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  1. Apocrypha

    Is my graphics card dying?

    The clocks are the stock ones that I've never changed since I bought it in 2009. That said, I did lower the clocks by 10% or so and still got the same error. I'll run Prime and report back. The only other system I have is a much older one (2007 Core 2 Duo) in a case that won't fit the card in it. I could take it out of the case it's in (a HTPC style Silverstone) and press it into duty as a test bench I suppose, but that's a hassle. EDIT: So I ran Prime95, and just as with Furmark, it got about 1 second in and then crashed, hard lock again. That's interesting, it might be something other than the graphics card. Could this be a CPU issue? I have an i7-920, stock clocks and voltage, cooled by a TRUE with a 120mm Noctua fan. Real temp says that the CPU is under 50C almost all the time. Perhaps a motherboard issue? It's an ASUS P6T. Not sure if they have a reputation for failure over time.
  2. Apocrypha

    Is my graphics card dying?

    So I downloaded Furmark, had GPU-Z running at the same time to log temps, idle temp was 43C. Ran the burn-in test, saw the funky psychadelic colours for about 1 second, then it hard locked as it has before. Literally one second. Damn. Edit: I think that eliminates heat as a problem. Could it be a power draw issue? i.e. when ramping to graphics load, it draws more power, but the card isn't getting it because there is a fault with the PSU? PSU is a Corsair TX 750. It has been solid as a rock for the life of the PC... so far
  3. Hi all. So I have the build in my sig, and the card is an ATI 5850, Sapphire I think. Edit: I'm not running Eyefinity any more, just one 1920x1200 monitor. In the last week or so, I have been experiencing an error where the following happens -- its the same every time: 1. Screen cuts to black, monitor enters power saving mode (i.e. no data coming through the cable) 2. Sound persists for 10 seconds or so 3. Sound gets stuck, plays a constant noise of what I can only describe as death noises 4. Hard lockup. There does not seem to be any warning about when it will lock up at all. However, it only happens when gaming. I often leave my PC on over night to download stuff, and I can browse the web for days without an issue. This only happens when gaming. Even then, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Two days ago I played Civ V for most of the day, without issue. Also, older games seem to be less likely to trigger the crash. I had Age of Empires 2 running for 4 hours or so, no issue. I fired up Empire Total War, and it crashed within 5 minutes. I had installed the beta driver from AMD's website, and thought that might be the culprit, but I uninstalled the drivers, let Win7 download and install the default ones for the 5850, then updated them to the latest stable drivers, but that seems to have changed nothing. Still getting the hard lockups. The very first sign anything was going wrong was that the sound was cutting out, and only a restart would restore it, but I removed the sound card (Creative X-Fi Titanium) and used the onboard audio, which solved the issue. My suspicions are that the card is dying. Anything strenuous puts it over the edge. I thought at first it was a heat issue, so I downloaded and installed GPU-Z and logged the temps of the GPU core. It never gets above 55C. I haven't opened the graphics card's shroud to see if there is something obstructing the airflow, but I figure that if there was an obstruction, I would hear it, and the temps would go up much faster. No sign of that. Maybe it's just an overzealous overheating safety cut out. It only started getting warmer here in Sydney in the last week or so, so maybe that is related. However, ambient temps in the room the machine is in never really get above 25C. So I'm stumped guys, what do you think?
  4. Apocrypha

    Asus Transformer

    What! That is an amazing price! How did you get that and how can I get the same deal?
  5. Apocrypha

    Plain packaging for Cigarettes comes closer

    I have to object to this: A trademark is an intellectual property right. This is not really the case. IP is at best a weak, unstable quasi-proprietary right entirely dependent on the continued operation of a statutory regime subject to change at any time. I can find no record of Constitutional challenges when the Trade Marks Act 1995 replaced the old 1952 Act. Commonwealth Parliament is within its rights and powers to amend the Act however it sees fit.
  6. Apocrypha

    Asus Transformer

    I'm sorry I've been gone for quite a while. But the bromance goes on... <3 Edit: but in all seriousness, morris is a very cool guy. This place is a little poorer without him.
  7. Apocrypha

    Acer Iconia A500

    SlideIT is the app that does the Swype thing. I installed it on one of the demo units at work, and it's pretty sweet. I will try the actual Swype keyboard too, if it supports the tablet resolution. FWIW, I work as a demonstrator for Acer at the JB HiFi in Sydney, the slick new Centrepoint one. Come see me on Thursday 4:30-8:30pm or Friday 11am-3pm and I'll be sure to hook a brother up. :)
  8. Apocrypha

    Remapping keys on Apple keyboard

    So I have an Apple wired keyboard with numpad, and generally it's a cut above my previous keyboard, but the one thing that I am sorely missing is the volume up/down shortcut that was on my old keyboard. Question: How to remap the F11/F12 keys on my Apple keyboard to be volume down/up respectively? The physical keys themselves even have nice little icons on them that suggest that were the keyboard plugged into a Mac, that the volume up/down function would be present.
  9. Apocrypha

    What is YOUR favourite quote?

    Napoleon said that one. Mine are: "The world is tragedy to those that feel, and a comedy to those that think." "Talent hits the target no-one else can hit. Genius hits the target no-one else can see."
  10. @Leonid My main issue is that you, and those journalists, are making a mountain out of a molehill. Nothing has happened yet.
  11. Pomky -- calm down. I was making a point about the nature of proper discourse. One starts with the critical fact and does not jump to conclusions -- it's just poor form otherwise. And I have a right to pick and choose whatever threads I care to reply to. This one irked me, so I replied. In short, get fucked.
  12. Um, did anyone actually think to look at the proposed terms of the amendment, and assess from the text itself what its likely *legal* consequence might be? Then you can talk about "harm" and "benefit" and "effect". *EDIT* Ah, I see, there is no text. Well then. It seems we have another example of the Australian making a whole lot of ado about nothing, and scoring some cheap points off a government whose political position is on the opposite side of the Left-Right fence (most of the time). Jeez Leo, you need to stop swallowing everything in the Australian whole. There is all but no story here at all. Nothing has fucking happened yet, for crying out loud. EDIT 2 This was quite telling, in fact Leo: Lessons: 1. "Open question" = we've barely begun to think about it, this is just to let people know what we might come to consider in the future. 2. "deal with the Greens" = the policy of the Gillard government, like all governments, is to stay in power, and they need the Greens to do so. What a fucking surprise. That's how minority government works, Leo.
  13. Apocrypha

    Brad Pitt’s daughter is named Shiloh

    herp derp indeed. But I did lol. Well done Robzy!
  14. It's a logical fallacy to point to one specific case (here, literally one individual) as evidence that the general rule is untrue. My classification was not absolute, but general, as classifications tend to be. My classification stands.