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  1. There is still a little life left in your system and if your motherboard and cpu is still going strong and it does most things to you satifaction then perhaps and interim upgrade may be worth considering. A new video card, RAM, PSU and SSD and you'd have a decent rig again. Then even o/c the CPU as these chips have a fair bit of headroom available, should be able to get close to 4ghz with it. ---pccg--- what i would get if it were me and was hell bent on keeping the case- RAM: Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 8GB (2x4GB) $62 --(throw that GEIL stuff in the bin as it is possibly the worst brand ever for reliability and stability)--- PSU: Silverstone ST45SF 450W SFX $89 -should fit your case GPU: HIS Radeon HD7850 2GB $259 - exhausts the hot air out the case... and uses bugger all power $410 + whatever SSD. or ditch the whole thing and buy a bitfenix prodigy and build a beast!
  2. deejeta

    Few new wet goodies.

    your overall thoughts on the pump/res combo? as im looking at getting one of these myself.
  3. try an borrow one of those external USB dvd drives and boot from that. i had a similar issue with my ex wifes netbook a few years back. it didnt like to boot from any of my usb thumb drives.
  4. deejeta

    New PSU...dead?

    Did make sure that it is switched to 230v at the psu? should already be predone on au models, but ive seen it happen before. Check for anything earthing the system, even a dodgy fan header etc can be the cause. Disconnect everthing from motherboard apart from cpu and a stick of ram. Then try again. Worst case, RMA it.
  5. deejeta

    Advice pls - Air cooler for 3770K

    cant beat the d14 i reckon for the price. just be careful with that ram as its heatsinks may require you to raise the fan on the d14 intake side a little. since you only have 5mm to spare with the case depth perhaps some low profile RAM like ARES may be a better option for piece of mind.
  6. yay, great to hear you are getting putting a proper loop in your rig. HAF X's have a ton of room so go for the thickest rads you can fit. a 120.3 rad will struggle though to cool 3 blocks. perhaps look at adding a 120.1 for at the rear or see if you could fit a another rad at the front somewhere, maybe in on of the many 5.25' bays. xspc stuff is really good value for money. there are some great pump/res kits these days, like this one thats on for preorder at the moment; http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=20466 here is a good link also http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=1550744&mpage=1 other w/c sites to check are http://www.thekoolroom.com/ http://www.gammods.com.au/store/ best of luck ;-)
  7. deejeta

    To H2O or just O2

    id stay away from all in one watercooling gimmicks all together, as the pumps get noisy and fail, the rads are piss poor in terms of fpi and included fans are cheap and noisy at high rpm. a decent air cooler like the d14 is better. if you want watercooling, do yourself a favour and build a custom loop. it is simple, quiet (choose good fans) and you will be so much happier with the results from both your temps and overclocking headroom. and its not that expensive, for the cost of say a h100 you can easily build a simple loop (pump/res or combo, block, rad, fans) with the scalability to add whatever other waterblocks in the future etc. do some research on what you case can fit in it in terms of what rads will fit along with fans. what blocks you want in the loop etc. there are a few really good retailers in oz here that stock some great wc gear. best of luck with your decision.
  8. deejeta

    Q6600 OC...

    clung3 perhaps try a different multi. ie. 8x400. then have the ram @ 2.00d = 800. that mobo should easily get 3.2+ but every chip is different. dont be afraid to give it a some more volts. pretty sure that board has a large vdroop so set voltage in bios then check with cpu-z - 1.4- 1.5 should be stable enough for a 24/7 setup. just keep an eye on load temps. sometimes even a bios update to latest or a previous version can help with oc'ing. make sure CIE and any other voltage control is off in the bios as well. and try to minimise anything that has an AUTO attached to it. chances are it will be giving more volts than what is needed. best of luck.
  9. built an ivy yesterday with a asus z77 chipset. defaults the ram to 1333 still. and does random boot cycles. id wait peeps a while for either revisions of mb's bios's to arrive or tried and tested mb/cpu combos before running out and purchasing an ivy cpu. 2700k overclocks better anyway.
  10. deejeta

    the Corsair H100 is well worth the price.

    all points noted. good for those who dont like the proper loops and arent planning to oc too much. i hope that in future revisions they (corsair, antec etc) incorporate a decent pump throughout the range. this following clip shows the corsair dribble of a flow rate. and yes one must take into account the obvious length of extra tubing but still with little head pressure and slow flow rate its hard to justify price. and in all honesty the upkeep of an average wc loop and even the initial setup isnt that bad. bleeding a loop and refilling every 6 months takes me 20 mins. i can only see these all in one's being a good thing for the industry though (they are very popular in the builds i do at work) and i hope i havent offended the corsair/antec fanboys. its getting people interested in watercooling which will lead to more and more pursuing the custom loop route in the future.
  11. deejeta

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Nadishana Trio
  12. deejeta

    the Corsair H100 is well worth the price.

    Closed loop coolers like that of Corsair and Antec are rubbish compared to a decent custom wc loop in my opinion. Crap pumps, and no res. I took apart a H70 and there was f*** all coolant. If one is going to w/c go the custom route, better temps and flexibility.
  13. call 1800- BLACK DYNAMITE he'll kung fu their ass into oblivion
  14. deejeta


    just completed DragonAge and loved every minute of it.very deep story. on par with BG II for sure. now for tackling the expansion packs. and different race and class variables. i may even just do quests to fund trips to the brothel just for kicks.
  15. deejeta

    youtube script error in FF

    cheers man, it was doing my head in.