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    Travel to the US

    Thanks a lot guys very helpful i'm straight onto it now, nice to here from you MrInsaneBuff having used the ESTA. I am indeed going to have the time of my life!!! : )
  2. Bolter01

    Travel to the US

    thx mate I'll see how it goes, that's gunna be cheaper straight up. Still if anyone has used one please let me know your experience
  3. Bolter01

    Travel to the US

    Hi Guys, its been a long time, but I need some solid advice regarding travel to the US as a tourist/ pleasure. I intend to travel late July/ August for 14 - 30 days & I do have a current passport. Now regarding visa's? Just searching I found this ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Has anyone used one or have advice? will be most appreciated thx
  4. AFAIK using the unlock Bios #1 @880/1250/1.75 eliminates any throttling
  5. GR8 stuff Mark, its satisfying to work through it and improve your score. Excellent mem freqs! Metro got .3 extra frames & Heaven got +2 points from 4.6 to 5Ghz SFA
  6. Bolter01

    Anascension - Finished

    I did it one afternoon between jobs - kitchen table, mirror, some super fine wet'n'dry & desire to see my face in it. Along with the new block temps drop considerably.
  7. Guys, I've had the Greatest afternoon of Overclocking! Having GR8 game of BC2 last night and Eradicator [AKA] mark steams a message mid battle a quick look during respawn revealed he had got his water block and was trashing my scores. I paid no mind, was busy killing, but in the back of my mind... P11337 Bolter01 - i7 2600K@5Ghz (w) - HD6990@1000/1500 (w) P39301 Bolter01 - i7 2600K@5Ghz (w) - HD6990@1000/1500 (w) Unigine Heaven 2.5 - 1866 Bolter01 i7 2600k@4.6Ghz(w) - HD6990@1000/1500(w) Metro 2033 - 61.67 Bolter01 - i7 2600K@5Ghz (w) - HD6990@1000/1500 (w) Sry bout the res of those shots, let me know if you cant read 'em Your right Nuke, I had hit some funny walls before today with the CPU@5Ghz and faster GPU clocks fail well behind lesser or little improvement at all. I was quite amazed at what 2x 480's can do, God help us if any crazy bastard gets 3! or 2x 580's that my friend would be sick! There is a guy @ AMD forums that has a 6990 with a 480 PhysX ..... I was thinking those TI550's look kinda lonely over @ PCCG *JOKES* Thx mark for TriXX seems to be much more stable than ASUS Smart Doctor or MSI AB. I really like it, just needs a few extras like keyboard LCD support, graph/history/min/max of temps I had some great results and found a few things out on the way, I actually went at it very incrementally. Yes I found 1Gz needs 1.2 and that's bugger all voltage any way for a nice OC - A GHZ M8 my memory just wouldn't stop, I stopped @ 880/1500, so I went chasing highest core and I may be limited to 1Ghz Metro wont take 25mhz more even with 1.3v I am gamer at heart and I just wanna play. So I might just leave it at that and get some mileage out of the card before I get bored and start to experiment.
  8. Bolter01

    Anascension - Finished

    Hardware update of a HD6990 - OCing @1000/1500 1.2v very pleased with the results and lapped the CPU
  9. Thx Mark, GR8 results I'll use the TriXX and see what I can acheive in the same test's GG!
  10. Bolter01

    The little big project

    GR8 stuff M8 looking very Kool! Yes the QD's are such a Godsend, you wonder why u didnt use em before - eh, I've had none of the issues I first had with the 5970 - so what are we going to do with 2x "leftover" waterblocked 5970s now .....? a) run a raffel down the pub b) place then carefully in a box & forget about them till next Xmas c) build yet another water loop in "Ye 'Ol Rig" (2nd PC) ?
  11. supam - yep that's my Res as well, ur right about the bubbles and inlet, so to start with I sliced a piece of tubing (about 5cm) long length ways and slipped it in side the res to "catch the bubbles" untill most were out. After that it eventually bleeds itself.
  12. Got any pic's of your RIG? I'd like to see your "loop'n'blocks"
  13. Raising the the bar for me all the time eh supam? GR8 work! Excellent scores for ATI I can see I'll need to do a lot of fine tuning
  14. Brilliant supam more ATI goodness! P10106 Bolter01 - 2600K@4.2Ghz (w) - HD6990@902/1272 (w) LINK Maybe its not a matter of luck after all...
  15. Nor am I required to Nuke, only to best you in Dual GPU combat tis more than enough a welcome challenge to keep me amused