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  1. bu14-1

    Let us not go to England...

    WTF What's the bet half of the "play rangers" are pedophiles?
  2. Alright, I regret posting this thread. Let it die. NO MORE REPLIES
  3. bu14-1

    Hey Hey its Coles Racist Biscuits

    http://www.askoxford.com/concise_oed/creole?view=uk Creole /kreeol/ • noun 1 a person of mixed European and black descent. I would have thought if it was reasonably widely regarded as an offensive word Oxford would say something about it. Even if the name is referencing people of mixed ethnicity, so what? The biscuit is a bit brown and a bit white. How is naming it after someone who's a bit brown and a bit white offensive? What about all those dark roast coffee ads with black people in them? It's just a skin colour - recognising that someone's pigment levels are similar to something else isn't negative or racist, it's just observation. Also, why isn't this racist against the white part of Creoles as well as the black? +1
  4. Sorry about that. May I have another chance?