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    Gigabit Upgrade

    thanks for the help, I have one more question, basically seeing if EoP is an easy solution, I will still need and extra port but it will save getting cables to the PS3 and TiVO. I see there is another thread going so will do some reading there
  2. plod

    Windows 7 Upgrade Path.

    Can i upgrade my VISTA Business to Windows 7 Home Premium? Its say I must go to 7 Professional or Ultimate and dont really need any of the features or costs. Running Windows 7 Home Premium on the i5 machine that i upgrade from Vista home Premium and loving it? Flawless easy upgrade, just hoping to do the same on the other machine with have to do a clean install from scratch
  3. plod

    Gigabit Upgrade

    nope, the choke point is two fold, 1 the wireless connections are too slow for HQ streaming and 2 the 4 port 10/100 router is full so i cant cable the PS3 and the TiVO (hence why they are currently on wireless!)
  4. plod

    Gigabit Upgrade

    2 ways really, From the TIVO to the PC for conversion to Iphone to via the TiVO desktop software, but the speed is need to stream movies via that are on the Home Server. I have resisted building a home threatre PC so far :)
  5. firstly it should be RIGHT things not TIGHT thing!!! Ok, need some advice on upgrading to Gigabit network I have 3 wired computers (2 x desktops and 1 x WHS) plus a nework printer plus the TIVO, PS3 and 3 laptops all running of my current yum cha 4 port 10/100 ADSL2+ wireless router. All coping well however I need to upgrade the network speed on the TIVO and PS3 as the wiresless is too slow to stream anything decent quality so... Can i simply by a gigabit switch (say 8 port) and then run the 3 computers on it give space on the original router to run the TIVO (given its on 10/100) anyway and then chain direct from the switch to the router? The internet is only 8000kb as that is all i can get in this area and really just looking to do the cheapest upgrade to get the speed between the computers and home server faster as well as the streaming to the PS3 and TIVO Happy to take recommendations on brands also, generally get all my stuff from Umart as they are walking distance from the office thanks in advance for the assistance Oh... one more question (non network) Can i upgrade my VISTA Busines to Windows 7 Home Premium? Its say I must go to 7 Professional or Ultimate and dont really need any of the features or costs. Running Windows 7 Home Premium on the i5 machine and loving it?
  6. WHS being setup as we speak... scored a HP7100 for zip so am using that box as the server box, it has the 2 x 1.5tb SATA drives on it and gigabit lan so will see how it travel!
  7. Whilst I have built many computers over the past 20+ years I have never built a home server. Is it just a case of getting the cheapest MOBO and CPU with on onboard VGA and add your drives? What are the does and donts? Will probably put them into my P180 Mini case
  8. yep, ok, thanks... so heres the plans and the happenings so far and my thoughts moving forward. tried the raid setup (I wished I had waited for the forum replies but left it running overnight) , it crashed on reboot so removed it and am starting from scratch. yep, its a waste of time :) I am thinking now of setting up the 2 x 1.5tb drives in a NAS or a Home server so there is a single access point regardless of who has their computer on in the house. I have a 1 tb drive in this computer and once the NAS or Home server is setup will use it for the HDD in the gaming box Which way is the way to go, something like a QNAP or Netgear NAS or to build a home server PC
  9. Furthermore.... in the bios does it matter if the Sata Mode is in the RAID setting VS the AHCI mode?? I assume the difference is that in AHCI mode i can read the disk in any computer but the raid setting would only on this computer (or one with the same mainboard) I havent set the raid mode up yet but if i set it back to AHCI mode it blue screens and reboots (Using Vista 64 bit)
  10. now with the new setup I have 2 x 1.5tb Seagate drives and wondering about the value of using Raid 0 or 1. i do understand what each does but wondering about the real world experiences with people using them. I am really want a decent automatic way of backing up my data. If I need to build a home server then happy to do that also (will be an excuse to pass on the Antec P180 mini)
  11. plod

    PM the pro

    A pro would be PM'd without being asked as his experience and credibility would be on show for all to see. If you have to tell someone your an expert, your doing something wrong!!
  12. Thanks to all for the help along the way... this is being typed on the new rig as we speak (and waiting for the endless updates to load) No regrets so far other than the ANTEC P180 mini case. (I might actually try the Lian Li V351 and build a small drawer underneath to put the controllers and steering wheel!) Hardly much smaller than a normal mid tower and hole heap harder to fit things in. Its also disappointing that you buy the latest pieces and you still run into issues like the 8 pin power lead on the HX620 is still not long enough to route behind the MB tray as it should these days. I would hate to see what people do on a full tower, assume an extension is required. I have 2 x 1.5TB drives so looking at either a Raid 0 or 1 (yes I understand the difference) or just to leave them standard. I may start a new thread
  13. got a new power supply today, even though it seemed to work back at Umart. Tony agreed to give me a new one anyway to see if it fixed the problem... Bingo, fired up first time. So, i will complete the build on the w/e Thanks to Umart for providing good prices AND great service, Very rare people do both these days!
  14. oh the joys of building..... Well, so much for the short circuit in the case, i bought an ANTEC P180 Mini Case (after several attempts from different vendors that had stock and then didnt when i to pick up my order) (I dont understand why people rave about this case... but thats another story) and same problem. So then i pull apart my other computer, also with an HX620 and bingo... fires first time. Looks like the problem all along was the damn Corsair HX620 power supply!! Now to try and do a DOA with Umart tomorrow. I bought it 1 week ago tomorrow so lets hope they still treat it as a DOA!
  15. Yep, all standoffs etc done ok. I moved the new Mobo, Ram , CPU Graphics card etc and put it in the other case with the other PSU and it worked first go. I will pick up another case today and see if that cures the problem.