on value etc of this set. Will mostly be used for gaming and movies . Cheers morgs p.s currently using steelsound 5h but the left speaker is dying.