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  1. InKiMo

    Bad Company 2 : Clans

    I joined TOG about 2 months ago, still havent gotten around to reading theirSite yet after joining lol add me as a buddy if ya like. Da_Kingswood
  2. InKiMo


    I recently was experiencing dropouts. but would happen randomly monthly. eventuly 12months later I lost half of my bandwith. Logged a fault to have a tech come out and say the line was so badly corroded he was supprised I had any connection. Drop outs no more. Its funny though it would only drop out when i was playing battlefield. Are you sure you not being punk busted? check the security settings in the router.
  3. how much? I'll take your G15 if you like :) "Computer say's nooo"
  4. Hey Fellow Atomicans, I just wanted to inform those who may be interested that I am selling my 4870x2 water block on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=130403502732 As I have now changed over to a Gigabyte 5850. enjoy.
  5. InKiMo

    Laptop Choice

    I have had a Asus A7JC since 2006 and is still going strong.. It plays Crysis nicely but unfortunately not BFBC2 (horrible frame rate). I think it's just the GPU that is letting it down, so sad :(
  6. It's Alive! ~ with a Antec 1000 and got $20 cash back. autosig updated ;-P
  7. Popped the water block onto the replacement and all is perfect. last night that is. your not going to believe it but the 1000W Coolmaster PSU I got from MSY died over night. I have had such bad luck with MSY stock. I'm a Centrecom shopper at heart and never had a problem, when I occasionally go to MSY cos Ccom is out of stock what ever I get it's dodgy.. Grrrr! Only got this PSU 1 Month ago.. taking it back tomorrow morning for a replacement.
  8. Get out of Town! I received a replacement today! looks second hand though, but if it works who cares. Will test it tonight and waterblock it up if so. Thanks Mudg3 for the tip ;)
  9. Sent off for RMA, fingers cross...
  10. Ok, I'll give it a shot fingers crossed. But how do I do a RMA if the card was brought from the States. I guess I'll e-mail HIS directly as see was happens.
  11. I'll be recycle binning the card (no RMA). Only reason I took a soldering Iron to it is for the fact I brought it off ebay for $550 & no Invoice. So it was a hope for the best purchase (note to self: do not buy graphics cards off ebay) The card only lasted 6 months in my possession; will pop the water block on ebay soon. I've placed a deposit down for a Gigabyte 5850 @ Centrecom yesterday (at least it will come with a 2 warranty).
  12. Something tells me I didnt fix it after all. FAIL
  13. WooHoo I fixed it, I found a 6 pin chip on the rear of the card that required re-soldered from more then likely movement of the card.
  14. Just pick up a 1000Watt Coolmaster PSU today. No luck unfortunatly still experiancing the same issue. Card seem to only boot once randomly then nothing....