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  1.  Batman

    Embarrassing Simple Things You Dont Know How to Do

    I can fight ten men. I can catch the uncatchable, solve the unsolvable, and I can be a symbol for justice in a world gone mad. But I can't kill him. I just can't.
  2.  Batman

    I am an Iron man Whore

    Respect to Stark for coming out as Iron Man. Oh yeah. Must be nice to get around like king of the bloody universe, all heroic and shit. Also, way to put all your friends and co-workers in the firing line, arsewipe. Fucking Marvel dropkicks. Wayne Enterpri......errr, I mean, my old man's taxi biz could buy and sell Stark a dozen times over. God damn show pony. My old man....god I miss him. Dad? Daaaadddy? *sob* It never gets any easier.....
  3.  Batman


    That's 'cos you're making dinner :P I.....but.... Fuck. You'll pay for that.
  4.  Batman


    I'm sorry, I fail to see the humour.