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    Head for the Tulla. Avalon is out whoop whoop.
  2. Titania

    The ignore feature.

    I had no intention of baiting anyone but I apologise that my posts came out in such a way.
  3. Titania

    Augh! Teeth mine hurt!

    Was just normal teeth problem as a young kid, second time around was a work accident and my jaws got shattered Ouch :S I was guessing something along those lines. Definite ouch :(
  4. Titania

    The ignore feature.

    Depends why you're being ignored I guess. :p I see it as a pot calling the kettle black situation. "You're so petty to ignore me, I'm going to make SURE you can't wah wah wah!" That's not what I'm about. What I'm trying to say is that everyone must also consider other peoples feelings -including those that you ignored- when you go about posting about that ignored person. I think that's a decent enough suggestion, isn't it?
  5. Titania

    Augh! Teeth mine hurt!

    ARGGG NOOOOO Why did you mention that. OH the memories The pain. I had head gear - I was 30. OK braces are something I have got some experience in I had braces for 3 years as a teen then another 3 years as an adult 29-31 When I was a teen I think the braces cost my olds about 5 grand. As an adult I didn't have to pay for my braces, you, the lovely tax payer did. But I know the braces cost 5 grand but then there was 2 lots of surgery to realign my top and bottom jaw and reconstructing my face cost approx 20 grand + (had my bottom jaw straightened and brought forward, my upper jaw widened, straightened, brought forward and re built (yes I have a metal jaw), the bone on my chin was physically removed and shortened about 1 cm and and then centered, and my cheek bones realigned) When I push on areas of my jaw you can feel the screws, joints and the edges where my bone was cut. then the 2 2 week stints in a Private hospital after the operations cost? 10 grand maybe? then there was the 2 2 month stints on convelecance leave 16 grand + approx (abit more than $1000 a week pay for 16 weeks while I wasn't at work, you could also include the time in hospital to so another 4 grand) So total for tax payer funded work: $5000+ $20000+ $10000+ $20000 =$55000 yeah baby I have a $55000 face! I totally want to feel your jaw now! What on Earth was so wrong with it in the first place to require so much surgery?? Dr Doom- If I were you, I'd be sticking to soups and jelly and soft stuff like that for now. Could be easier and a whole lot less painful.
  6. Titania

    What are you enjoying, today?

    I have season 2 of Dexter waiting for me. I've seen a couple of episodes so far, and am loving it just as much as the first one :)
  7. Titania

    The ignore feature.

    I agree. It seems to be about trying to rub salt into wounds, in that those that parade about proclaiming to have blocked other forum members are trying to subtly attack those that they blocked. Which seems a bit petty to me. I think if you do ignore someone, you must remember that they may not have used the ignore function on you too. You may not like the forum member or their ideas or posts, but I think you have to remember that. Whether you tell the person you plan on blocking them is a good thing or not, I'm undecided on. I guess that's up to the individual and individual cases. I can see it being a good thing to know, but also easier not to go through all that. I guess we'll have to see whether it affects forum discussions or not as time goes by :)
  8. Eventful/fun in what way? Politics? Sport? Entertainment?
  9. Titania

    The Explain Your Avatar Thread

    Hopefully, if I've worked this new forum stuff properly, my avatar should be a picture of a sleeping Titania, Queen of the Fairies. A beautiful picture I think :)