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    M&Ms Almonds

    http://www.usafoods.com.au/p5418/confectionery/mm-pretzels/ ;)
  2. Hi all, Just a quick quiz. My brother has just signed up to a new ADSL2+ plan with iPrimus, and has gone out and bought a modem/router seperate from the ISP. Can anyone tell me if it matters what modem you use? Or do ISP's only allow you to use certain brands/models? Cheers.
  3. Can anyone recommened a video card in the $200 price range? I currently have: E6750 4GB Corsair XMS Dual Channel 7600GT GA-965P DS3P v3.3 Cheers =)
  4. PseudoMuso

    ISP's and Modems

    Ok brilliant. Thanks alot for your quick responses guys. Much appreciated.
  5. PseudoMuso

    <$200 Graphics?

    I'm hoping to buy a new monitor soon as my current LCD only goes up to 1600x900.. Was thinking something like this http://www.austin.net.au/ProductList/Produ...HD/Default.aspx So whatever GFX I get will need to be able to play games at 1920x1080 =) Edit: And yes I'm hoping to upgrade my cpu at some point in the near-ish future.
  6. PseudoMuso

    <$200 Graphics?

    I would like it to be suitable for gaming if possible. The 7600GT is starting to show its' age..
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I've got 2 computers, my laptop and my desktop. Unfortunately the wireless card in my desktop (running XP) is not particularly strong and as such the net runs really slow on it. However the card in my laptop must be alot better as it has a 'Very Good' connection strength. I'm just wondering if its possible to connect my desktop to my laptop and run the internet on the desktop via my laptops wireless card.. Cheers.
  8. Currently have a 9600GT in my 2nd PC. Have been thinking about upgrading to maybe a GTX285. Foxcomp has them listed for $179 (RRP apparently $499).. Wise investment? Thoughts?
  9. PseudoMuso

    Contemplating a GPU Upgrade

    OK thanks guys. Been out of the loop for a couple of years now so your info really helps.
  10. PseudoMuso

    Perth finally gets late night trading every day ...

    Perth gets 3,000+ hours of sunshine each year. We don't need anymore sunshine. And if the point is that commerce would improve if we had DLS, well that just wank because there's no problem with commerce during winter when DLS isn't active in any state. DLS is just a device for the Eastern States to pull us into line, and into their little world. Thanks, but the line's been drawn :) Glad you cleared this up for me, didn't realise that DST told the sun to shine for more hours than normal. Buffoons.
  11. PseudoMuso

    Barwork (WA)

    I'm looking to get a second job working in a bar but I need to get my RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate first, and was going to do it online. Does anyone know, specifically for W.A, where the best place to attain this is from? Any help much appreciated. Thanks. PM
  12. Hi all.. Looking for some advice. I've got $600 to spend to upgrade my comp. My current system has an AM2 5200+ and Abit motherboard, 9600GT and 2gig of ram. I am going to retain the 9600GT as it's perfectly suitable to my needs (only the odd bit of gaming on a 21" screen) and i already have 2 hard drives which give me plenty of space. So im just thinking of upgrading the motherboard, cpu and ram. any suggestions? ta. PM. edit: was also thinking of changing to the intel i5 or i7 platform if the cost can be justified by performance increase.
  13. PseudoMuso

    Doing an upgrade.

    Ok thanks, any recommendations as far as motherboards go?
  14. PseudoMuso

    Doing an upgrade.

    Out of curiosity, which i5 would be better? The 750 with 8MB cache @2.66ghz ($223) or the 660/661 with 4MB at 3.33ghz ($275/$229)?
  15. PseudoMuso

    Doing an upgrade.

    Any specific parts you would recommend?
  16. PseudoMuso

    Hotels in Perth

    Anywhere/anything in Armadale is great.
  17. PseudoMuso

    DIY Rockets

    Does anyone know of any good guides to construction a DIY Rocket powered by KNO3? I've looked it up and it looks like an interesting thing to try. Ta.
  18. PseudoMuso

    How do you work out a cars performance?

    Get a VW Golf VR6 2.8(9?)L. Some mid-90's models are good for about 200hp at stock configuration.
  19. The peak of Everest, via Machu Pichu.
  20. PseudoMuso

    When Lightning Strikes!

  21. PseudoMuso


    Official, he's back. Hamilton vs Schumacher, what a prospect! Potato Sauce: http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2009/12/10301.html
  22. PseudoMuso

    Women and jeans.

  23. PseudoMuso

    Hoyts Price gouging on 3d movies

    Just out of curiosity, are these 3D versions much better than 'normal' versions? I'm a (3D film) Virgin.
  24. PseudoMuso

    So what are you reading?

    To Kill A Mocking Bird A classic that I've never got around to reading up until now.