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  1. Thanks yeah I can't wait to get a second 680 card,but I got to let the wallet recover a bit first.
  2. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    Yeah I have just been overclocking the cpu a bit more to 4,8ghz,might try to clock the ram a bit higher than 2133 later,I just ran both 3dmark11 and vantage and got P40055 for vantage and P11063 for 3dmark11,I'll see if I can get 5ghz on the cpu later for a few more points.
  3. I just ran my first 3DMARK 11 test with the new system and got P11063 my cpu is at 4800mhz and the gtx 680 is overclocked at 1245mhz 3DMARK 11 P11063 gazman2k3 - i7 3930k@4.8Ghz(w) - GTX680@1245/3005(A) http://3dmark.com/3dm11/3175436 I'll do a Vantage run next. I just did a 3DMARK Vantage run and got P40055 my settings are the same as above,these cards have come along way,I remember with my old quadsli gtx 295 x58 setup the best I could get with vantage was around P39000 now we have one gpu doing a better job than 4 gpus. 3DMARK Vantage P40055 gazman2k3 - i7 3930k@4.8Ghz(w) - GTX680@1245/3005(A) http://3dmark.com/3dmv/4018562
  4. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    Thanks,yeah I always see this bloke recommending the mushkin ram http://www.youtube.com/user/Trubyd44 thought it was about time I gave it a go instead of corsair like all previous times before,didn't have any problems at all with the mushkin just plugged it in set the xmp which set the ram at it's default 2133mhz with 1.65v on the dram voltage,clicked the cpu multi to 46 for 4.6ghz with 1.3v vcore and it's all really stable,I was sort of expecting that I may run into problems with filling all banks,I remember my old x58 system when I filled all 6 banks with 12GB of corsair gt,when I booted the board up the bios only recognized 8GB out of the 12GB,had to play around with a lot of setting to get it recognized,anyway no such problems this time around all running really nice.
  5. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    No way,maybe up to 15gb,looks the part though,I was either going to pay close to $300 for 16gb of this corsair gt ram http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=19077 but then I came accross this mushkin stuff which seems just as good if not better than the corsair ram going by the reviews I seen for half the price http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mushkin-993997-16G...226108884891480 so in the end I got twice the amount of ram for nearly the same price as the corsair.
  6. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    Just added 32GB of Mushkin 993997 32GB 2133MHZ Ridgeback Redline and a new Asus GTX 680 card to the system,one more GTX 680 and I'll be set. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Has a nice look to it the Mushkin ram. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    only two? yeah two is plenty,anymore and they don't scale as well. its just that you got a psu with enough leads for three gtx680 and enough power for four gtx680 yeah it's a good psu I'll probably never use it to it's full potential,you can see here that going from 2 cards to 3 cards is basically no gain at all http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-...ay-sli-review/8 looks like you gain 5 frames more on average,hardly worth the price of the 3rd card. I'll be happy with 2 680 cards for the time being,maybe when the bigger GK110 cards come out later this year a couple of them might use a bit more of my power supply.
  8. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    only two? yeah two is plenty,anymore and they don't scale as well.
  9. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    Here is another new build I just finished,socket 2011 this time around,the window looks great on the coolermaster storm trooper,now all I need is two gtx 680 cards.
  10. gazman2k3

    SSDs - What to avoid?

    I have had two bad ssd drives,the first one was the crucial c300 256gb and that thing froze all the time,slowely the firmware updates got better and better and reached a point where the drive runs prefect with the last firmware I flashed,no worries at all I use it now for my steam game folder,the other ssd was the vertex 3 which I run my windows on,that thing was really bad,every day I was getting blue screens etc way worst than the crucial ssd,anyway they finally fixed that with the last firmware and the problems are complety fixed,the drive has been running perfect for about 5 months now.
  11. gazman2k3

    USB 3.0 Flash Drives

    I think they are worth it for sure,I am about to buy one,probably a 32gb or 64gb if it's cheap enough,I get sick of the slow usb2 speeds.
  12. gazman2k3

    IPAD 3

    Hi does anyone know when the ipad 3 is getting released,someone told me today that it's getting released next week,not sure if it's true or not,I was about to buy an ipod 2 before I was told this.
  13. gazman2k3


    yeah I remember when I had a gtx 480 card I grabbed a gtx 260 card and used it as a dedicated physx card,in the end I sold the 260 as it was a total waist of money,no real gains at all,sometimes for some reason my benchmarks were lower when using the 260 for physx.
  14. gazman2k3

    Show us your Rig

    This is my current rig,specs are in my sig,I don't have the msi gtx 580 lightning 3gb card anymore,I just sold it about a week ago getting ready for the new generation when it comes out.
  15. gazman2k3

    1k what to do ?

    Grab a nice big 512gb ssd for installing the pc games on.